Part Two: BR - Life Changing! Going from GG-H-I whatever it was to C/D!!!- Australia

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Seen my PS today to have my tiny amount of oozing...

Seen my PS today to have my tiny amount of oozing checked out -I perfer him to have a look at it early rather than worry about later. He reassured me that the HEALING PROCESS is WHERE IT SHOULD BE ! He actually told me he is very impressed with the progress of my healing - he was preparing for more issues. WOW...He keeps saying my boobs are still not small - so I probed him whether he is saying he could have removed more? He said not without sacrifisying safety. So I told him to get over it, these are right size for me :) I have boobs others ask for as BA!

Overall he said I should not do anything differently - carry on with the antibacterial soap and the gauze pads - the oozing he says will clear on its own.

he allowed me to start applying BioOil on my stiches which are under my armpit ...those are big, but on the breasts themselves yet..

I also told him that I have pain strikes from time to time in my left for no reason..Even when I am just sitting by my desk and not doing much just get a feel of knife striking my left breast for 2 or 3secs then it goes away ...then have it 2 hours later for an other 2 mins. He told me it is normal...

He still would not allow me to do any sports...I made him aware that I am desperate to go for a swim and fighting the urge really hard..I will keep to his instructions but not being able to do any exercise seems to be my biggest issue - so far

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Scary post coming up... OK, so I have mentioned...

Scary post coming up...
OK, so I have mentioned in my comment on Part1 I could not escape the curse of wound breakdown and fat necrosis. And despite that I think it looks horrid, I don't despair. I did have a huge reduction done and my surgeon has tons of experience. He is saying it all looks better to him then to me so I am glad.
The hardest bit for me is "going cold turkey" on exercising. I have no better way to describe how I feel but "going cold turkey". Not doing ANY exercise throughout the week whilst having a stressfull office job is the hardest for me. Yes I did a bit of biking on Sunday -YAAAAYYYYYY after 7 bloody long years!!!!- and it is enough for now I still feel the side effects of not doing any exercise. I am very much aware that it is for my benefit, yet I cannot help feeling awful about turning into a couch potato. Already missed out on my annual Sydney Bridge Run, and also on the big run before that event just the tought of not being able to do any ocean swimming this year - terrifies me..One of the reasons I decided to have the BR done now is to allow myself to do more exercise and whislt I understood that 6weeks withdrawal is aint going to be easy I was not prepared for it to be this hard. And the reason to my distress is indeed the success of my BR! The world has opened up for me, there are so many activities I could do and I feel like a child in the candy store...It is hard but i am fighting hard.

So I uploaded a scary photo (3.5weeks post Op) to show you ladies how awful my righty has become - even thought this has started out much better in the healing process. I am watching it closely and following doctor's instructions (2x7km recreational biking would still be classified as "not much" right?) and not putting anything aside from gauze pads on it. Lefty is shaping up better - for now at least, it also has some fat discharge but about half the amount coming from righty. And even righty is not oozing a lot - about 1 or 2 big drops every 4 to 5hours. I know it looks scary but I trust my doc when he says he is very happy with the healing..he kinda knows :)
I promise to come back later on the week with a new photo - just to see the progress, or decline whichever it will be.

"Everybody say that time is borrowed
And hanging down your head just ain't no good
And if you dare to rise above tomorrow
Just give yourself a chance, fight the circumstance
Rise and do it again"


First of all - a HUGE SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU TO THE AMAZING MEMBERS OF THIS COMMUNITY. You are all very special and should be very proud of yourself and I am very humbled that I managed to find you and you are with me and keeping my faith throughout this journey. THANK YOU!

Unfortunately, I had a set-back today. My Righty -which I was so happy with before- took a turn for the worse and my wound separation became bigger -much bigger- than it was on Monday and it did look horrid. I took a photo but wouldn't want to post it here as it is truly horrid. My surgeon is on holiday this week, and I was hopeful last Thursday that I wouldnt have to go back to see him this week. There is an other doc at this practice so he is the stand-in and he is also very experienced (has 15years of experience) so I know I am in safe hands. So went to see doc whilst trying really hard not to let despair overcome me and break down in tears in front of him. He was amazing and thank Lord he didn't say "This looks beautiful, Nature will sort it out" but still reassured me that the situation is far from being tragic.

