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Im going to The philippines for my third nose...

Im going to The philippines for my third nose procedure and I will also have some fat reshaping of the face and lipo in the waist. I look forward to it. Im going to straight out my nose perhaps add some lift and length. Take some fat out of my cheeks and under my chin and put it in my cheekbone area.

before pictures

I hadn't had the chance to upload my before photos earlier

1 day post op

Around 15 days post op

The days before my nose looked horrible and beak like and I was very scared, anxious and upset. But the swelling is beginning to settle down and it is starting to look better. I suppose the tip extension would have suffered more swelling giving the illusion of a beak nose! Dr Collantes did allot of reconstructive work on my nose because my original deformed nose was not repaired properly by other surgeons, Dr Collantes has 30 years experience as a plastic surgeon and even more as an ENT doctor. She rounded 4 other surgeons to have my surgery happen quicker and more effectively, basically I cannot deny all the love and care she put into this surgery.

very unhappy, nothing like what I asked

Just over a month. Nose appears droopier than before. Tip appears even lower. Tip has been over refined. Every change that was promised to me was not fulfilled. I feel extremely depressed about the result and hopeless. I was given the very nose I outlined that I did not want. Three surgeons worked on me and one of them told me he refused my desires and decided to give me a nose he thought was good. He was very proud of himself. WTF!? Who does that? I am talking to the main surgeon for revision, but I'm worried, what if she goes ahead and again does something completely different to what I ask. Huge issue is finance and time. I don't want to live anymore. Im sick of this. Talking to a surgeon in mexico, he has created some beautiful noses (seems to know what is needed to reach my goal) but also has disfigured patients. It's a slippery slope to be on.

Running out of hope. Feeling unnatractive. How will I reach my goals and be who I know I am?

There's a good surgeon in Perth. He does what the patient wants, but his price is very high and I can't afford. Plastic surgeons should not be allowed to operate noses unless they are specialised in it.

Not so bad

Dr Corazon has offered a free revision. I think all the restructuring of my nose made the shape difficult to predict, as they had to open my nose and take everything out and put it back in. Still considering what they did, the swelling is minimal. I noticed all her patients coming in a day or two later with hardly any swelling and a little bandage. It was like visiting barbies plastic surgeon. Gosh this would be so much easier if I was just made out of plastic... *Melt* *Mould* *Melt* *Mould* GOD.. please give me a beautiful nose! After that... no more surgery for me I promise! (except maybe a face lift when I'm in my sixties!)

Initial dissapointment, however...

However properly straightening out my septum, the bone in my face and the columella, doing what the last two surgeons neglected to do, was a big procedure which took 3 hours on it's own and 3 surgeons. Instead of complaining that the operation didn't make me look how i want, I should just be grateful that I found a surgeon who would fix and add support to a collapsed nose. i expected too much from one operation. I highly regret my decision to have my first and especially my second operation with Dr Timothy Edwards. However I just did not think at that point, that I could handle surgery abroad, and I did not realize going abroad was my best option.

Dr Corazons reputation for excellence proceeds her, she has offered a revision free of charge. Instead of complaining and being whiny that I did not achieve my goal. I am going to be grateful that she did the best she could and worked hard to produce such a dramatic change, including fixing all the interior irregularities and for once.... giving me a very straight nose. I've been acting like a spoilt child and not realizing that she put so much of her own effort and expense into it to ensure I have a positive result.

My expectations were too high, my nose was collapsed! And the fact that I will be able to afford to have it revised means I'll be okay in the end. I'll just have to live with a nose that is just a little longer, droopier and refined than I would like and I know Dr will fix those thing's for me when I come back. For her post op care and the fact that she cares about the wellbeing of her clients and keeps in touch with me, I am thankful. I knew in my heart she is a good person, I felt an internal yes before I came to see her.

Shocking realisation.

Doctor Corazon was attempting to rebuild my natural nose to her best ability. Two operations (one led by body dysmorphia) led to a nose which was unproportional to my face. Does anybody else warp their nose in pictures and think it looks good? Doctor Corazon recognised that my nose was not in proportion and she was attempting to rebuild it. My ego didn't like that one bit. But after the initial shock phase, I realise, how much better it is. It just needs some tweaking. Wow. I am shocked! This must be why my intuition led me to her.

