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Hi everyone! I'm a 34 year old female who is...

Hi everyone! I'm a 34 year old female who is booked in for sliding genioplasty on the 18th of July (3 days). As I have only told the 2 people who will be caring for me pre and post op, I wanted to chat to others out there who have had this or similar operations as I'm a little anxious! I'm worried I'll back out at the last minute! Any suggestions?

2 sleeps to go!

I should be in bed already! I have 2 sleeps before my sliding genioplasty. I got some Xanax from my gp to help with the anxiety and have been taking them over the last couple of days. I bought lots of purée apples and made pumpkin and sweet potato soup and carrot and celery soup to get me through.

1 sleep to go! 8 hours to go!

Ok so I stocked up on puréed apple, made soups, tidied my house and now taken a Xanax to calm my nerves. My friend will pick me up at 6 am!!! We will get to the hospital by 7am and the op is at 8:30am. I spoke to the anaesthetist about my anxieties so hopefully all will be ok!!! Talk tomorrow!!!

Completed Sliding Genioplasty

Hi all! So, my operation is completed! The day before the op, I had liquids (freshly squeezed fruit juice) and soup as its better if you have light, non dairy foods. Also I cleaned the house, changed bed sheets and organized what needed to be done so that I could relax and be comfortable at home. I had a xanax to relax me the night before and one in the morning. My friend picked me up at 6:30am (great friend!) and we had ample of time to find parking and to get to reception. I filled in my intake forms and changed into the sexy white gown, blue disposable foots bags (you couldn't really describe them as slippers) and blue shower cap. I was given 3 tablets (I think pain killers and a sedative) then saw my anaesthetist who asked me more questions, then went into an area where there was a wheely bed. They wheeled me into the operating theatre and the anaesthetist put a needle into my arm and said I'd start to feel drowsy. It felt warm and relaxing. I woke up in a room with a view feeling drowsy and was given orange juice and lemonade. My blood pressure was checked regularly as my blood pressure was low (it's usually a bit low anyway). After about 3 hours I was ready to go! My friend picked up my after care medication (penicillin, anti inflammatory and liquid pain killers). Then I was off to my bed at home for some sleep! No pain whatsoever!!

Day 4

I took my chin band aid off today which was exciting as my mouth could only open to a centimetre with it on. The band aid was really sticky and hard to get the remnants off my face. My skin under the bandaid is quite pimply. I'm really swollen and my bottom lip looks thinner (I'm hoping because of the puffiness) . It feels hard where the puffiness is and my neck is tinged yellow on one side. I can feel a dissolvable stitch under my tongue and a couple between my bottom lip and teeth which restrict me from talking normally still. I'm wanting the swelling to go down so I look better as currently I look weird!
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