Buccal Fat Removal, 26 Yo Female, Australia

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Hi everyone! I thought I'd post my experience...

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd post my experience with buccal fat removal to get more info out there for others considering it! :)

I'm a 26 yo female with a small figure but have annoying chipmunk cheeks! I've avoided 'over' smiling in photos my whole life because of the awful chubbiness my cheeks give out. I just hate photos all together! I also ALWAYS wear my hair down to cover the sides of my face.
I've thought about and researched cheek slimming for years but was never confident enough to take the next step. After being so unhappy with my look, losing confidence in myself and trying everything possible to make my face look slimmer with little success (hairstyles, makeup, etc) I decided it was time to get serious about it. I saw a plastic surgeon in Adelaide and booked the procedure (along with otoplasty for my right protruding ear).

I had my surgery last Thursday and it's now Wednesday, 6 days post. I had some swelling on the day of the procedure, which was worse the following day. It slowly came down each day after that but I'm still a little swollen today. I basically look like did before the surgery just a tiny bit bigger. The pain was bearable and didn't really need to take any pain killers (I had a bit of pain from the otoplasty so I took pain killers for that). There was, and still is to a degree, a feeling of discomfort and tightness, but that feeling is improving. I also have very mild bruising on my lower cheeks. I stuck to a liquid diet for the first couple of days then included soft foods. I'm still on a soft diet due to the swelling and discomfort but that hasn't bothered me.
That's all I have for now, if you have any question please ask and I'll try answer them all. I'll update this post in about one week....when hopefully I can see some results! Fingers crossed!
(And I may put before and after pics if I'm game enough!!)


Before and After Pics

I've uploaded some pics!
Please ignore the head wrap in the after pictures...this was necessary for the otoplasty.
I'll post some more pics in a week or two when I (hopefully) start seeing an improvement!

Also to add, the swelling seems to be getting better each day but when I eat harder foods it flares up again. I guess I'll have to stay on a soft diet for a little longer.

3 weeks post

I am at exactly 3 weeks post surgery today. The swelling has gone down considerably and I am starting to see an improvement!
I can still feel swelling in my cheeks but it is not noticeable. It feels tight and tender when I move my mouth and jaw, and I can still feel mild paid when I apply pressure. I also had a hard lump on my right side but it has almost gone away.
I am hopefully that I will keep seeing improvements in the coming weeks as the swelling comes down even more!
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