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I had a combination of both ipl and a wave of a...

I had a combination of both ipl and a wave of a blue light done on my face some years ago- though it helped with my skin irritations on my face I don't believe I had got the full pdt treatment I was after (was a beauty place). This time around I went through a skin cancer clinic and had what is called Metvix activated by daylight. So I went in yesterday and they cleansed then slightly pricked my face with this little instrument to allow for the Metvix to absorb more - 10 min under blue light and then 10 min under another white light - sent home and sat outside with it on (not direct sunlight) for 3 hours and then washed off - no pain - little burning when initial Metvix was applied. No discomfort .

Third day (incl treatment day)

Third day - a little swollen, still very red and a little bit of itchiness starting - no pain however I did start a course of antibiotics in case of infection and taking pandol forte just to keep any discomfort under control.

4th Day

I was hoping I would be less red today but seems the same - little itchy, no pain or discomfort - have been using vasaline to reduce dryness ..... Hopefully tomorrow will see this red blotch fade a little

5th Day

Very itchy - dry and still red - I'm over feeling like a itchy irritable red tomato...

5th day photo

6th Day

Looking at little better - very dry and flaky skin - the only cream that doesn't irritate is vasaline and cream the clinic gave me which smells a little like what you put on a baby's bum :) sunscreen just felt terrible

7th Day

Arrgggh so itchy and splotchy red - hate it - face feels very irratated and my skin gets very irratated normally if I use certain moisturizers etc - vasaline still seems to be the only one that doesn't dry out immediately then feeling like a clay mask !

10th day and final post

No more itchy just flaky skin - next appt on Monday and will go from there :)
Dr candler

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