Overall happy

My nose appears shorter now so more balanced to my facial features. Im overall happy with the result. The doctor ignored my original request for a pig nose and gave me something more masculine, and im actually glad she did, the nose I wanted was a little too feminin. It's not perfect, but you have to understand that Dr Corozan rebuilt my nose from the ground up, she layed the foundation so to speak. Straightenned the bones, etc. Had rebuild allot of my nose with grafts etc. I'm overall happy with the result but I will go in for some revision, there is still allot of room for improvement and I kinda do want a more feminin nose, I mean, im a little bit of a feminin guy so why not? I don't think you need a perfect nose to be attractive anyway, I've never found someone attractive just because of their nose. If someone likes you, it's for you, not how you look. For all the people who are happy with their nose jobs im so happy for you. For those who are unhappy, please have hope and know that you do not need a perfect nose to be attractive, it really makes a minor difference unless your nose is really bad to begin with. This is an emotional journey and even spiritual, you face so many fears along the way, but it is character building. Maybe plastic surgery is bad to some? It really depends on the surgeon you see and their proper aesthetic judgement and procedure. My last surgeon bugged my nose up but that didn't make me an unattractive person, it just made me an attractive person with a slightly bugged up nose haha. I will post photos soon, x.


I am hoping that I can accept my new nose. I am just suffering allot right now because I realise my nose after the first op was a perfect fit for my face. The collapsed button nose was my doing. I should have worked on my belief system before having surgery, but I was really dysmorphic back then. I know now about symmetry and proportion, for example more projection suits me because I have a deeper face, whereas before I sought a button nose because it looked good in photos. I was seeking perfection. I wanted to be barbies little brother. But plastic surgery can't acheive that. All it can do is offer slight improvements. Everyone is born different and unique and you should not seek to look like anyone else, only a better you. I hope my obsession with getting the perfect nose ends and I just learn to love myself. I already made a huge irreversible mistake as I looked so good after my first operation. But I did not even realise it until recently. Thank god I didn't have the money to feed my addiction sooner. Now I am seeking healing and therapy to overcome my immense feelings of being un-attractive and un-desireable. Perfectionism, Dis-content, body dysmorphia and plastic surgery addiction. These are all thing's which I was not ready to deal with before but I am ready to deal with them now as I am healing and they have really began to surface. I really had a nice nose and I ruined it because of body dysmorphia and perfectionism. My advice to people is that you are meant to be you. Don't try to be someone or something else. Guys with height and deeper faces aren't meant to have button noses. I realise that now. You can't ever see yourself as accurately as other people do and with plastic surgery psychological problems can make you make bad judgements. I also have to learn to stop picking at my imperfections and understand everybody has them. There will be allot of psychological work done in the next year as I heal. There is nothing more disturbing than realising you caused irreversible damage to a perfectly nice facial feature which was in proportion to the rest of your features, because you took 3/4 pictures thinking that they accurately depicted your flaw.

It looks okay

The swelling is going down and it is looking better. The problem is that it looks nothing like what I wanted. Im not upset because I know allot of work was done to correct a collapsed nose. What Im upset about is that my nose was perfectly fine after the first op and I went ahead and ruined it by choosing the wrong nose and the wrong surgeon. I don't know if I can ever get it back to the way it was or better but I hope so. I have been sleeping all day feeling extremely depressed and i don't want to go out in public. I feel very unattractive. However I have to learn to not look back, only forward and believe that it is possible to get it even better than the original, along the way I will have to deal with my insecurities and learn to love myself and accept where I am right now, this will be a tough but rewarding journey. I know many people have gone through the same thing or worse and still have managed to have their nose improved to look even better than the original.

I can't keep pretending that this is okay...

Because it is not okay. I did not ask for a droopy tip, dorsal hump and hanging columella. I did not ask for a refined tip and a refined nose. What was agreed upon was that the gash would be filled in and my tip would be made higher and longer, so that I have a slight slope upwards. I feel so dishonoured because I know the profile of my last nose was much much better. It was more button like, but it was crooked and looked different on both sides. It's more normal now but ugly. I'm beyond depressed. I literally pray god has enough mercy to end my miserable life. How can someone give you something completely different to what you ask for and expect you to be happy? This is the one nose that if I saw on anybody else, I would think is unnatractive. I can't even contain my anguish my pain, my sorrow my defeat and my hurt over this. I should have just had some permanent filler put into my nose and left it as it was because now it looks more droopy and masculine that it has ever looked before. I think I was given the asian specialty. Not what I wanted at all, not what I know is the most attractive nose for me. Sure it's functional, but what's the point now if I am cringing over the sight of it? Okay well maybe they just weren't good enough to be able to give me what I want while fixing the structural issues of my nose. I know that I saw other surgeons who said the most they could do is straighten it and lengthen it, so I'm thinking that it just was not possible to go from where I was to what I wanted, the nose was just too botched. But it's just the most horrible feeling I've felt in my life to be so far away from your goal, to have a nose that is the complete opposite of what you wanted. I feel hopeless about it. By the time I get revised I'll probably have a fake nose operated look. I would prefer that than this anyway.

