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I got implants 8 years ago, 390cc over the muscle,...

I got implants 8 years ago, 390cc over the muscle, teardrop shape. I don't really know why I did it, I just wanted to have nice breasts. My first mistake was not researching anything about the procedure and went with the first ps I could get an appointment with. I didn't choose the size or shape, he told me what he thought and I trusted him. I went from a 12b to 12dd. I got cc in the right side pretty much straight away and everytime I would go back to ps he would say "Oh just give it another 6 months and see". After the second time of being told that I gave up. I felt so guilty especially since this had cost me almost $10,000. I never really told my husband I wasn't happy or in pain. However I did see another ps about replacement about 4 years ago but didn't go through with it.

A couple of months ago I stumbled across explanting on the internet, I had never thought about it before without replacing. Then all of a sudden it was like I was obsessed with it, I couldn't stop searching for other womens experiences. I talked to my husband about it and he said it was my decision and to do what would make me happy. So I made appointments with a ps. I have seen 4 before I finally found the one. The first one told me I had very little breast tissue and and would be left with breasts that look like puppy dog ears and I would have to roll them up to put them in a bra! Very blunt I know. Another ps refused to do it at all. Then the other 2 agreed to take them out, let me heal and see how everything goes, to either have a lift later or put a small implant in. They both said I would be very flat and deflated. I would prefer to be implant free though and I chose the ps I felt most comfortable with.

I have 5 days till surgery and I'm nervous, I want them out but I'm worried of the outcome. I have put some photos up, I just hope I'm strong enough to put the after photos up as the photos on here from other women have really helped with my decision.

Well had my op 5 days ago and it wasn't easy. I...

Well had my op 5 days ago and it wasn't easy. I woke in a lot of pain and had heaps of pain medication, so the first night was pretty awful. But I didn't have any strong pain relief the second day. I got my bandage and drains out on the third day and finally got to see the result. I'm pretty happy so far, I have small and a bit wrinkly boobs but they are ok. I will put photos up soon. I feel like its taken a lot out of me probably because of the anaesthetic and the strong pain relief so hopefully when it all gets out of my system I'll be a lot better. I was so worried from what the other docs had told me but I'm so glad I got rid of the implants and didn't replace them as they wanted. Even with the pain it was worth it.

Its been 9 days post op and I'm getting better...

Its been 9 days post op and I'm getting better every day. I'm still very tender but I'm getting my energy back and am able to do more and more. I finally got to take some photos, I kept forgetting to get the camera out of my husbands car then realised I can take them with my laptop! I'm pretty happy so far, I've actually got something after being told I wouldn't. I don't think I will even get a lift if I continue to heal well. I bought a sports bra yesterday and it was a 12c which is surprising. I have just been wearing those stretchy bras, they are not expensive but give me enough support and are comfortable to sleep in. I feel so much better and when I go out I don't feel like I'm standing out because of the big boobs, its good to feel normal. Can't wait to be pain free and get back to the gym. Everyone keeps saying "Oh you might get depressed" although I'm sure some women do after going through such a big change but I think because I was so unhappy for so long with the implants, I'm really happy with the outcome so far. For me it was totally worth it and I shouldn't have let guilt make me wait so long.
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