It is not nice either - he practically had an unobscured view to the tissue inside my breasts (yupp....proper hole) so could conclude there is no infection going on inside or around the wound. He said what was happening is tissue trying to come out and it is widenig the opening plus it is dried out. He told me to apply Solugel 1x a day - to put it across the wound - I have not clue how will I do it but gotta try - then put loads of gauze on it then don't change it for half a day. Then put just the gauze on it.
So this is a change. Before this drama situation I was told to apply nothing but gauze and keep changing it frequently (I changed 3 or 4times a day), now I can actually put something on it. Seems like mother nature does need some help in the end.

So that is where I am right now - seems like a setback - but again I had almost 3kgs removed from right and 2.1kgs from lefty those are shocking numbers. Even this doc exclaimed with a "oh Dear God" when he got to reading the figures in my file...He reassured me that I have done nothing wrong, this complication is anticipated in my case and that it will heal. However it does mean I cannot do any exercise right now - and swimming is again postponed by an other 4weeks at least.
My righty started to hurt a tiny is tender and I have also experienced some pain strikes whilst sitting on the train - guess it doesnt like the train whilst being soaked with propylen glycol and sodium chloride...It was uncomfortable - at one point I had to reach to my boob in the public to gentle massage it whilst the pain strike gone away...Oh well what do I care - I am healing beautiful boobies..:)

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post op.....

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post op...YUPPPPPIIIIEEEEEEEE -my small boobs are 1 month old! YUPPIIIIIIEEEE! I am very happy with the size and shape and form and I would do the surgery again anytime. I am so sad I haven't done this before - those years I have lost I can never get back :( I am convienced my surgeon performed almost a miracle by taking off a tiny bit short of 5kgs (10lbs) from my chest and it has already made a HUUUUUUGGGEEE improvement to my life! I am free again! I cannot wait to be able to do all the things I have listed on my list of "To do Post Op :)"

and whilst I know that the road is rocky I have to admit I am feeling down a little bit from time-to-time. For about 10mins every morning when I have to look after my wound. All you ladies are healing amazingly and here I am trying to get back on the road after my wound has come apart on righty. Doc is saying it is nothing to worry about and it will heal, yet that 10mins every morning when I have to apply the gel he gave is is gross and scary and yukkkk....Yet - NOT A MINUTE it crosses my mind to wish not having it done..NO WAY! I know it will not heal without a leaving a substantial scar but stil don't care about that..I just wish I could fast forward the time to when it is closed up - about an other 4 weeks he is saying- and I can start going for a my BRAND NEW swimwear.. with no shoulder ot neck straps!!!!! :))))))))))))))))) Something to look forward to

1 month 1 month 1 month...Posted a scary photo...I...

1 month 1 month 1 month...Posted a scary photo...I know it looks scary yet I dont mind. I am happy that I got a reduction done and I leave it up to the doc to fix that wound opening on my righty. Cannot wait for that to heal quickly so I can start enjoying summer!

Week5 update - well not much cos not much has...

Week5 update - well not much cos not much has changed. My righty still looks the same as last week - absolutely no change there and my lefty looks the same too :) The only change is that now nipple stiches have healed completely and I think they look marvelous! I never liked my nipples (nor my breasts so really it makes no such difference to make this statement:) ) as I used to think they look like a "half dried out swamp" with wrinkles I have never seen anywhere else in my whole life...Now that all is smalle my nipples look beautiful :) nice smooth to the touch and the stiches around them are is just a thin line in a circle I reckon it will look really nice in a year's time - noone will be able to tell on them it is not by nature :)

For my wound opening I am still using Solugel -even thought I dont think it is doing much - but doc said yesterday to carry on with I am starting on my second tube of that. It is weird how I don't feel the opening at is not causing me any issue aside from looking scary and that it stops me from going for a swim. It doesnt hurt it doesnt bleed it hasnt got a lot of discharge but there is some. I asked the doc to stich it up -even I can see that it is too wide to close up on its own- and he agreed to do so in about a month's time. He wants to have a look it again next week - I will be 6week post op and have been back to the doc EVERY WEEK, two times twice a week - lot of follow up- and make a decision on when to stich it up then. I agree with his plan to give nature as much time as possible to get things in order and help out once the wound has matured enough to take the stress of stiching up. That means I am not likely to be allowed to swim in October :( Bit of a let down cos it is already getting really hot in SYD -was 30C today- and gosh this post-op bra is too much to wear in hot weather..I know it is a good thing but it is too high cut under my armpit so you can imagine...I am glad I stocked up on 3pairs of this so I don't have to worry about changing but gosh I just wish I could start wearing normal Tshirt bras again...
Which talking of bras - looookie at the photo :) I bought that for 17AUD at TARGET!!!! ME! Who about 1.5months ago had to custom order my bras from overseas for 30-40GBP a pair and bought my first ever bra under 30AUD just a fortnight ago...170AUD!!!! O M G.

