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Being 30 I decided that I didn't want the teenage...

Being 30 I decided that I didn't want the teenage braces look so I went for the invisible experience. Which comes with a cost. Traditional braces are about $3,000 less than Invisalign.

My teeth are relatively straight, well I thought that anyway. I just have a tooth up the top that sticks out massively. It has affected me for quite some time (12 years) so I thought it was time to get my teeth straight. Funny though when you have this treatment you tend to notice how crooked your teeth really are and or people around you. I also have a lot of gums troubles (verging on gingivitis) I think due to my overcrowding teeth. I have noticed with the treatment though and the spacing that the trays are causing that my gums seem a little healthy and are not bleeding.

So anyway very happy so far. When changing trays it only hurts for the first couple of days then its fine. I haven't really had any discomfort part from the switching of trays.
The buttons were kind of weird and sharp at the start but I have gotten used to them now and don't even notice them when eating.

I'm on my 4th set now. Have been wearing them fortnightly. My next tray which I will put in tonight (Othro said night time is the best to put new trays in so you can let the tray settle in better), I have been instructed to wear these weekly from now on. Will return to Ortho in a few weeks to get new buttons placed on different teeth and new trays.
Apparently I have 29 to get through.

I also have with my treatment a vibrating mouth device (called the Acceledant) that helps speed up the moving of the teeth. I used this once a day for 20 mins. Cool cause I sit at a desk all day so I do it at work.

It also feels good (massages) the teeth when you first put the new tray in.
The only con I can think of it that I'm a HUGE snacker and have a history of tooth decay so I only eat 3 times a day now. Hence this means I only brush, floss, and clean the trays 3 times. Otherwise its a pain to snack in between. To counteract this I now eat 3 BIG meals so I don't feel the need to snack so much.

I remember when Invisalign first came out years ago and I thought I loved to have a go at that. But at the time it was too far away (was only offered in major capital city Melbourne) so pretty happy that it has come to my area. Even though it is very expensive I figure I'm worth it and the payment plan makes it really easy to achieve.

Since I have started my weekly change of trays I...

Since I have started my weekly change of trays I have noticed that my teeth hurt a fair bit when first putting them on.
It lasts for only 5 mins or so but its fairly intense. That's why its good to put a new tray in at night so they settle in while your sleeping. Then the first thing I do when I wake up is use the acceledant device. It seems to make taking the trays off easier.

Loving that hardly anyone notices that I'm wearing them and in photos you can't even tell.

Up to tray 12. Really noticing that the upper...

Up to tray 12. Really noticing that the upper tooth is going in.
Loving seeing the results happen so quick.

I'm on my 27th tray. Two more to go. Very excited....

I'm on my 27th tray. Two more to go. Very excited. I was going to post a new photo but they look quite similar.
Was told by my Ortho that I will have to have refinements trays. Hopefully fingers crossed not too many. I'm hoping only 6wks worth or so.

So now I am wearing my last trays (no.29). I've...

So now I am wearing my last trays (no.29). I've had a re-scan, the buttons are off. I am now just waiting for my refinements trays. I might have to wait for 4 weeks. So its a bit of a bummer wearing tray 29 for 4 weeks but hey there's not much anyone can do about it.
I'm hoping that there is only a few as I am pretty happy with the way my teeth look now.
My Ortho is fussy though which is great I guess. I think he is now just working with my bite. ??

Received new trays last week. 13 to go. That's OK...

Received new trays last week. 13 to go. That's OK I can handle that :)
Should be finished around the start of August. Can't wait.

Yeah 7 more trays to go.

Yeah 7 more trays to go.

Nearly there

Getting fairly excited. On my 10th tray. This one and 3 more to go.
Little annoyed that my Ortho is that busy that I have to wait a extra week to get the buttons off and my night time trays but.


Yes my teeth have been officially titled finito with my trays.
I'm very happy with the results.
Now to work on the colour!

Thanks Evolve
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