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So, I have just had my very first cosmetic...

I have just had my very first cosmetic procedure. I am 3 days post fat transfer to breasts. And yes, am having a few of those - why did I do this to my beautiful little body???? Moments. I loved/love my body, all except my tiny breasts, which looked even flatter after feeding all 3 of my children. So after a fair amount of research, it snowballed in to me actually going thru with the procedure. I am 164cm and 50kg, and keep pretty fit running. The surgeon admitted it was hard to harvest enough fat, and they fat I did have apparently didn't want to be given up easy, whatever that means. I was in surgery for 7 hrs! I was told it would be 4-5hrs. Not looking forward to the bill (yet to receive full invoice). Anyway, have decided to share my story as there doesn't seem to be anyone on this site with quite my circumstance, and hopefully my story is useful in others research. For me: no brava used (not recommended for me as I wouldn't have enough fat to harvest to fill bigger breast cavity), really really tiny pre op boobs, very low fat percentage, 3 kids.
I will post pics soon.
So, day 3 post op and am feeling moderately better. I wasn't prepared to feel quite as tender from the lipo as I have - it's pretty limiting in how you can move, and most annoyingly can't really sit! Poor little bottom is bruised and sore. Quite a bit of swelling, not much leaking. It's also hard to move position in bed. I haven't seen my boobs (the whole point of this op) has they are bandaged up and will remain so until I see the dr again in just over a week. The lipo was really an unwanted necessity for me to get natural enhancement of small breasts. I liked my bum and legs just the way they were, so I am hoping once all this settles down, they are not too different or flat bummed!

6 days post surgery

Well, am feeling much better than when I posted 3 days ago. Am still stiff and sore from the donor sites, but quite manageable. There's also still lots of bruising visible. I have seen my breasts finally as took the dressing off after it got wet. I have boobs! hurrah. Although they are rather bruised and fake looking right now. Once all settles down, even if I retain only 50% (which surgeon said would be worst case scenario) - I think I should still have good improvement from what I was pre op, which was completely flat and shapeless. I went back to work today and also walked the 6km home. Was great to get walking for decent stretch, even if a little stiff, it felt good to move the limbs! So, got a fair way to go yet on recovery, but I am pleased to see improvements. I think both my husband and I under estimated how I would feel post op, as I looked after our 3 little ones mostly on my own for the first two days. Not sure how we muddled through that now in hindsight! I would certainly recommend ensuring better set up for domestic stuff, like childcare and meals etc before you come home from op. Oh to be one of those who go on a 'surgery holiday' and post op go in to plush hotel and be cared for by attentive nurse. Ah well, family a good distraction from ones own woes anyway I guess. I have added some photos.

9 days post op now

Hi, am feeling so much better. Can move around and do most things now. Am still really bruised looking and restricted range of motion through bottom and knee bending. My breasts have gone down a bit - swelling fading I presume. I am slightly concerned about the amount of fat injected into upper chest area versus a more natural look of fat around lower/under breast. I hope it kind of sinks and settles a bit over the weeks towards a more natural lower breast curve. It also feels quite hard at the moment o upper chest and in to armpit area. I see the surgeon in two days time for my first review, so will get to ask all those sorts of things, along with how many cc were injected in. New photos loaded. Do you think I have bruised up a lot more than other people? I thought it would have faded by now rather than got worse looking. hmmmm.

11 days post - first review with surgeon. 370cc!

Finally got to see my surgeon post operation today. I know a few have asked about volume put in each breast. He told me 370cc approx. per side! I was quite surprised. I thought the max was 200cc and if you put in too much, it gets squashed and dies. Eek. Ahwell, as with this entire process, time will tell. I discussed the asymmetry too, which at present is reflective of pre op asymmetry. I am ok with how it is right now, but if the left breast keeps shrinking and right doesn't - things will most certainly look lop-sided. Currently, the boobs are indeed sisters not twins and I am cool with that. As long as we don't end up with competing families from opposite sides of the world ;-). With my bruising, he said this should resolve in another 2-3 weeks, as it's still pretty coloured. So that would be about a month in total post op if he is right. He took the few stitches out that I had. I also discussed the hard upper chest area, he said this is still inflamed a bit and should settle over the next 6 weeks. He said he did do a lot of contouring as I had protruding ribs and obvious concave sternum, which was true, and he was working on helping me create a cleavage...however I am concerned about the over sculpting/fattening of this area as it's going to look a dead giveaway that 'I've had something done' (which I am trying to avoid) cos I've always been bony in that area. Again, time will tell, so I will just keep it covered up for now until I think I have my final result. Also, not sure if anyone else out there has thought about diet post fat transfer to try and help the fat stay eg. avoid coffee/alcohol/salt or eat loads of protein/carb/avos etc - my surgeon has been very relaxed in this regard advising 'normal' diet, avoid too much salt for the lipo swelling (salt does create fluid retention), ok to have your cup of coffee or glass or two of wine. However, what I have researched says all sorts of different things, not necessarily in line with his approach. Anyway, from here for me, I will now wait bruising to fade, hopefully upper chest to soften and flatten a little, lots of the fat to stay put, and scars to heal up nice. All in all, so far I think there is definitely an improvement, but a long way to go before I decide on whether it's worth it. Will post some more pics in a few weeks when there is more difference to see.

