BA,BL and Tummy Tuck - Sydney, AU

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Only hours left on the countdown now!

Here in aus, it's already the 11th. Surgery is in (holy crap) 6.5 hours. That can't be right? The anaesthetist said I could have clear liquid until 8am - that's awfully close? Having a small black coffee, yes, I checked, it counts a clear liquid. Can't face today without at least a little caffeine. I already slept through the window for breakfast time.

I'm exhausted, we didn't get in to Sydney until after midnight, but, I am the genius who decided that doing this at our busiest time of year was a stellar idea.

I left my self so little time so that I couldn't back out, but I still don't think I've processed it properly. It still doesn't feel real. I've finished uploading my before pictures, they certainly feel real!! And I'm certain it will feel very real when the dr starts scribbling on me.

It's 4am :/ I'm hungry!

I've just woken up for the first time since surgery. I've been awake on and off but now I'm alert :).

I have pretty much zero pain at the moment. I'm never ever ever letting them take the pain buster out!!! Haven't needed the PCA at all. I'm guessing I will though when they make start doing something other than slothing in this bed!!

I'm aware of the weight of the breasts when I breathe too deeply, but so far all is well. No pics yet. That would involve moving and will surely make me hurt!!!!

Day 6 po - SO over sitting in my recliner!

So far the pain has been completely minimal. I took endone for the 4hr car trip home on day 2po and that night to sleep - but besides that it's been nurofen, and mostly for the headaches from the complete inactivity I have been forced into!! I've watched every episode of stargate Atlantis but I really just want to get up and move!

I'm still a little hunched and I can't sleep in my bed yet, but I'm relatively mobile, can fetch my own coffee and toast and raid the chocolate box!

I'm pretty taped up, and I'm not allowed to have a real shower until at least tomorrow, when I have my first post op and the stitches are removed. I did manage to wriggle out of my compression garments, sponge bathe and wash my hair - it was pretty exhausting and I did a rather poor job of it, but at least I smell better!!

Doing some almost back to normal stuff

I stayed at a friends place last night in order to go to a concert that was booked before the decision to have this surgery. I was forced to sleep in a bed as they had no suitable couches (that and no one knows what I had done!). This meant I had to sleep on my back ........ Completely flat! Just one pillow. I took painkillers last night, fearing that getting in and out would be very uncomfortable. It was :/ Barking dogs kept me up all night and all I wanted to do was to sleep on my tummy (I sleep in the recovery position), so I'm pretty exhausted ..... But ..... I have an unbelievable level of mobility this morning! My stomach is flat flat flat! That being said, omg, my boobs, they're sore. It was a pain getting out of the bed, and my boobs are really quite sore on the sides, but they feel marginally softer and they also feel like they have dropped a little.

I've taken a pain killer and have every intention of climbing back into bed when it finally kicks in, because naturally now that it's daylight the damn dogs have stopped!

I'm cleared to have a shower today so I'll upload some more pics when I have the energy to get up the steps and strip down!

After that I'm out to brave the Sydney traffic and queues of people to engage in some light shopping, coffee and shameless judging of those around me with my best friend :)

Minus the bandages - day 7 po

Would be kind of nice if I could have left those bandages on! Whilst not afraid of a little blood and gore it makes it seem all the more real that someone sliced me open and performed cross stitch on my innards. Pain has been pretty minimal and my mobility is pretty high so the fact that the surgery even happened is still sinking in!

I've been abandoned!!!

And things return to normal. Well, as normal as you can get when you are swollen and stuck in a compression garment 24/7!

Yesterday I drove my carer home :( now I am forced to look after my own horrible children and clean my own house!! On the up side, the aforementioned horrible children can be bribed with promises of pocket money and ice cream! My 13yo did the dishes last night and bathed my 5yo, my 10yo picked up the fluff scattered all over the yard by our dog (who was a goat I'm a previous life, chews EVERYTHING, including his bedding!) I managed to run some laundry, slowly, I can't lift much so every single chore takes 10 trips to get done :/ yes, I should have done this YEARS ago, but I wouldn't have been so financially able (this wasn't financed) and I wouldn't have these three beautiful, capable, beastly, smelly boys to help! :)

I didn't get my nanna-nap yesterday, so by the time bedtime rocked around I was well and truly ready for it!

My mobility is pretty good, getting in and out of bed isn't too traumatic, but I kept waking up on my side last night, and my boobs were NOT happy about it. Well, one of them wasn't :/ the right one is sore and swollen, I'm not sure if that's because I'm right handed and it got worse over night or if it was because of sleeping on my side.

I'm supposed to retape my breast daily, but it hurts like a b**tch to take the tape off - not even just on the incision, it hurts the skin coming off too, it's microprene tape, but it feels like the adhesive is superglue!!!