Love hate relationship

It's just been an all round love hate relationship with the results. On one hand I can see a remarked improvement on the front, on the other, the profile is more droopier than my nose has ever been. I think all I need is another revision to get it right, but surviving a less ideal outcome has been very difficult. I'm extremely fatigued and I'm in shock. Im in shock because I had a nice nose after the first surgery and I ruined it with subsequent operations, each achieving one ideal aspect but losing another. This has been an all round nightmare for me. I wish I just accepted myself after the first surgery.

Ive been selfish

I've been selfish, my nose was almost beyond repair and needed reconstruction. Ive been spoilt and wanting perfect results straight away. I need to be patient. I love Dr Corazon, she brought two other surgeons together to help me have a positive result and all I did was whinge and whine because it wasn't what I wanted. I seriously need to get help and heal my mind, she did an excellent job considering what she had to work with and I should be grateful, especially because we can get it right next time. She is an excellent surgeon and I highly recommend her. But if your nose is botched you cant expect her to deliver perfect results because it is hard and complex. Im going to do therapy and subliminal therapy to recover the shock of what I did with the previous botch job and I'm grateful for dr for working hard to give me my self esteem back. I cant help but to say, I love plastic surgery.



this is more what im aimng for. just a more feminin shape that is all


I've matured allot in especially the last week. I'm ok with the results but I will need a revision. I think it is looking better everyday, but it is too masculine and middle eastern looking for my liking. That being said I know not allot could be done with what I had to work with, im overall happy and grateful. It's time to enjoy the journey of getting what I want. I will be so beautiful, I will have a perfectly sculpted face, light tan skin, green eyes, brown hair, a button/pig like nose and beautiful cheekbones. In the meantime im going to continue my studies in beauty and be the best person I can be on the inside too.


I've come to accept the results. Although it is nothing like what I wanted. Maybe it's a step towards what I want. I guess the best work that could be done was done to repair damage and straighten septum. I'm appreciative for that I guess because if it wasn't a proper job it would just collapse again. I just have to make peace with the fact that I cannot get what I want right now. I don't like the droopy tip, the thin septum, the hanging columella and the slight dorsal hump. Basically, I didn't get anything close to what I asked for but I'm just going to be patient and wait for review. I will show proper side by side pics of what I want next time round. I'm sure it must be achievable. Dr Corazon was kind enough to offer me a free revision. She put allot of work in to repair the damage to my nose, she rounded two nose surgeons together with her to do the work. But there were certain limitations to what could be achieved. I just hope that I can get the nose I want. Im sick of waiting for it! I just don't feel dateable until I achieve my goal. I'm highly depressed about not getting what I want but there is nothing I can do to feel attractive until I get it sorted.

Let's be frank

I just want you all to know that my mixed feelings were because I was trying to 'convince' myself. The REALITY is, they did impose their aesthetic goals on me without my consent which has caused me much suffering. I am sure they couldn't have given me what I wanted, but they could have given me something a little closer to it. As much as I love and respect Dr Corazon, as she is a very good person and has very good qualities, she did a good job with the buccal and lipo except that they did not do my love handles so now all the fat is going there, and she hasn't been completely honest with me. It was her associate that told me that they deliberately ignored my personal preferences, as soon as I met him, I felt his energy was constricted, and he was very rigid about his ideals. But how can you apply aesthetic ideals on everybody? Because everybody is different. Okay but heres the positive, she was totally safe and non-invasive, I mean seriously no scars or anything. She has always been there when I needed her, she's put up with my bi-polar behavior. But she did impose her aesthetics on me when she should have at least made a compromise. That's the mistake she made, and that's mostly because the majority of her clients have different personal preferences, plus, I think she likes the droopy Persian nose and so she wanted to make me look in the way she thought was best. I don't know.. there are a whole bunch of other variables I haven't really given much thought to, like time restrictions combined with lack of materials, etc. But I do think that they could have done something closer to what I wanted, if they wanted to.


Again.. the only reason why I wrote positive about her is because I was trying to maintain good ethics, after all, this review comes first in line. But seriously, her nose job destroyed me. She managed to do the complete opposite of what I asked and then told me I'm a perfectionist for not appreciating it. She made me look Indian and I feel ugly because of it. Nobody should impose what they want on an unsuspecting client. It's just wrong.


I'm feeling overwhelmed at the loss of everything I liked about my nose. But Dr Collantes has kept in touch with me through all my complaining and whining and whinging. So obviously she does care and she did what she thought was in my best interests. I do love the buccal fat removal, oh my god I had a chubby face before and she completely corrected. My stomach is great, it never grows. All I need are some cheekbones, another nose job and love handle lipo, then allot of exercise, skin lightenning, purple eye contacts, brown hair dye.... okay.... so it never ends! .. lol

Lies, all lies.

