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Well like many other women on here, I have been...

Well like many other women on here, I have been looking for weeks, and decided to write my experience with BA. Well, I have been thinking about having a BA for 20 years. I have spent my whole adult life feeling like a teenage boy, Ive never felt like a woman, and never a sexy one at that! My small boobs have always bothered me. Over the years I have thought 'ok Im doing it!' only to think, no its too expensive, I should be lucky with what I have, it could be worse, I should just be lucky to have a good job, roof over my head, plenty to eat.. I thought when I get married Ill be happy and I won't need this... Im now married to a wonderful supportive amazing man .. but the feeling of wanting bigger boobs always comes back. Its like a wave that constantly comes and goes, but it always comes back. SO! I talked to my husband about it and he originally said no, don't do it. But he knows how much I really want this and eventually said, "you know what, you only live once and I want you to be happy, and feel like the sexy woman that you are" ... So I did some research, well LOTS of research and had 2 consultations. I am from Sydney, Australia. And I have decided on Dr Mayson at Breast Excellence in Sydney. I am getting (after much thought) 350cc teardrop Furry Brazilians. I decided on these as they don't rotate, but I am worried as I have read that they are firmer and don't drop like other implants..? Does anyone know of Dr Mayson and have any thoughts on the Furry Brazilians? I am also very thin and worried that 350cc is too big for my small frame. I paid my $2000 AUD deposit today and I am excited, but also soooooo worried I have made a bad decision going with the furrys. So about my stats: 170cm (5.5 feet) 50kg (110 pounds) Current breast size full A cup hoping to be a C cup Ill add some photos next post :)

before photos

ok, I have finally worked up the courage to add my flat chest photos. I have been feeling very nervous since I paid my deposit. I want this so much, but at the same time feeling guilty about spending the money, and worried about what people are going to say. I have never cared what people think of me before, I don't know why I am now!

6 weeks to go

well I am just over 6 weeks to surgery.. so excited and of course still nervous. I have added the photo of the 350cc sizers I tried on in my PS office. I got my pre op package in the mail yesterday. I am worried he has given me very mild pain killers, I have a codeine allergy, so I guess he is kind of limited in what he can give me. I am really worried about having to sleep on my back for so long, I already have back pain from an old injury, .. the back pain worries me more than the BA pain! .. Anyway, can't imagine what its going to feel like to look down and see breasts!! :)

Goodbye small boobs

Well tomorrow is the day! Im extremely nervous and anxious, as well as excited. I am first on the list, so I have to be at the hospital at 7am, which means leaving home at 4.30am. Im glad about this as I won't have to sit around all day worrying. My husband is driving me. The photo is of the only bra I own with almost no padding. I can't believe after today I will be throwing all my massively padded bras to the opportunity shop! :)
My bag is packed, I have dinner made for tomorrow night, the house is clean, I have a basket next to my bed with all the essentials in it... 15 hours to go...

The road to recovery..

Well Im now day 2 post op! :) The first day was painful, very painful. Ill do a quick run through of the day. The hospital staff were excellent, the nurses were very caring and attentive. Dr Mayson was wonderful. I was first on the operating list, so I was on the table at 7:50 in the morning. I woke up in a bit of pain, about a 3 out of 10, and like everyone else, lots of pressure and tightness on my chest. I was out of hospital by 2pm. My husband drove home, which is 2 hours away, unfortunately the anaesthetic had worn off and I was awake the whole trip, but it wasn't too bad. Got home and took some pain killers. Im allergic to codeine so the pain killers I have are only mild ones, and maybe thats why Im in so much pain. Lots of swelling too. I didn't look at them at all yesterday, I was just in too much pain. My husband had to even pull my pants down for me to go to the toilet! Getting out of bed is the worst part by far. I always wondered what all the other girls were talking about with "morning boob" today I found out!! Today I can use my arms more than I could yesterday, my left side is heaps more painful than the right. And as you can see in the photo I have mono boob, really hope this resolves!! and torpedo boobs :) Cant wait for the swelling to go down .. they look huge!! I also have no feeling in the skin or nipples yet, its weird being numb and yet painful at the same time. Lots of relaxing on the couch for me. Also I am not aloud to shower for 10 days until I have my stitches out,... lucky its winter!

