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I first came across invisalign nearly 2 years ago,...

I first came across invisalign nearly 2 years ago, I was interested in it because even thought my top teeth were pretty much straight my bottom ones, especially one tooth in particular was kind of sticking out and i became very self conscious about it. I was put off initially because of the cost and thought one day I will get to it. about 12 months later I found out my dentist was actually accepting patients for invisalign and I thought well, why not? well turns out the my health insurance was only going to cover a small cost and that turned me off so I again left it, then in September of last year 2012 my dentist brought it up with me again, and they had changed their insurance policy so it meant I could get more back so I decided to go ahead and get the ball rolling!

First step was to do the moulds, was a bit time consuming and allot of photos had to be done and they had to be perfect, I had to do the moulds 3 times and the photos 2-3 times as well, then I had to do the x rays, finally that was done. The sent them off to Sydney where I had to wait about 2 and a half weeks where they showed me 3D video of how my teeth would look, It was amazing I thought how can these plastic things do such wonders, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement that I would commit to the program (which turns out to be 12 months or 25 sets of trays).
I thought a year of my life isn’t so bad and the results would be worth it on the end..

About 2 weeks later I got a call that my first set of trays had arrived, I was nervous about it all I really hoped it would work out the way I wanted.

Once they were fitted the trays were very tight in my mouth I felt like I had mouthguards in there, it hurt and felt a little uncomfortable the first few days but then it got better and I hardly noticed they were there. After about 2 weeks I went back to the dentist and got some buttons put on which were just small attachments they make the trays tighter when fitted, I was also given the next 3 sets of trays which would last me 6 weeks.

About 2 weeks ago I went back to the dentist and he said he has noticed some good movement in which I have to and I got my next set of trays for 6 weeks, all in all I have been just over 2 months with the trays.

The teeth do hurt a tad when the trays are fitted and feel tight but i find after the 2nd-3rd day it feels ok. I did also find it hard in the beginning to adjust to the fact you have to have these things in your mouth 22 hours a day but it’s really not all that bad and you do get used to it. I find I have my 3 main meals a day and allow 2 small 15 min morning and arvo breaks for snacks if need be and this helps with work also

Removing the trays was hard at first then I came across this outie tool you can buy on amazon - best purchase I ever made they come off like a breeze even when new trays are fitted in. Cleaning is a bit of a chore but I bought this invisalign cleaning spray on amazon/dentakit and works wonders.

Despite some of the rigorous things that need to be done everyday my teeth have been moving, my bottom teeth, especially the one that was kind of sticking out is actually starting to move into place to fit in with the other teeth, so I am really happy with it and love seeing the progress, all in all I am really happy I made the decision to go ahead, sure it was a bit pricy but its something that’s for life and you cant put a price on that!

Anyone considering doing it if you can commit to 22 hours a day and willing to stick it out for a year or more then do it, it really does work, obviously you have to weigh up the expense but I found my health insurance paid nearly up to 50% and that was a no brainer for me.
I will try and do a progress update when I can
Thanks for reading :)

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