Other good news is that doc allowed me to exercise again with some minor restrictions. I am still not allowed to jump and run and dance but I am allowed to do Pilates, Core and my fav class at the gym BodyVive. I can finally go back and do pushups without having 6kgs extra on my chest!!!Yupppie! And - I got full green light for the pushbike!!!!yeahahahahahahahah! Hopefully soon I will be allowed to go back to my old passion of rowing and kayak just whilst I am not allowed to swim :)

Other good news is - and I am guessing it aint big for anyone else just for me- I am very happy and proud that 5weeks after the surgery I have managed to keep my weight stable. The kgs the surgeon freed me of have not crept back, I am the same weight today I was as right after the surgery...This means that now with the exercise starting again and my breast not hindering me again I will be able to loose some weight gradually slowly as it should be. Before I gain them again cos I want a baby in 2years :)

So overall,whilst I am having speedbumps on the road -the righty does bring me down for a few minutes every day I must admit- I am very happy with where I am and where things are heading to. A healthy new life! What more can I wish for?

Week6 update An other week an other post op visit...

Week6 update
An other week an other post op visit at my doc. I have to say I admire his patience - seeing me every week after surgery and does all this for free - the fee I paid includes unlimited nr of follow up visits which is a HUGE benefit in my case.
OK so what has changed? Well, doc allowed me to go back to gym end of last week and he didn't have to tell me twice :) I have started back in my gym on Monday with a 3 session a week schedule (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) - on a very very moderate level. I am very careful with what I do and take all the options in the group classes (using a lighter strech band, not doing any jumping, running, not doing side planks or anything that might be too much for my breast or my incisions). My trainers are very supportive and as I have discussed my decision to have the surgery with them before - they are very much aware that I am on a road of recovery. Gently they are referring to me as "injured" when they have to in front of the class - LOL - I have never felt more fitter and energised in my life before. I had a couple of ladies from my class walking up to me and asking me questions - of course they noticed a HUGE change in the way a look ! :) No more huge amount of breast tissue jumping up and down on my chest whilst exercising. I actually cried when I first saw my reflection in the mirror - never seen myself like this in the gym before. Gone are my old and worn and streched out grey and blue and black T-shirts I used to exercise in (Plus 1 bra and 1 tank top underneath) - hello nice colourful SPORTS TOPS showing my muscular arm and shoulders! I can pretty much do everything I used to do - with reduced intensity of course- but I still work up a sweat so it is all worth it. The only thing that was giving me some trouble at the start of the week was my right arm. My incisions on my right are extensive - streching almost to my back and those started hurting Sunday night. I am cluless why but they did hurt - I had to pad my bra with tissues. They continued to cause me discomfort Monday and Tuesday and I also noticed that I had reduced mobility in my right arm. I couldn't elevate it beyond my shoulder line..But I listened to my trainers and they gave me a simple exercise to do at home ("itsy bitsy spider climbing up the wall") and it did help - come Friday I felt things are 90%back to normal on that front. I told my doc about it and he recommended carrying on with the exercise given the still wouldnt allow me to swim - that would sort it out immediately :)

Breast wise...I am on a rocky road. No drama but it is clear my recovery will take at least 4 weeks extra. It is now 6 weeks and I should be all healed but there is still a road to travel. The wound opening on my righty has reduced a tiny bit (yupppieee) and it is on longer drying out but there is still work to do. The fat necrosis there is supposed to ooze and it just would not. So doc took slabs of the died fat tissue off on Friday - it was 2 min thing and I felt absolutely nothing at all. I wouldn't have mind if it hurt either. My lefty also had a tiny opening but doc says nothing to worry about. It is not a co incidence that lefty is playing up right a day before my period! My extreme breasts were attributed to a hormone imbalance I had - come my period there is a war in my body...So righty is taking baby steps to help, lefty is going okay- overall I am getting there. I am still between C and D however I am finding that I am more a D than a C (D just feels more comfy than C) so I am treating myself as a D for now.
Treatment wise I am told to carry on with the Solugel and gauze pads treatment and my next catch up will be end of October - 2weeks from now on, 8 weeks post op. At that consult me and doc will decide when to stich up righty.

