40 Yo Mum with Breast Implants Wanting Removal - Australia

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Hi I'm a single mum from australia 19 months ago I...

Hi I'm a single mum from australia 19 months ago I had a breast implants done as I'm 5'w 62 kg a deflated small b cup wanting to be a fuller b cup,my plastic surgeon recommended 305 HP silicone, after surgery I woke up and was sever stated to be a. Double dd,saw the doctor 6 weeks later and explained how it felt. He said I was lucky they looked great,I didn't want to say anything so I left over the next 6 months I got severe back pain neck pain lost my self confidence look horrible in tight clothes had to always wear minimiser bras ,6 months later I was so sad within myself I went back to my ps and asked was there anything we could do he said downsize to a 240 mod profile silicone to take me to a small c,that made me feel better at least so a week later I had the surgery they didn't appear to look smaller but I had to give it at least six months to a year by the way he said they looked great in the first place all I wanted was 150 cc but he said that was way too small,here I am one year later still a d/ dd nothing has changed,saw saw him last week he said again I look amazing and should be happy I asked could I remove all together he said yes but he recommends no as I will look terrible my breasts will be small deflated saggy stretched and I will regret it.i asked him to please remove them he said ok but sign a consent form and he will never work on my breasts again I felt terrible I cried was I about to make a huge mistake,like he said a man won't like my breasts one I remove,I'm so scared and confused and feel sad,I read so so many stories on here from women who had the courage to remove there breast implants and not one lady regretted it so here I go thank you to all the wonderful courageous ladies on this site I'm having the surgery in the morning at 11.30 am I could tell by my plastic surgeon tone he isn't happy buy I'm going back to my small deflated saggy breasts and the real me,ohh and push up bras I pray to god everything works out I'm scared inside.but I'm doing what's right for my health and my body.i will post more pics after my removal and keep doing up dates and post pics for next few weeks.hope he isn't right as he makes me second guess myself but I'm going through with it tomorrow ....fingers crossed they don't look as ugly as he said they will.sorry for whinging
And thank you for the inspiration from all the ladies who have done what I'm about to do... Very grateful


Today is the day I'm getting g my implants out,just as I'm about to leave home my ps rang and asked me did I want a month to think and re consider as he's concerned that I won't be happy and he will never work on my breast again,I'm not going through all this to get them re done but I must admit when he rang hit made me second guess myself and put me in panic mode,but I politely advised him that he has given me a me a mental picture that they are going to look deflated saggy stretched out and not attractive.but it's the right choice and I feel more optimistic about the outcome than him.if it wasn't for this site I would of caved and agreed with him and regretted it down the track so thank you to all the strong plosives caring ladies who have been honest and shared their journeys so very grateful my appointment is in 3 hours,so leaving now to head to his office ,not looking forward to seeing him I'm looking forward to having the implants out... Will keep you posted
Thank you for the kind words support encouragement and hope...wil be back later this afternoon to let you know how it goes.have a beautiful day/evening and keep smiling

Finally gone

Hi ladies
Just got home from the ps office had my implants removed I'm so so so happy best decision I've made so glad they are gone - my ps wasn't happy with me staff were extremely unfriendly, but I didn't care I was on focused on removal and in my opinion they look of over the next two weeks they will look much better,feels awesome I'm proud of myself I feel lighter don't feel anymore pain from them couldn't wait to get home and get rid of all my DD bra"s.procedure only
Took 30 minutes in no pain feel like my old happy self .no drains just removal with disposable stitches I'm so happy thank you for all the support- will keep you updated over next few weeks...best decision ever
Dr. Mark

Hard to communicate - I could tell he wasn't happy with me always tried to change my mind never agreed with any of my decisions hope he's not upset with me

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