30Yr OldWoman. Had Fraxel 6 YrsAgo. Skin is PinHoleDamaged.getting MuchWorse withAge. Like OrangePeel. PleaseHelp. Australia, AU

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Help! My Fraxel long term side effects. I did 3...

Help! My Fraxel long term side effects.
I did 3 rounds of fraxel 6 years ago when I was 24 for a few acne scar. The dermatologist suggested I do my whole face while I'm at it, so I trusted his opinion. It has damaged my face with tiny pins holes! I ignored this at first because I was still young,. but now that I'm aging, It is looking even more horrible and I'm really concerned about the future!. It looks like orange peel on my face. It has literally been the WORSE decision of my life!. It's like instead of encouraging the collagen to build it has damaged the cells chance of reproducing it or something? I don't know, but it's like it has don't the opposite to what it was meant to. I believe the man and his practice is not around anymore as I can't locate them online. It leaves me very insecure, particularly in daylight. Makeup doesn't help, it looks like I have massive pores all over. I have not been in a relationship since this procedure 6 year ago and I believe this is playing a part, because I'm a wonderful person.. Please look at the photos. I praying I can get help here. Thank you.
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