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Hi everyone, I am soon to be 24, I have been...

Hi everyone,

I am soon to be 24, I have been considering a boob job for about 3 years now it was never something that bothered me until I started to loose a lot of weight from my top section (from diet change and fitness) now my body is really un proportioned.

Everyday I feel my boobs are getting smaller I don't want to stop going to the gym because I am loving my new lifestyle so I started looking into breast augmentation.

I no a few people who have had it done and don't regret the decision and I no if I have them done I won't regret it either.

I am so self conscious and feel like a 12 year old girl I'm sick of hearing "oh your cute" I want to feel womanly and sexy and having small boobs gets me down and depressed, I am a 10 A to B cup and am looking at going a large C
But I have soooooooo many questions,
I am yet to find a surgon in Adeliade (where I live) and have a consultation,

One of my girlfriends had hers done in Malaysia and she was over the moon, I considered it but my mum wasn't very supportive she said if I really want them I had to do it here.

I no in a consultation the surgon will explain all of my questions but I wanted to see what people who have had the procedure done say,

Firstly and most importantly
I have a history of breast cancer in my family will It be easy to detect lumps and can I have check ups to make sure everything is ok?

- I am yet to have children so once I do can I breast feed?

- do you really have to have them done every 10 years?

- once I am older and if I decide to take them out will my boobs be saggy and is it possible to take them out?

- what is and how do you no what is better silicon or saline?

- how do I no what's best under the muscle or over?

- if they rupture inside of you is this dangerous?

- how often do I need to get them checked?

- how much time do you have off of work?

- is it really painful once you wake up from surgery?

I no it's a lot of questions and I have researched and talked to ladies who have had it done, but it's a lot of money and it's also your body, what if something goes wrong, can something go wrong?

I love the look of them and I no if I had them done I would feel like I have always wanted to feel and I would love them it's just all these fears and questions, especially never being under the knife or having anesthetic it's very scary.

Please share your story's and reviews good and bad!!!!



Hi all,
So today I took the first step for my breast augmentation!
I had a consultation at parkside cosmetic surgery with doctor Higgs,
In one word.
From the moment I walked in I suddenly felt confident and confutable with Doctor Higgs, he answered all my questions before I had even asked them.
He went throw everything from pre opp to post opp.
He made me not feel as depressed with my self now
But definitely more confident and excited to have the procedure done!
Lynn the RN came into the consultation also and they did mesurements height weight
Then Lynn took me into the operation room and explained all that would happen.
Doc Higgs made me feel so confutable not once did he just stare at my boobs he looked me in the eye the whole time while talking to me.
He even suggested I go away think about it even get other quotes and consultations. They weren't pushy with trying to book me in,
They have a surgery date in April but I need to really think if I want to spend all my savings on a breast augmentation!
As their are so many other things I want to do.
Dc Higgs sent me away with lots of reading and made me feel so reassured that no matter what time I can call with questions!
Really was a fantastic consultation. This could be step one in a very BIG journey :)

Helppppp me find a surgeon please

Hi guys
Please please help
I am still looking around for a good surgeon in Adelaide their are so many around it's hard to find one
Any suggestions??

Going ahead!

Hi all! Been a while since I have posted because I was considering not going ahead but now my bestFriend has decided to go ahead with it also she has her consultation Monday!!
So we are both going to book our appointment for march 2015!
I have decided to go with doctor HIGGS although I may have a second consultation with doctor Julie Lawrence from Brighton cosmetic surgery.
I have added a wish picture of what I would like,
I don't no in CCs the size possibly someone could help? I would like a full C small D cup
And I'm still not sure if I want silicon or saline, doctor HIGGS recommended I go saline because I am after a tear drop shape. He also suggests over the muscle because I have enough breast tissue to cover the implant
What are peoples thoughts on this x

Soooo soooonnnnnn

Yahyyy it's happening so much sooner!!
I have my sizing on feb 10th and the augmentation is booked for March 16th (I'm trying to make it April 1st as it works out better with my work closing over easter) but it's happening this year!!!


Tomorrow is my sizing day!! Yahhyyy can't wait to try on sizes!
Get my bloods, pee sample ect
What questions should I ask? Any important ones?

Sizing ?

Today I had my sizing done with doctor Higgs! He and his staff are just fantastic I am so happy and confident with him and his team!

Outcome 325cc round, smooth, moderate plus, under muscle.

He did a 3D scan and I just fell in love with full C small D!

6 weeks to go until operation ????

3 weeks to go

Count down is on 3 weeks to go till my BA starting to have dreams about it now!! Very nervous!
Brought Arnica tablets for the brusing muscle pain and swelling!!

1 week

Have to share.
1 week exactly today and I'll be in bed recovering from my BA ???????? any recovery tips?

Count down

I can't believe it!! Monday is the big day! I did a pee test this morning to check I'm not pregnant.
2 more days of small itty bitty titties!

I'm donee!!!!

