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Well not off to a good start. I just typed up a...

Well not off to a good start. I just typed up a whole detailed description and went to look at some photos to post and then came back to here and it was all gone! I only have my phone to post so it's even more annoying to type than a keyboard. Grrr. I will have to take some photos later and then post them.

Pre Op Appointment

Ok so my pre op appointment was actualy on the 1st of August. Had the chance to ask all the questions I wanted. He examined me and took pictures. Wrote up my prescriptions and then the assistant measured me up for my garment which I will wake up in after surgery. I should ad that I am using the same surgeon who did my septorhinoplasty in 2007 so I feel confident and comfortable that everything will go as expected. He isnt charging me for the rhino revision. :)) I have hit the bridge of my nose a few times and there is a slight indentation which he is going to smooth out so should be very minimal change compared to the first time I had it done. And I thought why not get the lipo done while I'm out on the table!
I am getting inner & outer thighs, flanks, butt, hips, bra roll and upper arms. Ahhhh the recovery isnt going to be fun but I am excited and cant wait to start seeing results. To be honest I am more worried about my nose than the lipo. At least I can cover up my body, I cant cover up my nose though haha.

2 days post op

Well right now I am feeling very sore and sorry for myself. I cannot sleep for longer than a 2-3 hour period at a time without waking up. My back and neck are killing me because I have to sleep upright and I just cannot get comfortable. Also my butt hurts a lot from lying down. I would love to lie down flat or on my side but not allowed. For me the pain is still rather moderate. If I move at all I just hurt. And I am very swollen especially around my knees and hands?? Which is strange because I didn't even get lipo there?! Not sure how on earth I am going to last a week or two like this. I'm sure I will be crippled by the end. Haha.

Two days post op

Managed to have a quick shower today with the help of my mother. Getting my garment back on wasn't very much fun at all. Spoken to a few other ladies on here and they all have said that they are still experiencing swelling and discomfort even a month or two later :(

Going into surgery

It was all very quick. I arrived at 7:30am and was in the operating room by 8:30am. Everybody was very nice and very professional. One minute I'm lying on the table looking at the anesthetist putting a drip in my arm then next I'm waking up in the recovery room with a nurse holding my arm. I was very groggy for quite awhile. I tried forcing myself to wake up but I didn't have the energy to fight it.

Two days post op pics

I honestly don't feel like my shape has changed at all from the back. It's quite disheartening. I didn't have hardly any leakage but I have been going to the bathroom about twelve times a day so perhaps that's where I'm releasing fluid from?! Sitting on the toilet is very painful and so is getting in and out of bed.

Swelling around knees and hands?

Is this normal? I didn't even have lipo in those areas. Also bruised down around the knees too

Day three post op

Still feeling the same today. Walking around a little bit but its with a lot of discomfort and pain. Got very little sleep last night. Not going to shower today as I have no one to help me take my garment on/off. Luckily I'm not doing anything anyways to make me sweat. Still swollen around knees and arms. Not going to take the garment off so won't know what I look like. Still haven't been to the toilet yet to do number two but have been going to do number ones about twelve times a day so presuming I'm getting rid of fluid that way. Which is a pain as its extremely tender and sore to sit on the toilet. Wishing I had of bought another garment now but the drs assistant said there was no point. I have ordered a two piece garment and am hoping it will be delivered to me early next week. Can't wait to clean this one. The second day in hospital I dropped pumpkin all over it so I look like a slob! Also has anybody used a cream called lipo lotion? I ordered it at the same time I ordered my second garments and I'm hoping it will be appropriate for massaging my lipoed areas. It has a vibrating massaging tip where you squeeze the cream out of and it was rather expensive! Cannot wait to wash my hair too! I feel greasier than a maccas deep fryer! Will be able to hopefully after the plaster comes off my nose. Attempted it yesterday with my mother but she wasn't able to.

Day 3 post op

Legs and butt are very sore right now. I was standing up in the kitchen before and I felt really light headed and had to go and lie down. Walking to the bedroom from the kitchen and lying back down on the bed was really painful too. Still very swollen and bruised and tender which is to be expected. Would love to go to sleep and wake up all healed, not swollen and in shape! Haha dreamin!

