My Invisalign Journey! Correcting Overjet/overbite - Australia

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So i've wanted braces all my life and now at 24 I...

Invisalign video - ClinCheck

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So i've wanted braces all my life and now at 24 I can finally/somewhat afford them!
I went into 3 orthodontists and they all said completely different things.
The first orthodontist told me they could do clear upper 6 braces and the rest metal, with 4 extractions (and could get them put on the day i went in??)
The second orthodontist said I could get all clear on top but metal bottoms with 4 extractions and TADs.

And finally, my last orthodontist said I was able to get invisalign and NO extractions. I wasn't too sure what Invisalign was, I went home and researched A LOT. And thought this would be my choice.
I settled for my last orthodontist, which was the overall price of $7800 which included whitening at the end.

I went in on January 9th for my clincheck and noticed I had attachments on ALL my front teeth, but they were the 'problem' area, as I have an overbite/jet, therefore to correct it, they need all of them on there. I also have 21 trays

I get them put on Febuary 6 - will continue review

My teeth

My teeth at the moment

Invisalign is on!

So today marks day 1 of Invisalign!
I went in and they cleaned/buffed my teeth with a blue gel, and then places all of my attachments on! Feels super weird, but i'm hoping i'll get used to it (i'm sure I will!)

I also got some IPR done, was super scared that this was going to hurt, it only hurt when he reached my gums, but it was manageable.

After all my attachments were put on and my IPR was finished, I put my first first trays in and looked in the mirror. Oh wow I felt like it looked weird. Because of the plastic, it has made it harder for me to bite down and it looks like I have an open bite now! Oh well, 21 trays and i'll be somewhat/hopefully finished!

I got it done at 12 and its currently 4.30, i'm starting to feel the pressure, especially when i bite down on my chewies on the front teeth.

I havnt tried eating yet, very worried about that. I'm thinking soup is on the cards for dinner haha.

Oh yes, and I also have a lisp when i use any words that have the "S" in it, but practice makes perfect right haha.

My tongue is cut

I tried filing my Invisalign but it still seems to cut the underneath of my tongue really bad. I had no idea what I could do about it when I was going to bed, so I pulled off a bit of a cotton ball and stuck it around the bottom of my tray where it was sharp. Such a life saver, for night time anyway.
Might have to go buy some wax today, or a better filer

Tray 3

So today I put in tray #3! I can't believe how fast the weeks are going.
I was going to update more, but nothing is really happening at the moment!

If anything - I feel no pain at all anymore and the trays don't cut me, so that's a good thing!
I'm very comfortable with them on now, I can talk with no lisp.

I know you shouldn't take them out for a long time, but I had a party the other weekend and ended up taking them up for 12 hours... I put them back in straight away and they felt fine, they didn't feel like they moved back (although I wouldnt recommend taking my advice, just keep them in haha).

People notice i'm wearing them but don't really ask any questions or seem to care! Some people just weirdly look at my teeth and wonder what the hell is on them but don't actually ask, so i don't bother telling them haha, it must look so weird to someone who has never heard of Invisalign, especially because I have attachments on all my front teeth!

Would upload a picture, but I can't really see any changes! Maybe at the end of tray 4!

Tiny improvements

I was looking at photos and noticed tiny changes. Just decided to upload some! As you can see my main problem is my over jet. My teeth stick out horrible. Sorry in advance

Second visit

I went back to my ortho after finished my first 4 trays to get my next 4! (5-8)
The appointment was very short - asked how i was going/if i had any questions.
I noticed a dark spot on one of my attachments and asked if it was a cavity, but was just staining, so it was all ok! was on my back tooth, so they didn't do anything about it.

Got all my trays and booked my next appointment! So simple, I am SO happy I chose invisalign over braces!

To think an ortho said I needed 4 EXTRACTIONS AND TADS?! AND 2 YEARS!

And for my invisalign I needed NO extractions, 9 MONTHS and just some shavings on the side of my teeth.
I didn't get any IPR this time (did get a couple when i first got them on before they put tray one in).
They said I need more IPR but not for a while..

Anyway, no drastic changes in my teeth, just slight movement of my front teeth pushing in. Barely noticeable, but I can notice slightly!

Tray 6

Put in tray 6 today! Popped in so easy, took it out this morning and it was the easiest tray I've ever removed?! Very loose??! Not sure if that's good or bad.
I feel pressure, so I know it's doing something. Just weird that it's as loose as it is.
I also notice that one of the teeth moulds has a little air bubble in it which looks silly. Oh well, only had to wear it for two weeks

Before and tray 7 pictures

I wanted to make a comparing photos from before Invisalign to my current tray 7/21. Not the best of photos but you get the point! Small progression is so exciting. Also tray 7 was very painful for me! But I'm on day 4 of tray 7 and the pain is subsiding

Ortho appointment!

Went to get trays 9-12 today! Progress is going well, they didn't have to do any IPR this time, which means I'll probably have to get it the next time!

I've had two trays so far that have little air bubbles in them?!! Has anyone else had this? I don't fuss too much over it, I only have to wear them for 2 weeks. But would prefer they weren't there!

All my attachments are still in place, none have come off yet. Although my ortho filed down one because he thought it needed to be done?

Anyway in saying that, I'm terrified of the day I have to get all my attachments off (I have 19). Just the sound of the drill and the vibrations are the worst ahhh! Oh well, I'll try not stress over that!

Other than that my ortho just said MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR CHEWIES! Otherwise it could lengthen the process. Apparently I have one tooth in particular that he would like me to focus on using my chewy on. And I need to hit down and then twist upwards

Am I going crazy? Or is my tooth changing colour?!!