3 weeks post today

HAve reached the 3 week mark. Breasts have gone down a lot, but still a great improvement on pre op boobs. I am really hoping they stay about this size now, as they are just right. I am still only an A cup, but I am happy with that. As I couldn't even fill an A cup prior! So definitely a one cup increase. I am aware ofcourse that it is only 3 weeks, so more absorption might happen :-(. Lipo sites are much improved, but still bit numb and restricted in areas. One concern I do have is my now rather flat looking bottom. I think surgeon has taken quite a lot from there. The skin looks a little sad and droopy compared to how it was pre op. I am hoping this will firm up as recovery completes. It wont help that I am not running like I normally do. But have been brisk walking most days. I have lost 1kg (about 2 pounds), which is neither here nor there. Still have quite a bit of bruise marks. Nipples are sensitive, but getting better. I hope in another 3 weeks all these things will have settled. Can't wait to feel like my old self again (fit, strong and active!) as feel still a bit like a feeble version of myself, but with nice little boobs. Ha. Will post pics soon.

3 weeks post op photos

Almost 3 months

Hello! Apologies to those who have been in touch and I've not replied. A quick update - all is going pretty well. Most of the spots and marks on my breasts have gone, a few scars though under the breast from insertions, plus definitely still got red marks from the lipo/donor sites. But apparently this will take about a year to go silver. My breasts are definitely an improvement on pre op - so I am very happy about that. They are still tiny, but a much nicer shape and I feel better naked. I can also create a cleavage with a bra - pre op, this was impossible. I am an A cup, which is fine. A second op one day might be an option, but certainly not in near future. It was a huge thing to do to my body. Plus, dunno where they'd get more fat now. Maybe I'll gain weight over the years and have more to harvest then. I am not overly happy with my bottom at the moment - as a result of it being lipoed. It left a somewhat flattened look post op and the lower crease/smile line goes out further than it did pre op. But I have seen a little improvement in recent weeks, so I am trying to not worry about it until 6months + post op. My advise to anyone who has similar body as mine considering this procedure is - don't let them take any fat from your lower bottom! I had no idea surgeon was going to do that. Anyway, he told me to put on some weight and it should fill out again. Although, this will also likely mean weight elsewhere too, like the tummy, which is not so great. I am back to all normal activities. Have a little numbness on outer knee on one side, which is weird, but again, am waiting for 6 months + before worrying. Size wise, my breasts are marginally smaller than the photos from 3 weeks post, but fairly similar and seem to have been the same size since about 6 weeks post op. Hopefully, this is final result now - but I guess time will tell. :-)

one year since surgery

So, it's been just over a year since I underwent my first fat transfer to breast. Sadly, I have lost most of what went in. There is improvement from where I start from, but it is super subtle. Like many, I think I have probably retained about 25% max...not the 80% + that my surgeon indicated pre surgery, was possible and likely. :-(
I did not use Brava as has breastfed three children and surgeon decided there was plenty of room/space.
Something which I did not anticipate and is also sad, is the lasting effect on my bottom, where most of the fat was harvested - see this link from a question I wrote here on real self for pics of my wee bottom http://www.realself.com/question/australia-au-sagging-buttocks-post-lipois-surgery-optionwill-dedicated-glute
So, yes, the breasts are better than pre surgery - marginally! Further transfers, probably 2 more, might get me to a full A cup/ small B that I hoped for. However, this cost $17000 Australian. Crikey!!! I think in view of the now saggy bottom and the price, I will have to put a not worth it rating. This surgery would have been worth it if it cost $4000 maybe at best, for the subtle enhancement (and my bum didn't have the life sucked out of it). Unfortunately I am also not a candidate for further transfers anyway (even if I had the $) as there is not enough fat to transfer.
My lipo sites are otherwise smooth and scars healed fine.

further to one year update

I also wonder if my surgeon 'over filled' my breasts too much (400cc in each!) which has potentially resulted in 3 negative outcomes 1. too much fat harvested unnecessarily from bottom leaving it sagging and flat 2. I have read over filling can result in fat cells being squashed/killed thus decreasing chances of retention 3. too much taken in first transfer leaving nothing for further transfers Good luck to those considering this procedure, in theory - it is wonderful!! and I have seen good results on this site. But, I think my results are also not uncommon. I am a fit, healthy woman, so don't really know why my results would not work as well as a the next persons other than perhaps surgeon skill.
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