I uploaded a photo and I know it looks scary. Yet I have to tell you ladies, despite the complication I had not for a second regretted getting the surgery done. Not even once it crossed my mind that if I had had an FNG I would have avoided this rocky road- yes I could have but FNG would have given me no chance to breastfeed or to have any sensation on my nipple...whilst my 6week photo is aint perfect this is only temporary..FNG is permament..And luckily as I said the complication is not hindering me in enjoying my new life! I am able to exercise, able to hang out with my friends, able to ride a bicycle again after 7years and soon I will be allowed to take to the water and the sky :)

You lovely ladies, there will be no week7 update as I will be travelling on business (1st flight post op and that is all the way to the East Coast of the US - "just 20hrs" of flying - but I will post about week8 as soon as I am back in the spring summer of SYD

Happy healing to those are post op and good luck to those who are pre-op

Week 7 - Travelling intercontinental after BR......

Week 7 - Travelling intercontinental after BR... Well this day had to come. I have been staying in SYD for 6weeks, which is unusual for me, when the day has come to do an international flight. From Sydney to the East Coast of the US - 3 stops and approx 20hr flying. Of course I got doc's approval and have put together a travel medical kit following tips received from him. My kit had: Solugel, gauze pads (more than needed but didnt want to run out) tape, mini 50grm Vazelin gel, Aloe Vera gel. Now, I don't know about other ladies taking a 15hr non stop flight 6.5weeks after surgery I did, and whilst I am a very frequent flyer I must confess whilst the aircraft and the crew was amazing and looked after me very well, the flight itself was uncomfortable. Right at take off my righty started to hurt -not a lot but enough for me to notice and be able to numb the discomfort by putting a pillow over my breast. Every hump, every tiny bump - we had "moderate" turbulance" I felt but used my pillow to manage the discomfort. I was wearing the post-surgery crop top my doc gave me and gotta say by the time I got to LAX I hated that bra! I was only wearing a light t-shirt and it is usually quite cold on the aircrafts yet I was sweating like a horse! I did change my dressings mid flight and changed my t-Shirt and had a spare bra to change into but didnt want to only during the 1st flight. I had 2 more to do! Come LAX, lining up for security, feeling tired, exhausted despite sleeping through 70% of the flight from SYD I just wanted to get to the lounge and take a shower. Carrying a backpack with my laptop and a daypack loaded with my stuff for the 2 day journey. I got to the security conveyor belt and pulled my laptop out of my backpack when sudden pain stroke me. I almost dropped my laptop and had to grab under my right breast so obviously the TSA agent stiches hurt like they were being pulled out.I was in the most pain since my surgery...awful..I explained the TSA agent what is going on and he asked me to show how much I can raise my arms above my head -for the body scanner. I couldn't..So they let me go through the old style scanner instead - I am very thankful for that. Cleared security, got to the lounge and took a shower. Inspected my wounds - and immediately knew what happened. The crop top! It was soaked with sweat - because the top closes right under my armpit!- and the bottom has a little spikey pattern which cut into my inchisions which were already suffering because of the sweat..So I changed to the new bra and padded my incisions so that they dont come into much contact with the material of the bra. Got on my flight from LAX only to learn that my 3rd flight is not running today and I had to spend a night in a hotel and carry on next day.

Goodies from the US :) I checked out the pharmacy...

Goodies from the US :)
I checked out the pharmacy CVS when I realized that my 2nd tube of Solugel has a faulty cap and will never open. I went in there hoping to find a creme similar to Solugel but because I had no clue of the brand names it was hard. But I did come across of 2 great products. 1 is a CVS' own branded gauze pads - doesnt sound much I know but those are very different to the ones sold in AUS. The AUS ones are very light with a lot of of "space" in it - you can see through it. I used to use 3 pads in one go and still there would be drops slipping through the cracks. The one by CVS is like a barrier - I cannot see through it, it is 12ply a piece yet still very airy and very very comfy. I stocked up of those (3 or 4 boxes - i emptied their stock... The 2nd product I came across and really liked was a home brand scar treatment. It is is sold as "c section silicone strips" but they are just the perfect length and design for my very long scars. I bought a pack and tried it for 2 days and I was so impressed by how comfy it was - it also made my left incision look better after a night that I went back to the store....and cleared the stock :) They were 3rd the price of any scar treatment sold in Australia. I have used 1 strip on my left and 1 on my right during my return flight and my flight experience was a lot better.