All I hear from her is, "we put so much work to fix your nose" "give it time, the tip will elevate" "I did liposuck your lovehandles". It's just the same bullshit over and over! No attempt whatsoever was made to fulfill my expectation, and her associate made it clear that what I wanted was "ugly and bulbus" and that apparently this is much better. Apparently a hook beaklike pointy and thin nose is much better than what I wanted. Right. Her resolution "I will remove dorsal implant and get rid of tip" wow great, so I can have a thin nose with the edwards scissor hands look. Crazy.

To all the negative people

To all the people that were telling me 'it looks fine'. Look at this picture. This is approx 5 months post op. If this is what it looks like at five months, you can only imagine what it would look like after a year.

I have had my nose revised

Everything r Corazon and her nurses write here or tell you is bullshit and lies.

I've read all sorts of thing's about how I am over dramatic and want a feminine nose.

Let me show you that the result of my revision surgery with Professor Kunachuk was a 100% success and looks 100% better than dr Corazons work. My buccal fat pads were over resected but thankfully they grew up, her lipo job was botch. It is uneven and very ugly. If anyone wants pics Ill send them. As for my 'bipolar'. I had dr corazon lying to me and trying to convince me that her work was the best she could do and that she fixed so much damage, I was fighting within myself with the bad result and her coverup story. You wouldn't believe what she did to my nose. An inner alar base incision, removing all premaxillary projection. Decreasing fat in the upper lip. Adding a big dorsal hump. Making the nose sketchy thin. The result speaks for itself. Look at my revision story by Professor Kunachuk? EVERYTHING SHE AND HER NURSES HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT MY NOSE BEING IMPOSSIBLE TO REPAIR BLA BLA BLA... ALL LIES AND COVERUP. THERE IS A REASON WHY GOOGLE PUT ME ON THE TOP OF THE PAGE WHEN YOU RESEARCH HER. IT IS TO PROTECT PEOPLE.

Time passed...

Well my nose is allot better now but my body is still botched up. I will post a pic of her botched lipo afterwards. Im thinking to do my best to further improve my nose and to improve my stomach. I pray I get the result I want and need not get any more plastic surgery again. I don't believe in plastic surgery anymore!

Liposuction result

This is the 'great' dr corazon collantes who pioneered liposuction in phillipines, work. I would have done better seeing a local plastic surgeon.

Looking back

When I look back it isnt the worst result in the world. But it was so far from what I wanted and for 6 months I had people asking me if I was from India.

Liposuction disaster!

She ignored the areas that were marked and preceeded to do a quick rushed lipo job resulting in deformity.

What I look like now

Its a good pic. Nose is still crooked due to me refusing osteometry. Its a huge improvement. I dont feel like a monster anymorr.

Nose nightmare

Dr Corazon Collantes took my nostrils in and reduced their size against my will. Now if I reproject my nose my nostrils will go in too much leading to more deformity. I hope this review sheds some light on corazons real talent and skill as opposed to this goddess view the medical establishment had of her. Doing what she did was highly immoral, unethical and should be illegal. I advise any of her other victims to come out the closet and shed some light on her body slaughtering skills by writing a review on realself. Doing this helps others make more informed choices.


2 years post dr corazon collantes horror lipo. Rushed & imposed. Help me god!

Still upset

I am still angry and hurt at her lying and deceiving me and over what she did. She promised she would straighten it and project the tip forward and instead she deliberately projected the tip downwards, pinched the tip and added a dorsal hump. She took my nostrils im and took in the philtrum which is impossible to fix. What a horror surgeon.
Dr Jose Corazon Collantes

Heres all the horrible things doctor corazon collantes "mother of plastic surgery in the Phillipines" did to me. She wayyy over resected my buccal fat pads. Leaving me with two massive indentations on my cheeks. Completely imposed her own idea on my nose against what she agreed on. Did the complete opposite of what we discussed. Deprojected maxillary which is so hard to fix. Took my nostrils in!! Deprojected my nose and used valuable cartlidge to give me a long droopy horrible looking nose!!! Did a shitty rush job on my lipo. Ignored areas marked for lipo. Leaving a disproportionate streaky result. Took fat from the inner waist where my rib is like wtfff!!!???!! Then to top it off. Told me im a perfectionist and that I should be happy with the result. Told me "what more could you want?" What a **complete and utter nightmare** and the biggest mistake of my life. I would have gotten a better result from an unlicensed plastic surgery in Thailand!!! Dr Corazon Collantes... Complete and utter ** HORROR SURGEON!!!! **

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