emotional rollercoaster

Day 5 post op today. I must say this week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Some days I have woken up thinking ... OMG what have I done to myself, and other days thinking .. Just hang in there things will get better. My right side is good, almost no pain at all, but the left is awful. I thought I had prepared myself well. I am usually such an active person, and being stuck at home and not being able to do much is getting the better of me. I have shocking morning boob! And sleeping on my back is bad, massive back pain. I can't say Im in love with them yet which is the hardest part. I have an enormous amount of swelling, and looking at other peoples photos, it doesn't seem like other peoples swelling is as bad as mine. They are also still rock hard. I will take some photos and update on Monday which will be one week, hopefully some of the swelling would have gone by then... on the plus side I am getting a lot of feeling back in my skin.. and...... I'm no longer flat chested hahahhhaha :)

1 Week post op

Well its been one week today, YAY! They are looking a lot less swollen, and hopefully some more swelling to go yet. Still have pain in my left side, especially under my arm pit and side of my breast. But the right side is almost feeling normal. Sleeping is horrible, I dread going to bed at night, I need to sleep semi sitting up in bed or the pain is unbearable. Im slowly liking them more each day. This Thursday I get my stitches out and will FINALLY be able to shower after 10 days, really looking forward to this :) They still feel a bit big. My posture is suffering as I feel the skin is so tight on my chest it is kind of pulling my shoulders and neck forward. Did anyone else have this feeling?? Still haven't driven yet, but I am suppose to be meeting some girlfriends for lunch tomorrow and not sure how I will go, if its too dangerous I won't drive... The girls are still really hard, but Im told that these implants can take up to 6-12 months to totally soften up... a long road ahead!

2 weeks post op

2 weeks today! Starting to feel a lot better! Amazing what a week can do. I am starting to feel like my old self again. I have almost no pain now, I still feel really tight and restrictive in my chest and have some discomfort, but heaps better. I can do more with my arms, I am still not lifting anything heavy and haven't returned to exercise yet. I am still sleeping upright in bed with mountains of pillows, I find laying down really painful still. My back is painful at night as I have always been side sleeper, but that will get better in time when I can lay down comfortably. I only take Panadol (Tylenol) at night now, and thats more for my back pain.
I must say I am liking them more and more each day, still not in love but I know that will come :) My husband asked me if I would do it again and if it has been worth it, and the answer is YES! 100%! :) I had a dream last night that they were gone and I was back to being flat chested, I woke up sweating and had to check they were still there heheheheh :) Its funny it has only just dawned on me that they are here to stay, I have breasts!!! WWHHHOOOOOOO :) For the first time in my life I feel like a woman. They are still quite hard, but Im sure when they soften up a bit more, and I can start wearing nice bras I will start to feel like a sexy woman too. I went to buy a new wireless bra to sleep in earlier this week, and at the checkout for the first time I didn't feel embarrassed and try to hide my A cup bra, I held onto that D cup bra with pride :) A week of firsts for me it seems. I still have a bit of swelling, and I think at the end of all this I might end up a C cup, which is what I was aiming for... Ill have to wait for that 3 month mark to find out. I haven't added any photos this week as they pretty much look exactly as they did last week.
Thank you to all the wonderful women who have given me words of wisdom and encouragement, especially Tangerine, your all wonderful xxx

Rice sizer comparison

Just a quick update. I have seen others do a comparison of the rice sizers and after surgery photos which have been helpful, so here is mine. I go back to work on Monday, I am a bit nervous since I have such a physical job. I don't think anyone will notice because my uniform is quite loose.. but maybe Im in denial!
Feeling good though :) I am so happy and thrilled I had this done, no regrets !

