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I am glad that I have found these reviews on...

I am glad that I have found these reviews on RealSelf - it has helped me understand some of what I will be able to expect after my surgery. A bit about myself - I am 44, mother of one Son who is 24. I have had large breasts for the majority of my life - starting at a 34D when I was 18 and then heading up to a DD after breastfeeding at 20. Never went back to a D after breastfeeding and then after gaining 20kilos my breasts went up to a 38E. I lost some weight but never in the boobs - down 15kilos but breasts are now 37FF - very frustrating!
Over the last 3-4 years I have started to suffer chronic back and neck pain - so hence my decision to have a breast reduction. Ultimately I would like to go down to a C but my PS says that a D would be best - so I figure he knows his job, and we will go with the D.
Pre-Op appointment this Friday and my very supportive Husband is coming with me - hope he gets all his questions answered. Will let you know how we go - count down is on and getting very excited now :)

Pre-Op Done - Happier

Went to see PS on Friday with Husband and we are both happy with what he is planning to do with my breasts. Might be taking up to 600grams from each which will bring me down to a C-D cup and lift the girls up about 6cm - so I am Little Mrs Happy and Husband will have a new playground to explore :) :) LOL. Have to start a list of things to take to hospital and things to have ready at home - only 15 sleeps to go Yeeha :)

15 Hours to D-Day

Well here I am in my last hours as a FF busty babe and sooooo looking forward to my new D cup hopefully C tomorrow.
Not sure if I am totally organised but will have a couple of hours in the morning to get my last minute organizing done. Up at 6am for a light breakfast and then fasting from 7am - check in to hospital at 11am and surgery booked for 1.30pm.
Not nervous (think Husband is though) just extremely excited :)
Will update with photos and progress as I go.

Booked In

All ready to go - only hour half to wait :-) . Husband took some photos last might for me so here they are. Back later :-)

6 Days of New Little Boobies

Well I am the happiest woman (only other times I have been happier was the birth of my son and the day I married my wonderful Husband). I am still sore and the bruising is starting to turn yellow. Had my fixomil bandages changed yesterday with the nurse and she was happy with my progress, my wounds are healing and touch wood so far so good with no infections.
Go back next week and will see my PS and change bandages again, hope he will be as happy as I am with the results. Will be able to find out exactly how much he has taken from each breast - my right breast was slightly bigger than my left (and much more bruised) but they look the same now - small and perky :)
The pain in my neck area has settled down and it will be interesting to see if this is due to the reduction or the amount of drugs that I have been taking!!!! I hate sneezing as this hurts some what, but managing with the pain and just sitting back relaxing and doing nothing, this is the plan for the next to weeks :) Best way to recovery fully I think.
Did try to post some photos but it didn't work - so will try again soon.
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