I also went clothes shopping - I always do when in the US. This time around there was a legitimite need for it - 70% of my tops I couldnt wear anymore as they were too big - needed clothes a lot. I bought a lot of tops and T-shirts and also came across a very comfy bra design. I am sure the brand name means more to you than for me, I never heard of them. Warner's ..They have this new bra sizing approach of not using band and cup sizes just band sizes for bras without underwire. That is what I wanted..nice comfy bras without underwire. I came across these Warners ones in Sears (I knooooooow the reputation of this store in the US but I had to check out each and every chain) and because my band size is still 40-42inch I picked up an XL one..and I fell in love with it.! Sooooooo comfy, so light and the cup looks to be more a C than a D..sooooooo comfy I wore the same pair for my flight home - no issues whatsoever! I am very happy with this brand and style now - stocked up and bought 4 of these bras :)
Clothes wise I was over the moon. I am no longer in the PLUS sized department - all of the clothes there were tooooooo big but in the normal department, yep in some stores only the XL fits but that is again more because of my build is strong and muscular anyway..Very happy with my "haul" from the US ...will do shopping there again! :)

Week8 summay. OK week8 has arrived - my SMALL...

Week8 summay. OK week8 has arrived - my SMALL boobs (I call them boobs now -not breasts like before) are 2 months old...yupppiiie! most of you are done with the recovery by 8weeks I am 80% through - yet I don't dispair. I am still very happy with the results and still think that my surgeon has performed nothing short of a miracle when reducing my HUUUUUGE breasts to a petite one. Okay it aint petite but it feels to me like that so I am happy. In fact I am STILL inbetween sizes - C or D it hugely depends on the bra design. OK, let's get down to the facts. Righty had quite an opening -about 5cms wide and 6cms tall, I was using a 3x3 inch gauze pad to cover up. Now, the opening has reduced to about half of its original size (yuppieee) and doc said I have turned the corner, the wound now looks clean it is free of any dead fat tissue (cos those amazing pads from CVS drain the yukkie stuff away) so it will continue to shrink faster. He topped off by saying he will not even sitch it up...whooooaaaaa:) Righty is still giving me a bit of grief when exercising - I still cannot lift my arm that well on my right as on the left but I keep working on it and hoping once all is healed that discomfort will also go away. On my left the slabs have either fallen off (the blue-dark lines that were around my nipple and all along my scars) or doc has taken them off - the took the last piece off on Monday. The new skin is not there yet but it is nothing major and as the reast has healed I am comfortable that will heal too. I also have a tiny opening at the bottom of the T on my left but it is so small not even worth a mention.

Sports wise? i am back at the gym and loving it. I am still scared to run or jog -it is something I have to learn doing again anyway, but I am continuing with cycling - loving it loving it- and just got the green light to go swimming this week! whoaaaaaa I cannot wait for my swimming test - gotta test how is my bouyancy now, how is my breast stroke and freestyle :))) and then I have to get back into distance swimming training as the ocean swimming season already started Down Under!

p.s. Oh remember my list of things I will not miss by having smaller boobs? One of the items was having the tray table poking into my breasts on an aircraft...Tararraaaaam I am happy to inform all interested parties that my new boobs are coming nowhere near to the tray table on the aircraft! My seats are suddenly "spacious" I dont have my breasts getting in the way when I want to doze on my side- noone is looking at my as if I were a freak when laying down -thinking she must be suffocated under those breasts..AND for the first time EVER - I could sleep on my side across 2 seats on an aircraft...before I could not cos my breast took up the seat space! ALL GOOD!

Yuppppiiieee - 1st time back in the pool :))) All...

yuppppiiieee - 1st time back in the pool :))) All is good provided I dont go mental and do slow down to listen to my body's feedback - such as the discomfort in my right shoulder...yep that thing is still there and definately will need a chiro to check it out. As a result my right stroke is pretty bad, but left is the same as pre op - actually better! I no longer have my big breast bouncing up and down when I swim so you can all imagine how seamless my swimming is now! It is amazing! :) I cover about 20%more distance by one stroke than before...Breast wise? I did make sure I wear a swimsuit with padded built in bra just for comfort where my opening is and took a shower and applied the gel and gauze pad as soon as I was done swimming.- so all is fine....happy days :)

Oh do I say this....I love...

