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In the last 7 years my teeth have been making me...

In the last 7 years my teeth have been making me feel self conscious as the overcrowding is becoming worse, when I look back at photos when I was 40, my teeth were fairly straight. All of my teeth are now pushing forward and the side molars are sinking inwards. The movement is continuing year by year, my hope is to have a nice set of straight teeth in the future after this treatment! It's taken me a long while to make this decision to go ahead with either Invisalign or something similar and I have chosen Clear Correct aligned.

Tray three and buttons!

On Wednesday I had my dental appointment to receive my next trays. At my initial appointment the receptionist told me that it would only be a five minute appointment so all I was expecting was to collect my next couple of sets of aligners. When I arrived I was told my 'buttons' we're going on today....I felt nervous!
Just to go back to my previous appointment when I had my first tray fitted.....I was so focussed on the new feeling of my aligners in my mouth for the first time and squeezing against my teeth, I for got to ask about EVERYTHING and I left with many questions which didn't materialise until the following morning....
I forgot to ask how many sets of aligners I had ( although my doctor said that my treatment would take just over a year). He did say that I would wear each set for 3 weeks ( because I am older it would take longer for my bone to regenerate and move so 3 weeks per set was the best way to go) and I would get 'buttons' which would act as 'keys' in helping to rotate my teeth over time and assist with the gentle movement made by each tray, most importantly, it was imperative to use the chewies to 'seat' my alligners in the correct position in the first four days of each new set and that I would have 'shaving' within the first three months.
So....second appointment I found out that I should expect to have 19 sets of aligners...happy with that having looked at many posts on here with 30+ particularly on Invisalign posts. Oh speaking of that, I've had a number of moments when I have felt that I haven't researched enough..... As I said before, when asked by my dentist which treatment I would prefer and having him say both Invisalign and clear correct should give similar results, being of Scottish heritage it came down to dollars. Clear Correct got my tick! I'm thinking that by not investing in the name and sacrificing a superb 3D polished picture show of my treatment from start to finish for a sheet of A4 paper with 8 maps of my expected tooth movement, saved me Au$1000, initially I felt fine with that.
Now that I am addicted to reading other people's post on I'm noticing the %s of happy customers and Invisilign certainly comes out on top....time will tell...... I hope I am lucky.
Anyway...where was I? Oh yes, my buttons.... So a rubber ring was squashed into my mouth and polishing, them glue then buttons, only on For teeth, none of them the front top or Botton 4, and they are tiny....nothing at all to worry about :)

So the set three were super tight and my bite felt thick and different, I'm 2 days in now and having had to get them in and out by dragging them out with floss as my thumb nails are all ripped and soft, all is going well. As I have struggled so much with my speech and lisping for the past six weeks, today I can honestly say that at work I (for the very first time) I forgot they were in YAY! Anyone else struggling out there with speech....stick with it.

Set 5

Just a very quick update as not a lot is happening worthy of reporting (which must be a good thing in terms of pain and suffering!). I went to my dentist last week and received set 5 and 6 and again, three weeks of wearing each. The only comment I have to make is that after the initial tightness of set 5, a few days in and I am feeling localised pressure on one lower tooth which makes me feel that I'm progressing...nothing noticeable to look at yet but I will update a new pic in daylight in next few days. So for now, all good and I'm secretly excited that I'm nearly 1/4 way through. Oh and found out that I should expect shaving of one tooth when I receive set 11, in a few months time.

Set 5 pics

Number mix-up

Things have been ticking along nicely and my last visit to pick up trays 7 and 8 was on December 21st.
As usual my dentist fitted tray 7's while I was in the chair and he checked the fit. He said that the area at the top right of my teeth needed extra attention with the chewies to make sure the trays start fitting more snugly so to really concentrate on that for first four days. I commented on how lovely and tight they felt (a bit of pain ahead, but the job is being done, no pain, no movement, no gain).
This set was in fact a killer! I felt most relief when biting hard on the chewies but when I released my bite the ache flooded back. After a few days I had forgotten about it and all was good....

A week or so later, just between Chrismas and New Year, while I was cleaning my trays I noticed that they were set 9 (should have been 8 by my records), I checked my next set, still sealed in bag and they were set 8?????. I called dentist but they were closed for the holidays. I wasn't too worried. Now in my mind I was thinking that's weird, he must have made a mistake....this must mean I will skip and go straight on to 10 on Monday.....bonus! That's why they hurt so much....all good.

I called when surgery reopened and went in having not managed to properlyexplain to receptionist on the phone. In I went and showed my tray 9's, in my mouth which I had worn for a full 3 weeks and the sealed Clear Correct back of set 8. He pulled out he other sets 9 up to 11 which he had and it turned out that whoever in the US had bagged and sealed the sets up must have put them in the wrong numbered bags GRRRRRRR!

Note to all.....check numbers on trays as well as bags.

Anyway the result is I have had to go back to actual 7's now so I have wasted three weeks, very irritating. This set does fit beautifully though and was fairly sore for first 2 days. As each set focuses on certain teeth, it would not have been worth skipping a phase.

Ah well, here I go again, dentist is ordering a fresh set of 9s for when the time comes and I will have to do them again.

3 sets to go!

I'm getting there! Sorry that I haven't posted in ages but as you all know life goes on and it's all become second nature now. Feeling very positive! The weekly payments for my year are drawing to the end and the results are evident, can't wait to get my bottom set of bumps removed next week and set 18.....

Final shots

Well I eventually got to the end and needed a couple stubborn teeth to move so had a moment to decide to go for a wire for 8 weeks as advised by my dentist. Having gone this far I went for it, uncomfortable for a bit but well worth it in the end. Treatment started sept '15, complete march '17 and very happy with result!

The end!

Dr Jack

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