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I had decided to have Emerge fraction laser...

I had decided to have Emerge fraction laser resurfacing on the area under my eyes. I am 30 and have under eye creases which age me considerably. I had read lots of reviews and decided on this treatment due to the minimal downtime.
I went to Skin Deep in Perth. There was an offer where you pay for 3 sessions and get a third free (so I paid $660 in total for 4 under eye sessions)
The first appointment included a consultation which was helpful. I was nervous so this answered all of my questions and helps put me at ease. As I had an important meeting at work early the next morning I asked for the setting to be low to reduce any redness and inflammation. I believe the setting for this first session was 1 (being the lowest - it goes up to 5).
She did a patch test, on the side of my face - to see how my skin would react - then too photos in a booth that shows sun damage etc. These photos are taken before each session to track your progress. After the photos she checked the test patch - which was red, but otherwise fine. No adverse reaction.
She started the procedure - which was fine. It was uncomfortable - but bearable. The eye area is sensitive, it made my eyes water! It felt like holding an electric fence (or as others have described - a rubber band flicking repeatedly on your face). Straight afterwards it is hot, like epic sunburn, but she gave me an ice pack and it was bearable. Cooling gel was applied.
Leaving the appointment I had my sunglasses on, so no-one really took any notice. I was red and puffy, but otherwise fine.
As the setting was low for this appointment when I got up the next day I was puffy (like I had been crying) and red, but nothing a good bit of concealer couldn’t handle! The days after were fine, a bit of foundation and no-one would have even noticed!
For my next appointment, I booked in on a Friday afternoon - knowing that I had the weekend to hide - I asked her to use the maximum setting (5). This hurt! It was a marked difference from setting 1 which I had originally! The pain was worse, but it wasn't unbearable. (Although I was glad when it was over!) The burning lasted for about an hour afterwards (like someone had gone over my skin with sandpaper) but as recommended, I iced for the next few hours.
The next day I woke up significantly more puffy and red that last time, but again, a dab of mineral make up took the edge off. I went to the gym (probably not wise as the sweat stung a little!) I felt like I did look a bit odd, but not bad enough to keep me indoors!
The second day of recovery saw the pigmentation darken (so in certain lights I looked like I had 2 black eyes!) But, mineral makeup took the worse off. It is worth mentioning that at this stage the skin is quite rough, so makeup does not go on very easily. This dry skin should flake off over the next day or two.
It is now Monday. There is still increased pigmentation, but no one at work has noticed. I will post another update once this has fully healed and rate the procedure then. After the first procedure, my lines were slightly improved, but I will hopefully see more of an improvement after the second treatment at a higher setting.

This is the morning after the treatment. I am still swollen and you can see the speckled 'burn' marks. These were darker in colo

This is 30 minutes post treatment (I am in my car with my A/C on full - hence the strange lighting) I continued to get puffier o

This is the morning after the treatment. I am still swollen and you can see the speckled 'burn' marks. These were darker in colo

6 days post treatment

All healing up really well. Where the speckled 'burn' marks are, if you look really close, you can just about make them out still.
Overall texture of my skin is lovely. Smooth and plump. I have been moisturising like a crazy women since the treatment. My under eye creases are a lot less noticeable when I dont smile. When I smile they are still there but softer.

6 days post treatment

BEFORE!! Here is why i got this doen in the first place!

When i smile the lines under my eyes age me terribly. (In this picture I am wearing a lot of make up - which does make the creases worse. But having these creases really affects my confidence.)


6 months after I finished my last under eye session I am happy with the result. Although the main creases are still there, they have reduced. The texture around my eyes is really good.

I have since been back for a full face. This took longer to heal and look 'normal' I had a severe break out of tiny whiteheads all around my chin. (I was warned beforehand about this so I was prepared, but it did have around 60 pimples, so be warned! They were tiny and did not scar) I had this done on a Friday afternoon, by Monday make up made me presentable and by the following weekend I was back to normal.
I would recommend this treatment, but go to an experienced therapist. (Laura at skin deep Perth Central is amazing!)
Skin Deep

The lady doing the procedure (Laura) was amazing. She was lovely and really put me at ease and took my mind off the discomfort.She was knowledgable and gave great skin care advice.

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