Day 3

2am wake up

It's 2am and I just woke up as usual as I can't sleep more than 3 hours at a time due to sitting upright. Anyways felt like I could go to the bathroom and ended up sitting there for 15 minutes and going number two! Feels weird going in this suit. But at least I've gone. Tummy feels a lot less bloated now :)
Nothing else to do except pop a pain pill and wait to fall back asleep again. Down to two mid strength pain pills around lunch time then one full strength pain pill before I go to sleep and one during the night when I wake up. Hoping to cut down even more in the next couple days.

Day 4 post op

Ok so today I feel a little tiny bit better! I'm still swollen, sore, tender in pain, bruised and slow. But it isn't AS bad! Yay for that! BUT I am starting to get a bit itchy on my legs now. I'm hating this garment I just wanna rip it off. Rip it off and run around outside naked and free!! Haha. I am getting a second garment which should be delivered today according to the tracking. When that comes (it's actually a two piece garment) I am going to have a shower and wash my hair then hop straight into new garments and wash my other dirty one. Thinking being clean and in clean garments will make me feel a bit better too. Managed to get four hours sleep straight last night too which was great! Feel like I've just given birth to my baby again, in pain, can't walk, no sleep, haha. Will take a couple pics when I have a shower. Can't wait to see what my body looks like. But also a little apprehensive because its most likely still swollen and bruised all over!

Day Four Post Op Achievement

So I just had a shower and washed my hair. All by myself :) ahhh I feel a lot better now. Got my new garments on and clean pjs! Although the bottom garment is a little tight. It was quite an effort to get it on. I'm thinking these can just be back up ones while I can't wear the other one. I also managed to do a load of washing and brush my wet hair which was ridiculously knotty and took 20 minutes. Now I'm exhausted lying in bed but feeling better :)))
I had a quick peek at myself and still can't tell much of a difference yet. Except for between my thighs. Oh that's something id like to ask... Has anybody had their inner thighs done and afterward when they touched their thighs together did it just feel completely weird? Or is that just me!? Lol. It feels really strange in between their. Kinda numb but also not. I dunno but it's weird haha. And I think one side of my hips/top of my thigh is a little bigger than the other. Hoping that this is also just swelling!! If anybody has any tips on how to get the blue marks off my skin without too much rubbing I'm up for any suggestions please?! :) I'm still quite bruised on my arms and around my knees. Ill ad a few pics now.

Day four post op

Today I managed to do a few thighs around the house as well as shower so I definatly must be healing slowly :) even though I can't tell by looking in the mirror I can see a difference with the pictures...

Day 5 post op

Ok so today an feeling a little better again today. Managed to bake some cupcakes for Father's Day which is tomorrow, changed bed sheets with help of my mother and went down to the local doctors to get some different pain meds. The ones I have don't seem to do much and I'd prefer to only take one instead of a couple at a time. Also went number two again this morning! Haha.
A lot more mobile but getting in and out of the car and in and out of bed and sitting on the toilet all still really hurt. It kinda feels weird too because I'm so swollen. Like I'm sitting on painful pillows! Might take some pictures later. I really would like to know what to use to get this blue market off my body too!!??

Day 6 post op

I dunno why it says a day earlier in the date part, perhaps it's the time difference. But anyways it's day 6. Feeling a little better again today. Did the vacuuming and some more cleaning and cooking and still lots of lying around. Also had another shower and washed my hair. Don't get me wrong I am still in a lot of pain especially in my legs and butt, and more the left side than the right for some reason, but it's getting a little more bearable each day. When I'm lying down i feel fine and walking is ok just a bit uncomfortable but getting up, sitting, lying back down. Still agony. Not so much itchiness today which is good. Does anyone know what app I can download so I can hide my chucha in pictures lol?!

Itch jinx

It's 3:30am here and I've woken up ridiculously itchy!!! I musta jinxed myself. Ahhhh so itchy I dunno what to do :/

1 week today!

Well to mark my one week post op I was busy all morning. Did a fair bit of driving, bout an hour and a half all up went grocery shopping, went to doctors, went to pharmacy, went to visit sister at work, went to post office and did some sweeping outside. Feeling a bit better everyday but still don't feel as though I could do a full day at work. Luckily I have another week off. Bruising is getting worse and my inner thighs feel weird. I don't like touching them or when they touch each other it just creeps me out. They are all numb and it doesn't feel right. Got a check up with the surgeon tomorrow so hopefully get all my stitches out and will ask him lots of questions like how do I get this blue marker off me, when can I put on fake tan and when can I get a tattoo! Oh and see how I'm progressing hehe. It would be nice if I was instantly healed. But no.
I'm pretty sure that 3000ccs were taken out of me but I will double check that tomorrow and find out how much was taken from where.

