Infini Needling Made Me Look Like Grated Cheese

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I don't know where to begin. I can't even look at...

I don't know where to begin. I can't even look at my partner at the moment. I had my second visit for infini at my skin Doctor. The first time was so bad that I didn't want to do the second phase but I figured I had already invested so much money into the procedure I didn't want to have it not work .... The first visit was very painful. This time was excruciating. I had the proper numbing cream applied but I really couldn't bare doing another visit. I was dripping in sweat.
So the worst thing is my track marks... I have little pustules coming up and occasional bleeding from a few pricks where the needles were. I am on two days after treatment and I look terrible. I don't see this healing any time soon and I want to cry and I'm scared it won't heal and I've ruined my skin. I did its old fave as I didn't know it was an option not to... I had a few scars on my cheeks but nothing really bad so I feel this was the wrong treatment for me ... After the first visit I still could see little holes where the needles went in .... I'm scared I have ruined my face ...

Day 3 and day 5

I had to go get antihistamines and some burn cream.... It's slowly getting better but the skin still looks very bad. I haven't left the house

One month after second treatment

I'm not happy my skin looks worse than when I first got it done. I had a few small scars I wanted to remove on my cheeks. The recommendation was given to me by my practitioner saying it fixes texture, scars snd would slow the aging process. Well I never had bad skin so now my scars I was originally worried about are more obvious than before the treatment and I spent a lot of money on this, me reaction after left me anxious and unable to work as I'm in the makeup industry, so I lost money there too.
I was given burn cream to help the skin settle which worked well to take away the redness but I would not do this treatment again.

Update on my skin

So the skin place I visit is giving me Genesis laser to try and correct the damage, I have had 2 treatments and 2 remain... My skin has dimple holes from all the needles which I fear is now permanent. I am more self conscious now and have started wearing foundation which I hate wearing. I will update in a couple months but it should have healed by now and the institute also agreed it's not normal so now I went in to get a bit more confidence and I have terrible textured skin... Looks like I've had acne which I've never had. I'm very upset and disappointed that I was recommended this...

Genesis treatments

I had someone else at the clinic help me and she was just lovely, very sympathetic to my feelings and experience and i felt her support was genuine. She offered me more treatments and gave me a vitamin C serum. I really felt much better after seeing her as she agreed that my skin was worse (also knows me from the past) I will keep you all updated...I believe she may help me quite a bit as she genuinely cares which i appreciate so much.


So I have had about 6 Genesis. When I get hot or exercise all the indentation marks from the needle come up and I look disgusting.
I don't know what to do now, I was modelling for 15 years and now I don't like not wearing foundation to cover up the redness. I regret this treatment so much and feel upset that someone has ruined my skin. I'm only thirty but my skin looks older now... I also now have so much pigmentation which was never as severe...
Genesis is meant to heal the skin.
Someone said that the laser can take away plumpness- isn't it meant to do the opposite? That was why I got infini laser in the very first place, they told me it improves texture... Well I now have texture which never existed...
So upset still

My skin has permanant damage and I have lost confidence in mysekf

I've never had acne, since the lasers I have constant pimples. My skin is scarred permanently and I have now lost the confidence to go bare faced. I'm only 30 and now after 15 years of modelling I have no confidence
I hate that they haven't contacted me to see how I'm going I also hate that responsibility wasn't taken and I'm left with damage on my face. It's disgusting that the place I went to hasn't offered more care. I'm now furious at the results. There was one practitioner who was very kind about my situation but in general, I'm disgusted that they allowed this to happen to me. I want to sue. They obviously can't fix my skin so I've now ruined my confidence forever by listening to their suggestions for infini in the first place.
It's been 4 months! I have deep scars inside and out. Not good enough.
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