Breast Reduction Booked in for 17th of May! - Australia, AU

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Hi Everyone - It's great to have such an amazing...

Hi Everyone - It's great to have such an amazing community on here! I have learnt so much about the BR procedure; things the surgeon doesn't tell you, so thank you all :)

My name is Cat and I am 24 years old. I am 5'5 and will be reducing and lifting a size 36GG next week!! So most posts I have read here are starting at the size I will be reducing TO! I am a little scared as it is a massive change. I asked my surgeon to go as small as possible and he said I would probably not be able to go any smaller than DD because of my shape. But to me, that is small :)

There are quite a few reasons I am getting this done of course but the main ones are;
- My back, neck and shoulders
- Being able to buy bra's for a fraction of the price and not having to travel an hour to a specialty shop with every bra costing over $80!
- My self confidence
- Getting back into sport and dancing

I am slightly overweight so I am hoping that I will be able to run without these boobs and get back into shape! Any support from you guys will be greatly appreciated!

I guess my main worry is if they will sag if I lose a bit of weight after the surgery.. Did this happen to anyone?

It's done!!!

So I just had my breast reduction surgery done on Friday. I am 2 days post op but at home and comfy. My surgery was over 5 hours and I had a very bad reaction to the anaesthetic but other than that, I am going well! My surgeon took a kilo off each breast and I'm feeling the difference already!!
I get my drains out tomorrow so can't wait for that!!

Will post pictures as soon as I muster the energy to stand!!
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