From an AA Cup to a E Cup NOW EXPLANTED After 1 Year - Australia, AU

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Hi My name is Sarah i got my implants put in...

My name is Sarah i got my implants put in september 2012. I was happy for the first week. Then i started to hate them and got the boobie blues or so everyone tried to tell me. I dont think suicidal thoughts and wanting to grab a knife and cutting the implants out were the boobie blues..

I cried and cried and well cried till i was sick an wasnt eating. I didnt know hwere these feelings were coming from. I had wanted implants since i was a kid and they looked amazing AND i wasnt even in all that ,much pain. Yet i still hated them.

I didnt have the money to get them removed so i was stuck with them until i had the money (that took just over a year) ... I eventually stopped being depressed about them and embraced and enjoyed them even though they caused me pain.

I did like the look of them with clothes on. but naked they were way too big. Anywho I was sooooo scared to go under again. I was scared of what i would look like considering they were in for a year. and they were only 330cc but i was a size 0 (australian hardly a 6) but i went from an AA to a DD-E then i put on weight and could no longer find bras bigger than an E in my size so crop bras it was.

I had begin to get stretch marks... from the weight gain..... Fast forward to today and i went in to get the implants removed.

Terrified of the whole situation of going under. getting them out, the pain, what i would look like ect.... I thought it was going to be easier than getting them in. getting them in i didnt cry or anything. I woke up and was happy smiling like i hadnt even had surgery. Waking up from getting them out was pretty horrible. My body was shaking in pain. Im still in pretty bad pain right now.... Im not sure why it is so bad. Maybe i have built a tolerance to pain meds a little as i have been fighting off an ovarian cyst pai for 2 months... But the pills help with the cyst pain so i think my body is just mad at me.. but im telling you. im so sore

I didnt have any drains. and in fact i didnt even have a bandage or anything on me. just bare semi flat boobies. I was crying in pain but was so happy.

they are a bit flat on top and a bit like jelly. but they are a bit bigger (prop the weight gain and a bit of swelling) I will add pics as i go i am currently 1 day post op

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

3 days post op

Day 3 POST OP (explant)
Pain: Was a bit sore in the morning. Took some pain meds and felt ok the rest of the day.

Look:Nipples are getting better. They were inverted/flat especially after being wrapped. They are normal unless they have been wrapped tight then they are a little flat for a few seconds/min.My boobs are "fluffing" a bit, The upper pole s looking better and less flat or like a ski slope.

Feel: I still feel some blood/air in them. Its pretty gross. They are still quite jiggly but better than day 1.

There isnt too much difference from now and before i ever had implants.. Well there is quite a lot but nothing too major. They are the firmness, they are a little lower now (not saggy) They are a little further apart. but also a bit bigger, but that is from the implants stretching out the area and also from my weight gain.
ALSO the middlt (cleavage) part is lifted. Im not sure if that is what everyone is calling "tented". Im not bothered by it too much but its not nice i tried to hold it down with a sock (as shown in a picture)

6 days post op

1 week post op

It has been 1 week. When i got them put in at 1 week i couldnt stop crying.
Now im smiling from ear to ear.
I had little to no pain today. just a few jabs here and there. They have firmed up a bit but are still quite jiggly. the slope "dip" at the top is pretty much gone.

I have to be honest i love them... maybe a little more than before i even had implants... r just as much.

I bought a adds 2 cups bra when i had the implants thinking i would need it once i got them out... I bought a 10b thinking it would be too big but its actually too small

1w 4d update

Feeling great. No pain just maybe 1 or 2 jabs a day. look hasnt changed too much since day 7 but they have improved a lot overall :) will update with more pics soon

1 month 1 day post op

feeling soo much better. much firmer. Look good. some pain here and there but feeling great. will add pics soon

almost 3 months

Sorry i havnt updated in a little. I will add more pics tomorrow. I am doing fine. They are really well. I do get some random numbness but i can live with that considering they were 100% numb 100% of the time when i had the implants,

Much better

Amazing DR helpful, Understanding i could not have wished for a better doctor.

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