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Hi everyone, thanks so much to all of you for...

Hi everyone, thanks so much to all of you for posting on this site. It has helped me tremendously. Well I'm a week away from being sliced and diced, the anxiety is building, I just hope that in a weeks time I will be sick and tired of feeling anxious I will just go with the flow. Well I'm 5ft 4 inches short, and weigh 170 pound or 77 kilo. I have 2 adult sons and a wonderful caring husband. Over the past 2 yrs I've lost a massive amount of weight through gastric sleeving and my body seems to have found it's good spot with the weight I am currently at. I will be having my surgery interstate.

I don't mind admitting that I'm terrified about being put to sleep for such along time anywhere from 4-6 hours I'm told. The pain doesn't bother me it's the whole making sure I wake up business that is playing on my mind. There is no backing out now I've paid up and my hospital insurance is good to go. I think I have everything organised loose fitting PJ's, big knickers, x 2 binders and surgical bra, along with bio oil and silicon sheeting, oh and the ever important stool softeners..LOL. Keeping busy the last couple of months while waiting for this has been great. We have landscaped our yard, and for this week I plan on building a new fence with my husband, anything to keep my mind off what is coming up. I know that I'm looking forward to the day after the procedure and will be happy that I had done it. So roll on the 19th I'm fast running out of things to do before this Op.

Well the countdown is on. Next Wednesday is the...

Well the countdown is on. Next Wednesday is the big day. The anxiousness has subsided somewhat, mind you that has been more than likely because I've been working myself into the ground trying not to think about what is coming. Anyway my yard is looking the best it's looked in years, the house is totally organised, I'm not quite sure at what point I became Martha Stewart ha ha ha ha ha. But anyway I'm in no doubt now that I've sufficiently driven my poor husband nuts with work lists that he will be very much looking forward to having a break with me post op. I've been reading alot online about the Fleur De Lis and I've found that women can develop swelling in the pubic region and this is called "Ken Doll". Well I have had nightmares about it thinking I may have to purchase male Yfront undies to tuck it all into comfortably. I know what my last words on the table are going to be now. NO KEN DOLL!!.....ha ha ha ha

Well it's Monday night here it's been a long hot...

Well it's Monday night here it's been a long hot day 102 degrees. Have treated myself and had my hair done, then silly me went out to the nursery to buy plants ended up with 35 of them so the hubby and I have been planting most of the day. However it has meant that I've kept busy which has been my whole aim. I just can't wait for Thursday when it's all over and done with. I spoke with the sleep Dr today and requested Pre Meds to calm me prior to the surgery, and she has agreed so that is good. So now all that is left is for me to have a manicure, pedicure and waxing done. Then it's an early start on Wednesday we have a 3 hour flight to get to the state I'm having the surgery in and before I know it all will be done. I'm so hoping for it all to go smoothly.

Well what can I say last Wednesday I was chopped...

Well what can I say last Wednesday I was chopped up. The wonderful Dr Moore took almost 4kg off in the tummy and breasts. I made the mistake of asking for pre meds to keep me calm before theater, I was given them about 5 mins before they took me down and they were fairly heavy sleeping tabs. Anyway I was awake when I got to Dr Moore's workshop, and I passed comment on all the instruments he had there waiting to open me up with, not to mention my comment about the table reminding me of a lethal injection table. ha ha ha ha Anyway got off to sleep about 5pm, next thing I know it's 11pm and some annoying nurse kept calling my name and nudging me, oh why couldn't she just let me slumber....ha ha ha ha Anyway for me and because of the pre med I found it harder to come around than normal. Anyway come 8am Thursday morning I got rid of the pain pump, and the saline drip and I was up and outta that bed walking, initially from one end of the ward to the other, slowly of course, but made a point of doing that on the half hour. By Thursday evening I was doing the big lap from St Clare right the way around to and through St Catherine Ward and back, and got rid of the ted stockings. Friday morning up bright and early showered, walked and walked some more. Greg the day nurse that had looked after me since the Op said that the nurses on the ward along with Dr Moore couldn't believe my get up and go!! So Friday I lost the boob drains, the goal was to walk the big loop 3 times each time which I did 6 times through out the whole day. I was then moved to St Catherine ward got sick of the same walk and decided it was time to feel a bit of sun and fresh air on my face so outside I went walked from the entrance of the hospital down to the corner and back.

So all in all I have had a really great experience with only the occasional Panadol since Thursday probably only about 4 in total. So now all that is left is to break out of this darn binder, I'm not liking it but will stick with it the whole 6-8 weeks to make sure I get the contour I want, the boobs are still a weird shape like mens Pec's but hey I"m assured they will soften and drop in a few months. But truly I have no complaints what so ever and I'm so glad I did this.

Well it's been 7 days since my Op. I've really had...

Well it's been 7 days since my Op. I've really had quite an easy run of things up until Christmas Day. The dreaded swelling, but hey that is my own fault for not resting enough. The swelling wasn't painful it just felt like I was 10 months heavily pregnant with that pressure feeling although, it was not just in the groin area it was all over the tummy. A rest and a few Panadol Rapid took care of that. I'm only able to sleep for maximum 2 - 3 hour blocks reason being I'm a tummy/side sleeper. I'm currently having a love hate relationship with my binder the jolly thing keeps riding up and rubbing on my breast suture lines. I'm not sure if it is normal to be so itchy along the wound, but geez I would love to get in and have a good ole scratch but dare not. Anyway I'm still supa happy I went through this and yes it is a breeze for me, mind you I didn't go into it thinking that I would be pain free or without discomfort, there is a price to be paid. Well everyone I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day laughed lots, loved lots with your family and friends.

Well it's been 9 long slow days since my TT....

Well it's been 9 long slow days since my TT. Things were going swimmingly and still are although I've just had a minor set back. I have a small infection in my new Tummy button. Went to the Dr's this morning got him to change all my dressings, and prescribe a good strong antibiotic tablet. So I have 10 days worth and we shall see where that takes me. I'm really swollen however I don't know if that is from the infection or the surgery so I guess time will tell. The worst thing I find with this process is the sore back from being hunched over and not being able to do too much. These things drive me nuts!! Anyway come New Year next Wednesday I expect to feel a lot better and if not look out...ha ha ha Happy New Year to all......

I have now been under the care of the head of...

I have now been under the care of the head of plastics at our local hospital as part of my wound from below the tummy button to the horizontal incision has dehisced and is still oozing from a seroma. So the current treatment is packing of the wound every 2 days with Aquacel followed by a good firm dressing, with weekly visits to the Plastics team. I'm very fortunate that the head of Plastics at our local hospital who I'm currently under was trained and has worked with the plastic surgeon who did my operations. So the two are in constant communication. I should also say that I totally understand that this situation that I find myself in is in no way a reflection upon the work of my surgeon. This is a complication that can and does happen with this type of surgery and it is no ones fault. I'm still a very happy lady and I'm sure the end result will be just fine, this current stuff is just a bit of a hick up in the road that means my healing will be at least a couple of months away yet. Have a lovely day everyone!!
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Dr Moore was recommended to me by a friend who has had the exact same procedures that I will be having. Dr Moore is an absolute artist and my friend looks fantastic 1 yr post op. The other reason that compelled me to choose Dr Moore was that he's a kind compassionate man who does alot of charity work in the field of cranio facial reconstructions up in Indonesia and Timor. So I'm pleased that my out of pocket expenses will not only help me but others too.

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