Day 9 post op

Ok it's over a week since my op. yesterday I saw my surgeon and he said everything is looking as it should. Bruised and swollen lol. But he said my incisions are healing nicely and he also said I probably won't get any lumps if I haven't had any by now??? I'm not too sure if that's right but I am hoping and praying that it is! I can see the difference everyday in the shape of my body. And everyday I feel that little bit better. I put fake tan on the bottom half of my legs this morning so i dont look so pasty and ew. Today I felt so good that I decided to mow my lawns! I had to stop and have a lie down in between and I was slow and it took me awhile but I did it. A week ago I wouldn't have even given doing it a second thought! Hell four days ago I couldn't have done it. Afterwards in the shower I got very dizzy and felt like I was going to faint but I didn't. I just lay down for five minutes. I guess it was my body saying 'don't push me bitch' lol. I'm feeling fine now though. I'm going to go and get a pedicure coz I'm not limber enough yet to reach my toes for an extended period of time. I still wear the garment 24/7. I'm waiting for it to dry right now in my spare garments. Wish I'd bought two of the same. These ones aren't as comfy.
To be honest I haven't been eating the best as I could be. I got my period yesterday and I kinda turn into a chocolate monster. Plus I'm usually really active and hate to sit around so now I have all this time on my hands I have been eating a bit more than I usually would. Not ridiculously unhealthy but just more than usual. I'm back to work next week so I'm hoping I stop this naughty habit. Like today I've already eaten a protein shake and fruit and yoghurt for breakfast a banana for a snack also a bowl of quinoa salad then a diet chocolate bar in between mowing lawns and just now ate a bowl of homemade pasta with homemade pasta sauce and some pineapple... And it's only 2pm lol. This sitting/lying around is no good for me. I'm gunna get up now put on my clean garment and go get a pedicure. Just hope the seats they have don't hurt my butt and legs too much! Hehe.

Over doing it

Just gotten into bed now and I'm exhausted. It been a long busy day. I have seen a few people that I haven't seen since the surgery and only one of them noticed my 'weight loss' (hehe) which I'm not bothered by really because I wasn't wearing anything too tight and I'm still swollen but I can tell a big change already :) can't wait till brushing and scars have healed and swelling gone!!

Two weeks post op

Grrr I just wrote out this long update and my phone deleted it! Annoying. So anyways, I would say I am feeling about 80% better. Which is awesome. I am still a bit tender around the incision sites but that's to be expected. I ordered some silicone gel strips to put on them once they have completely closed over to try and help them heal quicker. I still have a fair amount of bruising on my legs. Boo. But the bruising up the top is almost gone. My surgeon said I could wear my garment for 12 hours out of the day now but I'm still wearing it all the time. Although yesterday I went for a long walk without it and it felt good! I have been walking the last few days and getting back to normal life. It hurts a bit when I get in and out of the car and sitting etc but no where near as bad as it was! Thank god. I'm loving my new shape. I went shopping today for new jeans and I have actually dropped an entire size!! No more struggling with stupid hips and muffin top is gone! Felt great. I'm back at work tomorrow for the first time so this will be the big test!

Another update

So it still is uncomfortable for me to lie on my sides. Still feels like I'm lying on tennis balls. Wondering when that is going to disappear? I'm over sleeping on my back. Bruising is still there. Slowly slowly fading. Wish it would fade a bit quicker! According to my surgeon from day ten I only have to wear my garment 12 hours out of the day now. Day or night it doesn't matter. But I been wearing it pretty much full time. Just reduces the pain in my legs and butt. I have gone two days where I didn't wear it for about 6 hours but I was wearing compression exercise pants so I felt fine. Can't wait until the six week mark is up and I don't have to wear it at all!! I went back to work this week and I coped fine. Had a few comments like 'have you lost weight?' Haha. At the end of the day I was a bit more swollen and sore but nothing I couldn't deal with. Not taking the pain meds at all anymore.

