40% Glycolic Acid Peel at Home Kit - Australia

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I have malsma for years now and a few acne scaring...

I have malsma for years now and a few acne scaring as I'm a big picker!
I don't like wearing make up, however with these issues I'm forced to each time I go out. With alot of research I decided to purchase glycolic acid off ebay, I was scared at first but went ahead anyways, I figured I had nothing to loose I was that desperate!
This is my 2nd time doing the peel with about 5 days apart. I left it on for about 2-3 mins then used baking soda and water to neutralize and then washed my face again with cetaphil until I think it's clean.
The pain level for me was not bad at all I hardly even turned red during both times I did it. I felt I could continue on longer, but didn't want to push it as I know my pain tolerance is quite good.
I finished off with sweet almond oil as it works well with my skin.
First application I noticed my pores are much smaller like straight after, no redness and for five days until my next attempt I had no peeling. I could see some patches of my normal skin tone coming through the malsma! My skin tone also seemed to be more even and lighter. I was so encouraged by this I couldn't wait for another week to do another one so I did it five days later.
Second time I applied it I left it for 3mins, no redness same tingly sensation and warm feeling i did the same routine and the results so far is that my pores are almost completely gone! I didn't have much area of pores to cover but the area around my nose and t zone has large pores it's now so tiny I can't say I have an issue with my pores anymore! I don't feel any continuing negative affects of the peel once I washed it off.
I'm quite happy I found a way to improve my skin, I will update later to see the results of my malsma, I'm hoping they go away completely. My pimple scares have also faded by alot and the dents have seemed to plump up, evening out my skin texture.
I feel confident I can continue this routine on a weekly and improve my skin as a result, I also wear spf 50+ and a hat when I'm outside to prevent further malsma from accruing.

A little about my skin type: Fair to light (asian)
Oily and I have certain allergies to some products/ chemicals in sunscreen and certain lip products which cause me to have eczema on my lip area.
The glycolic acid with the sweet almond oil has helped me with my oil break out, so far I don't wake up to oil sleeked all over my t zone.

I'm happy with the product and packaging, instructions are clear and detailed. It's well priced, however I will try a different brand next time to see if I get different results (skin shedding).

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