Oh do I say this....I love exercising, it is vital for my mental health (I would go craaaaazzzzy if I couldn't do any sports) and for my well being. I am convienced that the only reason I have not had major back and neck issues with the huge breasts I used to carry around - more than 6kgs of wait on my chest- is because I have never given up on exercise...Yes it was hard and it looked hillarous but I didnt care - I did as much as I could. It paid off - I only had minor neck pain. Now post-op when I finally got the full green light to widen the range of sports activities I am doing - like going back to my good old days of rowing and kayak- I am getting a stop sign again :( No, not because of my BR - well not directly because of it - more inderectly. I was complaining of discomfort and some pain in my right side - the incident at LAX was just the "icing on the cake" - I pulled muscles in the top half of my back and in my shoulder. I went to gym Monday, Tuesday as usual but by the end of my class on Tuesday I looked like a pookie machine - went to see chiro the next day who didnt take too much time to diagnose me with shoulder bursitis and a rotator cuff outer muscle strain. The fact that my incision on my right is extensive and fairly tight and raised is aint helping either. Plus the fact that my posture has changed "suddenly" and now my body has to respond to the fact that I have less weight on my front ended up with my shoulder tendon alignment having to change. Chaning something after 20something years is aint easy..or pain free. So now I am banned from any exercise that involves either lifting my right arm or lifting weight with my right arm or twisting my right arm or just doing anything with my right that is swimming, kayak and rowing off the list. immediately. I am even told to stop using my right arm as much as a can -whooaaaa like not working ? I bet I dont get sick leave because I cannot move the computer mouse - not to carry anything or lift anything ...which is a bit of a challenge cos I do most things with my right arm....I am however following the instructions the best I can, otherwise I end up in shoulder sling or worse...Damn, why being inactive is sooooo hard for me to bear....

:) :) :) Signed, sealed, delivered :) Done...

:) :) :) Signed, sealed, delivered :) Done :))))))) Yupppieeeeeee!
So this is what happened. I had to travel on business -again- to the cold of the Northern Hemisphere and whilst being very busy one morning I noticed that my wound is undergoing a transformation. It 99% closed and healed with beautiful new pink skin - on it is on! No creams, no strips, nothing special - just on its own! Wow Mother Nature does indeed makes it is a scar and it could be much prettier but I still honestly don't care about the scars...I have small breasts...small breasts...small breasts...yuppppiiiiiieeee

My shoulder/arm injuiry (which is a complication from the process due to me being "too active"whatever they mean by that) is still bothering me a bit - I still cannot swim be frank I can barely manage a few decent faststrokes with my I swim with my left only...cos one has gotta alternative..I have a 2km ocean swim to do in January :) cannot wait :)
Summer is here- my bike is coming out of the shed, my cozies (swimming suit in Ozzie language) is already in use, time to get out the sunscreen and hit the beach! I have NORMAL breasts now - I can spend a day on the beach without attracting the looks...YUPPPPPIIIIEEEEEE..NEW LIFE..NEW LIFE....let's start now! :)

Quick update - Well, ladies not much development...

Quick update - Well, ladies not much development to report. I am doing absolutely FINE! Loving my new life, Loving going to the beach, having a swim and then sunbathing ! Yep - sunbathing - something I have never done before because I was trying to hide, cover up as soon as I got out of the safety of the water. So I am sunbathing - which I have to be really mindful of that I am in SYD - sun is a killer here and one really doesn't want to end up with skin cancer....

Breast wise - all closed up, all healed, done :) I am still sized inbetween C and D - I find that from nonwired bras I am C, for wired ones I am D. that is because my lefty is bigger..I think my righty is C and lefty is Cand a half therefore D fits better from the ones with an underwire. Not that I am wearing much of those ! :) on my active days I wear sporty top (no cups, no wire, just a sport crop top with amazing hold), for office etc I wear one of the bras I picked up in the US (Bali 42C 3463) and I absolutely looooovvvvvveeee soft so light...yet with a nice-adequate support. For exercise I wear the crop top (I bought 3 of the same - old habbits of "stocking up on bras" die hard)