1 month post op

1 month and 4 days!! Wow what a month. Ups and downs, but I think the downs have passed and only more ups from here :) I think they are looking better and more natural over the last week. They are still quite firm, but as I said these implants are known to take at least 6 months before they soften, so I am trying REALLY hard to be patient and love them as they are, and as they progress. They are definitely softer than they were 2 weeks ago, so its just slow going.
I still have some mild pain in my left breast (this one was always the worst one), on the side and under my arm pit, and can't lift my arm up straight above my head yet, and I am guessing this may be because they are still quite firm and I went under the muscle, so maybe the muscle is still relaxing. I don't know anyone who has had these implants so its hard to compare. Anyway, I only ever take the occasional panadol (Tylenol) before bed after work if I need to.
Returning to work has been ok, I have a very physical job and was so worried I would hurt myself. But I told my work colleagues I hurt my back (which is half true because I do have back pain from sleeping weirdly) but I feel so bad lying to them. They are wonderful people and have all been great saying "don't you lift that!! Ill do it!" ... they would be pissed at me if they knew the truth!! No one has noticed which is awesome because I didn't want anyone at work to know. My best friend hasn't noticed yet either, but it is winter and I have been wearing scarves and jackets,... so come summer she may notice! I didn't tell her because she works with me too, and didn't want her to let it slip out at work by accident.
Anyway, still no regrets, I must say I do love them now, even with the firmness and mild discomfort. They are sooooooo much better then my flat chest. I don't think I will ever have cleavage, and I knew that before surgery. I don't think it is my surgeons fault, I naturally have a long chest wall, my breasts sit naturally low and I have a really wide chest... but I don't mind that at all, I have great side boob :) My husband loves them too, poor thing, I haven't let him touch them too much yet because my nipples are hypersensitive, which I am NOT enjoying, even my bra rubbing on them is so painful.. I hope this goes away with time. I am also still completely numb from just under the nipple down to the suture line. I am still having Zingers, so hopefully this means feeling returning there.
Thanks for reading everyone, Ill update in another month :)

3 months!

Yesterday was 3 months post op and I love them, finally!! :) They are a lot softer, and still getting softer. They are really starting to settle in and look more natural. I can now wear underwire bras and bought 2 new ones yesterday, for the first time in my life I loved bra shopping and wasn't embarrassed.
A few weeks ago I found a small lump on the left breast, down near the bottom of the cleavage area. I went to see my PS who was sure it was an enlarged lymph node. So I had an ultrasound, and after a very stressful week wondering what might be wrong, it turned out to be the implant (which is what I originally thought it was). It seems to be a small crease (I guess) in the edge of the implant, it feels like a small hard pea shape. I am hoping when they fully soften up it may smooth out and disappear, the PS thinks it may be permanent. I don't want any more surgery, and so I am going to live with it. You can't see it, but I know it is there. The PS pretty much (in not so many words) tried to blame me for it saying I must have slept on it and caused it. I KNOW I didn't cause it as I slept on my back for 7 weeks. Anyway, I am not angry, a little annoyed, but I don't blame anyone, and I am still really happy with my new boobs, and will just accept it as a risk, or side effect of surgery.
Anyway, Im moving on!! :)
I feel 100% back to normal, and 90% of the time I even forget they are there. Sleeping on my side is still a bit uncomfortable as I am still not use to lumps in the way of my arms hahahahaha. Work is fine, I can lift like I did before, and no one has even noticed! Or... if they have they are too polite to say anything. Which I am very pleased about. All in all I am SO happy I did this for myself. I can't begin to describe what it has done for my self esteem and self confidence.
Dr George Mayson

I highly recommend Dr Mayson and his team at Breast Excellence Sydney. I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed with Dr Mayson on my first consultation. Dr Mayson is the only Dr I know of who offers a whole 2 hour consultation, which was extremely informative. I felt he listened to what I wanted, and I trusted his judgement. He gave me EXACTLY what I wanted. I truly believe Dr Mayson cares about his patients. I think he is a true perfectionist, and this is the kind of Dr you want when having such an important and expensive surgery! I am so happy with my results after only 3 weeks, and I can't wait to see how they are going to look in 12 months time when they fully soften. All the girls at Breast Excellence were amazing, kind and so supportive, always taking their time to answer my questions and put my mind at ease. Im so happy to finally feel like a woman! Thank you Dr Mayson.

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