Infini Needling Made Me Look Like Grated Cheese

I don't know where to begin. I can't even look at...

I don't know where to begin. I can't even look at my partner at the moment. I had my second visit for infini at my skin Doctor. The first time was so bad that I didn't want to do the second phase but I figured I had already invested so much money into the procedure I didn't want to have it not work .... The first visit was very painful. This time was excruciating. I had the proper numbing cream applied but I really couldn't bare doing another visit. I was dripping in sweat.
So the worst thing is my track marks... I have little pustules coming up and occasional bleeding from a few pricks where the needles were. I am on two days after treatment and I look terrible. I don't see this healing any time soon and I want to cry and I'm scared it won't heal and I've ruined my skin. I did its old fave as I didn't know it was an option not to... I had a few scars on my cheeks but nothing really bad so I feel this was the wrong treatment for me ... After the first visit I still could see little holes where the needles went in .... I'm scared I have ruined my face ...

Day 3 and day 5

I had to go get antihistamines and some burn cream.... It's slowly getting better but the skin still looks very bad. I haven't left the house

One month after second treatment

I'm not happy my skin looks worse than when I first got it done. I had a few small scars I wanted to remove on my cheeks. The recommendation was given to me by my practitioner saying it fixes texture, scars snd would slow the aging process. Well I never had bad skin so now my scars I was originally worried about are more obvious than before the treatment and I spent a lot of money on this, me reaction after left me anxious and unable to work as I'm in the makeup industry, so I lost money there too.
I was given burn cream to help the skin settle which worked well to take away the redness but I would not do this treatment again.

Update on my skin

So the skin place I visit is giving me Genesis laser to try and correct the damage, I have had 2 treatments and 2 remain... My skin has dimple holes from all the needles which I fear is now permanent. I am more self conscious now and have started wearing foundation which I hate wearing. I will update in a couple months but it should have healed by now and the institute also agreed it's not normal so now I went in to get a bit more confidence and I have terrible textured skin... Looks like I've had acne which I've never had. I'm very upset and disappointed that I was recommended this...

Genesis treatments

I had someone else at the clinic help me and she was just lovely, very sympathetic to my feelings and experience and i felt her support was genuine. She offered me more treatments and gave me a vitamin C serum. I really felt much better after seeing her as she agreed that my skin was worse (also knows me from the past) I will keep you all updated...I believe she may help me quite a bit as she genuinely cares which i appreciate so much.
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