I am enjoying being able to do more sports! I started running and even thought I can still only do 1 km without stopping I know I will improve with practice. Running is still hard - I have to watch my posture and practically learn to do it all over - no wonder after all the years..I also bike a lot - at least 2x20kms a week. Loving every minute of it ..SYD city is generous to its residents - visitors - with nice, comfortable cycling routes: fresh air, cardio and always something to see and explore. Even the magpies cannot deter me. :)
Swimming- wise? I am still being very cautious because of my shoulder problem ( cycling seems to exaggarate the pain so I am having my bike adjusted soon) but I am stil doing 2x1km (nonstop laps) a week. and I love my improved bouyancy :) My fast stroke is much leaner than it was prior to the surgery, my breast stoke is stronger and my backstroke is a beaut to watch! So I am told :)And to show I am not "mocking" around with sports - I decided to participate in a triathlon in 2013! I will have to work on my running - the other 2 I have in the bag :)

Photos? I will bring some more - when not forgetting to take some- however Doc still has not done his "reference" post op photo..I am puzzled at why not, but he says he wants to wait a bit more until the breasts "find their place" sag???? I don't get why but hey he is the least one knows he is not fooling everyone with post op photos 1 month after surgery but 6months :) My next appointment is in March - of course if anything happens - unlikely - I can still see him..

The only thing I find hard is..and please don't laugh - sleeping without a bra... I never wore a bra to sleep before (I was so glad to be out of my bras by bedtime) and when I was told that I would have to wear a bra to sleep for at least 6weeks post op I first thought "where on Earth I am going to find a bra to fit me for sleeping comfortably" of course I found one- doc gave me what I should by and of course it worked. Now I find myself scared of going to sleep without a bra on..I fear I might crush my beautiful titties whilst sleeping and turning around - which is a stupid thought as they are small they are not going to crush under me..but I still cannot let go of the sleeping bras :( may be in 2013...

Everything else is just fine - happy to have it done - best decision on my life so far!

Last update because there is nothing new to...

Last update

because there is nothing new to report about.:) I am very happy with the results of my surgery - I got a new life.

I stand tall and walk with head up rather than ashamed of my huge front as I used to before.
People look into my eyes - not at my chest - there is nothing extremely interesting to see there :)
I buy normal clothes.
I dont worry that I cannot find a sports bra - I might still have chose XL but I fit in one
I can clip a bra together on my front - could never do that before.
I can do whatever sports takes my fancy - triathlon, kung fu, cycling, rowing, weightlifting just to name a few I tried out, picked up in the last couple of months :)
I have titties now - not breasts.
I am still inbetween C and D still - which look good in an underwire bra but I dont need a padded push up bra.
I am steadily losing weight due to the variety of exercises I am now capable of doing -it is all good.

Whilst my surgery results dont look perfect - my lefty is noticeably bigger than righty and I am starting to get the so-called dog-ears on my left and my scars would need to be revised (they dont look pretty but nothing a beautiful sexy lacey bra cannot compensate for) I dont worry about the looks of things - I am still planning to be around for 50or so years - my body will change
What matters is that all is healthy
Having BR was the best thing I have EVER done for myself!

So this is good bye
I sincerely hope that one day BR will become more accissible for ladies in Australia and the rest of the world.
I sincerely hope that all of you out there who are going through the agonies of deciding, do find the best surgeron for your case and have such an amazing life-changing outcome as I did.

And for those of you who were with me throughout this journey - I cannot thank you enough. This community is the best support community on this road.

Wishing you all the best for your future

1 year on

Just a short update - 1 year on :)
I am extremely happy with my BR and the new chapter it has opened up in my life.
My social anxiety is gone, I am out socializing with my friends. My fitness level is at an all-time-high, I feel every bit the person I should have felt 10years ago :) I work out 4-5times a week - and I dont have to worry about people looking at me...I look healthy and fit. I cycle every weekend (did a 40km ride one sunny Saturday afternoon!), getting ready for my 3rd triatlon at the end of the month - all this made possible by the fact that I have decided and went through with a Breast reduction surgery. And whilst my chest is not perfect (my righty has shrunk and lefty has grown a bit in 12months - go figure) I couldn't be happier.
Wishing all of you the same success and happiness in your life
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Same as in my part 1. My surgeon is one of the most experienced plastic surgeon in Sydney and I am very grateful for his experience and professionalism. He is always very accommodating and does fulfill his promise of seeing me the same day I call him with a concern (in my first 2.5 weeks Post Op he has seen me 5times!) despite running a very busy practice in South of Sydney. He is very polite and whilst would not sing you a lullaby before op, he does open up and communicates less reserved later on. I am very happy that he is my surgeon and would select him again and again and again and again - I recommended him to my Mum!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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