One month post op

So it's been 4 weeks since I had my surgery. Feels like longer! I am feeling so much better! I am only now just able to lie on my side though without a lot of discomfort in bed. On the floor is a different story! It's much harder there haha. Still gotta be careful not to sit down too hard. Still wearing my garment pretty much 24/7. Cannot wait until I never have to wear it again. My surgeon said I only have to wear it 12 hours on and then 12 hours off if I liked but I'm keeping it on pretty much all the time. Have had a few days where I've not had it on for about 7 to 8 hours. And it's been good :) I can stop wearing it altogether at the end of six weeks. I have started up running again and find I can only run with my garment on and sports compression shorts as the backs of my thighs still hurt when I run. I wonder how long that feeling will last as i get very hot very quick running with this thing on. I feel as though the skin needs to tighten up around there. Has anybody used any if those natural wraps that are meant to tighten your skin after lipo? I was thinking of giving them a go.
Incisions are still healing up very well and I still haven't gotten any lumps as of yet. My bruises are fading and only have a couple on the backs of my thighs that are lingering.
I'm still tender in all of the places I had done but I'm not as fragile as I used to be. My thighs are still swollen but I'm hoping that will go down in another month or so. My left hip isn't even with my right which I am a little concerned about but I'm hoping that is just swelling also but I don't think it is. Got an appointment with the surgeon again in 2 and a half weeks so will have to see what he says. All in all I'm really happy with the work I had done and am way more confident in my skin. Clothes look better on me and I have dropped a full dress size :))

Pics at four weeks

Six weeks post op

Six weeks already? Wow that has flown by! The first two or three weeks dragged because I was so sore and in pain but after the worst part of the pain subsided it has been awesome watching the transformation!
I have been wearing my garment for 12 hours on and 12 hours off but I have had a couple cheat days :0
According to my surgeon I am able to stop wearing it altogether at the six week mark. I have my six week follow up appointment on Friday so I will double check with him then. I will probably still wear it at night and when I'm running as I feel it does suck me in somewhat and definitely whilst running it reduces any pain I may get.
I am back to exercising everyday and find that if I run for more than half an hour at a time I will get a bit swollen and stiff. I just have to take it a bit easier the next day. Have to remind myself I underwent an operation only six weeks ago!
My pain is practically non existent. Other than when I mentioned the running for too long and also if I'm lying on a hard surface my sides still feel a bit uncomfortable then I am not experiencing any pain at all. All the bruising has gone. I'm not too sure about the swelling. I don't really seem to notice it. Will update again once I speak with my surgeon :))

Six week pics :)

Six week check up

So today I had my six week check up with my surgeon and it went great. He said I'm healing amazingly and I'm looking fantastic. Trim toned n terrific were his exact words haha. He actually looked and sounded really really impressed with my recovery and how my body shape has changed in just six short weeks! Well the first two weeks weren't so short. Long and painful I'd say hehe. But it's weird because not even two months ago I looked completely different and I felt completely different too. I've dropped a dress size and I'm still refining my shape. I've lost weight and gained confidence and a better body shape. Buying clothes is actually a pleasure now too!!
Very pleased I decided to go through with this :)

Six week transformation!

8 weeks post op

Hello just popping in to do another update :) am feeling great and looking way better than I ever have and would do it all over again in a heart beat. No bruises, no pain, only slight numbness on inner thighs. Can run skip hop and jump just fine and I have been doing all of that keeping up my exercises. Been doing a lot of clean eating as well. Although its that time of the month so chocolate has been a good friend :/ too good of a friend.

Another update :)

Hello just popping in to do a quick update. I am still loving my shape it is exactly what I'd imagined. I love my box gap haha and my smaller butt and NO love handles! I have no pain no sensitivity and feel fantastic! I work out every single day and am eating healthily for the most part. I love the way my body looks in clothes out of clothes and in underwear too. My scars are tiny and healing nicely.

Updated pics

3 month post check up

3 month post check up with my surgeon today. All is going great and looking great. Got another check up in another three months. Can't believe it's been three months already. Everything is healing nicely scars are fading and going down. There is only a slight numbness on my upper arms but hardly noticeable. So glad I did it!

Six months later....

Wow six months has flown by so quickly!! I am feeling great. I run about 5 and a half kms every single day and workout as well about three times a week.

Forgot the back pic

Just shy of a year post procedure!

I cannot believe it has almost been an entire year! This past year has been fantastic. I have never felt happier with my body shape or felt more comfortable in my own skin. Only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!!
Dr. James Mitchell

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