Sliding Genioplasty Recovery - Australia

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I had a sliding genioplasty to move my chin...

I had a sliding genioplasty to move my chin forward 5mm.The procedure took 2 hours and I was in recovery for 2 hours then home. ice packs for 24 hours and I took strong painkillers for 7 days and didn't leave the house for about 7 -10 days, very swollen and bruised, peaking at day 3. Looks like when you get your wisdom teeth out. couldn't really speak until day 4 and had to eat liquid diet for 3 days and soft diet for 2 weeks. Back at work after 10 days. Strapping to support the chin was on for 2 weeks. I am now almost 3 weeks and most of the swelling has gone down and I can eat most foods and talk clearly. Foods included soups, juices, smoothies, porridge, scrambled eggs, custard, ice cream, macaroni and risotto. So happy to not feel hungry now I can eat properly again.

I can do a closed mouth smile but not a full toothy smile yet which I am hoping to do in the next week.I really miss my smile. I think if people see me now they wouldn't notice anything but I feel strange not having my full ability to smile. Still have numbness in the lip, lower teeth and chin but this is getting better every day. Psychologically it's important to remember healing takes time and not to obsess over the results in the mirror every day. I think it will be another few weeks before final result that I can be happy with. I wrote this review to help others who are nervous and uncertain about recovery time! Will update when I am fully healed.
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