I'm up to tray 9/21 and my front right tooth is changing colour? It's either going more clear or black/grey I can't tell! Can you see it? Or has this happened to anyone else? Anyway, uploading some progression pictures too

Purple tooth

This is more an update for myself as I'm not sure it has anything to do with the Invisalign process or not.
Went to the dentist Saturday because I was freaking out, why the hell is my tooth sensitive and why is it turning purple! They x rayed my tooth to see if there was any sign of the tooth dying, they couldn't see anything. They then tapped my teeth to see if they were sensitive and they weren't. and then pushed above my teeth on my gums to see if it was sensitive! It was, the only tooth that hurt was the purple one.
They gave me some Colgate sensitive toothpaste and told me to use that and book an appointment 2 weeks from now and keep an eye on it! (It's got more purple since Saturday)
I also have to stay on tray 9 til then (was meant to change to tray 10 today!)
They still aren't sure what's going on but they did bring up root canal. But also said it could just be the tooth stressing out because there is lots of movement happening that it's not used too!

As it's now Tuesday. I'm assuming that my tooth is dying. Out of all teeth. My front one. Ahhh great another 2k to fork out.

And mind you, dentists are my number one phobia. Of course this happens to me

One month on tray 9

So it's been ONE month and I'm still on tray 9, thank god my trays don;t look as bad as I thought they would!

Anyway, went to a root canal specialist AGAIN, to make sure my tooth was dead - it is.

So now I have been quoted 1.9k for root canal and have to stop my invisalign treatment for 3-6 months, YAYYY!!!!!!!

So considering there are no changes happening apart from a dying tooth, i will see you in 3 to 6 months.

Root Canal

Got my root canal done today, the endo was amazing, i didnt even feel him when he injected me with anesthetic!

Have to go to another root canal session in october, and then hopefully can start my invisalign journey again!

Then after i've finished my invisalign, i will go back to the endo, for them to do the last bit of my root canal!

Not so great update

So today I went back to my ortho (tray 10). And he basically said I'm not allowed to go any further, to tray 21. As if I push my teeth further back it will kill my tooth completely and have to be removed (front left tooth).

I am now getting new trays to straighten the teeth. But not to fix the over bite. Which was the WHOLE reason I got this.

I'm so disappointed in Invisalign. And obviously I'm a rare patient. But I've forked out 7k for this plus another 2k for the root canal.

Pretty sure my orthodontist has seen me cry more than be happy. Which is not a good thing. But when you've been bullied all your life about your teeth, save your ass off to fix it, think you're going to have a Hollywood smile. But you just end up being poor and still have to live with not so great teeth.

I may be sounding ungrateful right now. But I'm just really overwhelmed.

Just thought I should have this review here just in case someone, someday goes through this.

Because no one from what I can tell, has been through this. And I wish their was some sort of review when I had gone through this.

Until next time.

The waiting game.

So I have to wait until January 7th to get my new trays. Talk about a pain in the ass.

Attachments are off

So I went to my app today. He showed me my new trays!

I have 19 more to go. Results are looking promising. Not as bad as I thought

He took the attachments off today because we need to redo them for new trays.

But this weekend is my birthday. So he said I could take them off and get them on in 2 weeks time! Yay!

Attachments are pretty much the same as the last ones. Except the two front top teeth have attachments RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM of my teeth. It's going to look weird as hell. But whatever. At least I'll have perfect teeth.
It's literally at the bottom of the teeth though. I thought the middle was bad enough haha

Anyway shall keep updated

New attachments

Got new attachments put on today. Put the new trays in, didn't fit!
Took the trays out, took the attachments off again.

Scanned teeth, getting new trays again

See you in 3 weeks

Phone call

Was meant to get my new trays tomorrow. Called off work so I could go in for the second time (because the first time the trays didn't fit my teeth so they had to rescan them)

Got a call saying they have to reschedule for the 4th of march. This is getting ridiculous

I am writing this just to keep a journal to myself in case I want to take this any further

What a nightmare

Finally got my trays!

So I got my new attachments on today and they are in a different spot to where they used to be! Instead of in the middle they are now at the bottom! I got IPR on two teeth. Very small. I think it was 0.2 so barely felt anything and I basically already had gaps anyway! So I now have 20 trays for the top & 14 at the bottom. Fingers crossed all goes well! I have the first 5 trays so next app isn't for 10 weeks!

Tray 5 (tray 15)

So I'm up to tray 5 of my new trays (or 15 if we are including my old trays)

They are moving my teeth extremely slow due to my dead tooth.

As you can see my tooth is still discoloured. But no where near as bad as it was at the beginning.

Hopefully I can get it fixed after treatment.

Had an app on the weekend. My ortho reminded me "don't be greedy, sometimes we over perfect. Feel free to stop whenever". Which I'm guessing means "be careful, you're teeth are at its lasts ends"

Anyway, here are some progression pictures


So I had a hole in my tooth because one of my fillings fell out. My ortho said not to get it done until my Invisalign was finished. Which was meant to be December last year.

I thought it was getting worse as of last week so decided to go to the dentist and fix it!

She was amazing. Didn't even feel the needle. And now I feel happy that my tooth is now all looked after

I'm still numb, but it doesn't seem to have misfit my Invisalign. So I'm happy :)

Apart from the fact it cost me $312 haha

Anyway I'm up to tray 9! So far so good

Tray 12

On tray 12 out of 21.
But 16 is the start of "over correction"
So I'm basically almost finished but I want to over correct it. Depending on how my teeth react.

My teeth are obviously straight. But I actually got braces to stop my mouth protruding. And it hasn't gone away. So I want to push them more back!
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