I still haven't seen the incision on my tummy because it's covered with the glue/tape that comes off when it's ready, but the ones on my boobs are AMAZING! It looks like the finest flatest line ..... Until halfway down, and then it's the scariest nastiest puckering you have ever seen!!! I know that the implants will drop and stretch this out, and I can't even see it from up here (I have to reverse the iPhone camera to look) but it's horrible!! I know, I know, patience grasshopper, I'm just over a week out.

I have stretch marks on my tummy!!! They weren't there before!! They're new!! I'm gutted!! The skin above my navel before the surgery was actually stretch mark free and I was so excited - but I spotted these ones yesterday, I know they're nothing compared to what it was and I'm unbelievably pleased with both the results and my recovery so far, but I was looking forward to a stretch mark free tummy :( it's also dry and in desperate need of some moisturising :/

We are self employed, so today I have nearly two weeks of admin to catch up on. The week before my surgery was a pretty lack lustre effort on my part as nerves and complete terror that something would come up to delay the surgery - time to knuckle down and get up to date!

Two and a bit weeks

Halfway through week three and it's been pretty cruisy.

Supervising a kindergarten excursion (my god, who knew there would be so many little people that all looks the SAME! Stupid uniforms!), vacuuming, laundry, making beds - mostly back to normal. I still have trouble sleeping, my boobs still get sore and I wake up stiff. I'm ok once I'm up and moving, but I still toss and turn and I could REALLY do with a decent night sleep. I'm very unpleasant without it!!

Under my boobs is still a hot mess, but I have a freakin' rockin' belly button. Oh, em, gee! I love it! I can't wait until the sticky stuff comes off the tummy tuck incision so I can see that too!

The sticky stuff came off!!

I can finally see the scar! It's going to be nearly invisible!!'

What is this!!

So the hot mess under my left boob is causing me concern. All the horror stories that you read! It's just not going away! I've been cleaning it daily with a sterile saline solution. The white gunk is firm and doesn't clean away. Im sending pics to my ps today and seeing my gp as a precaution because it's smelling funky! :/

Nothing to worry about

:/ shower twice a day, keep it clean. Everything looks fine - all perfectly normal. Gah. I'm off to fetch more micropore tape. Showering twice a day means more damn taping!

Post op week 4, swelling, gross boobs and kewpie mayonnaise

Yesterday was 4wks post op. I'm still hating the gory revolting mess that is under my left breast. Taping/showering twice a day led to my skin becoming raw from the tape. I've had to put a dressing over that bit.

It's still 20 days to my next post op appointment with my ps (he's an 8 hr return trip away) I'm really hoping that things clear up because I'm really looking forward to getting out of my compression garment. It's starting to get really warm here and with the cg coming to my knees, I'm living in tights and it's driving me crazy. If also love to be able to wear a normal bra, the post surgery one comes up quite high, so I can't wear some of my favourite tops because they're too low.

Everybody talks about swelling and gaining weight, well this morning I'm up 2kg (4-5 pounds) I find it very depressing! I was pretty active yesterday, with 6 hours in canteen and a 4hr drive .... Maybe it is? But it's hard to just discount it as swelling when I feel normal in my tummy and I know I've been eating nothing but crap. My appetite is through the roof, and my latest cravings are iced coffee (always a guilty pleasure) and chocolate covers nuts :/ oh, and that Japanese kewpie mayonnaise with tomato and salt!!! - oh so good!!

Grocery shopping is a major pain in the ass. I can't lift the heavier bags into the car, or unpack the car either. I have to take my 13yo son/housewench with me, so it has to wait until after school. And heaven help me, there's no way I'm taking all three beasties with me - so I also need to time it to when my husband isn't working, never something that can be predicted!

7wks post op

I had my 1 month (7wk) apptmt with the surgeon yesterday. Everything looks great. I can finally ditch the compression garments and the bra, but I'm not allowed to wear underwire for another 6 months!! I went to purchase a sports bra, and i ended up with new bras. Apparently I am not a 14e, but rather a 10f :/ big change. This isn't all because of the surgery, I have had those bras for 2ish years, so a lot of the size change was the 30kg weight loss.

Unfortunately bras on porn star sizes don't come without underwire, so these fancy new bras have had the underwire removed :( they don't look quite the same without it, but at least I'm not stuck with nothing but sports bras (which ALSO all have underwire) until July!!!

The disaster under my left breast has cleared and healed. The surgeon assures me that it was nothing and that compared to what a lot of other women go through it was very small and healed quickly.

I am back at 70kg, although considering that I should have lost SOME weight from this surgery, that means I have likely put on a few kilos. I'm ok with that because everything looks so freakin good!

I have been cleared to resume exercise too, which is kind of exciting. Exciting in that I can resume activity, kinda sad because being a sloth was lovely! I can now focus on the wobbly bits that he didn't get his knife on! Although I'm glad to be rid of the compression garment, I did enjoy the smoothness and tightness in my thighs, I see many many squats in my future!
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