It's all done!
I'm home
Couldn't recommend doc Higgs and his staff enough they made me feel fantastic!
Gave me relaxers pre opp!
I wasn't worried of scared at all!
They were beautiful and fantastic!!
I had a look and their big and beautiful!
I feel like someone has sat on my chest but other then that I'm very comfy. Went into surgery at 8:30 woke up at 11ish!!
I'll share more when I'm not so sleepy!!

1 day post

Hi all,
Just updating.
Went to have my check up this morning doc Higgs said I'm healing nicely no bruising and minimal swelling.
Not much pain at all thank god!! Just when I get up my right boob hurts a little but nothing what I expected!
My tip take arnica pre and post for swelling and bruising!
Only thing killing me is I'm a side sleeper and that's not happening!!
Stay elevated on a recliner on upright in bed much more comfy to sleep!!

3 days post

Right boob hurts more so then left!
The pain is more just as I wake up and get up for the first time! But other then that I'm up and about more today. I'm just very bored I hate sitting still. Good time to catch up on day time TV!! 3 days post opp

5days post

Hey guys,
5 days post opp.
No pain, tightness or heavy pressure today.
Still getting a little bit of a sharpe stabbing in the right boob but nothing horrible!
I'm so constipated the pain from that is worse! Haven't gone for 5 days ;( took 2 laxatives!
Just very tied and don't have much energy!
Very breezy recovery :)

8 days post opp

Yesterday I had my stitches out! Pc of cake didn't feel a thing!
Doctor Higgs is very happy with my healing!
Said I can do very light cardio walking or bike
Have my 1 month revision in 3 weeks.
Very pleased with my result! Can't wait to wear and buy bras cz I feel the post opp bra sqaushs them and they look small!!
I can sleep on my side again that's the most exciting part!!
Overall highly recommend doc Higgs!!

Update on my happiness

Have heared so many horror story's and people not being happy with their BA latley!
Couldn't imagine not being happy!
I am over the moon my PS is a fantastic man!!
9days post and here are some pictures :)

9 days post

Honest opinions please

I'll be 2 weeks post tomorrow! And I feel I should have gone bigger! Everyone who sees them says they look perfect for my body not fake which is what I was after! I love them without clothing on but then when I put the post op bra on and clothing I feel their small.
Mum has reassured me once I wear normal bras they will look big and I will get nice cleavage.
I am just very bottom heavy and think maybe I should have gone bit bigger!!
Beside this I love them!!

For all you pre BAs

Hi guys just thought I would share tips and recovery with you.

Pre op: 1 month prior I took vitamin B and C for good health and healing also started moisturising twice a day with coco butter for prevention of stretch marks. (Didn't get any)

Day 1: surgery day slept most of the day was highly dosed on pain meds don't remember much other then being comfy!
Had about 5 pillows behind my back and 2 on either side (like a couch) so I was elevated and couldn't roll. Took pain meds every 4 hours like requested.

Day 2: car ride back to the surgery was uncomfortable! Still very drowsy but wasn't in a lot of pain just felt my boobs had been sat on for hours and felt quite tight, spent the day in bed and showered at night, my partner had to help me by pushing my back when I needed to get up I also had to hold them cz I felt someone was pushing me back down, needed help going to the toilet with my pants (wear loose ones) and needed him to brush my teeth lol pain meds every 4 hours!! Pain minimal! Broken sleep!

Day 3: basically the same as day 2 still broken sleep, needed help showering, going to the toilet. Still slept elevated felt most swallown day 3 called parkside and asked if I could ice, they recommended not to, day 3 night/day 4 morning woke up to sharpe pains took meds and eased, felt very dizzy whenever I got up light headed and sick normal from meds! Pain medium still took meds every 4 hours.

Day 4 worst of the pain sharpe pains more so in the right boob, nothing the meds didn't ease so kept on top of them! Did move around/walk a lot more day 4 because I woke up very fluidy.
Still had help for toilet, shower but could brush my own teeth oh and hair also mum had to brush it and put it up.

Day 5 much better parkside advised me to take meds every 6 hours I called cz I was highly constipated and needed a relief nothing was working I took
Detox teas
Fried cale
4 laxatives
Lots of water and lemon
Pain was minimal this day just the constipation hurt!
Left the house and went food shopping with mum then dinner with a friend. Felt great!!

Day 6 finally pooped
Could walk around fine, shower get dressed, go toilet brush hair by myself. Only took panadols day 6 no pain meds.

1 week post: went to get my stitches out didn't hurt one bit pain was gone!
Went for a light walk. And took away all the high pillows to sleep flat again.

Day 8: slept on my side yahhhhhyyyy!!!

Day 9 went to the gym and did light cardio

Day 10 drove again!

Day 14: had sex yahy felt so sexy! (Proceed with caution)

Now I'm 16 days post I feel fantastic I'm back at the gym doing cardio, driving, doing my hair! Even went and did a few Hours admin work at my work yesterday. All my clothes (the ones I can wear with this ugly post PPP bra) look fantastic on me!
Just can't wait to have them drop and soften more! And also to buy new bras and take this ugly post one off!

Any questiones I'm happy to answer!

Best of luck to you all on your journeys ????

Continued to take arnica 2 weeks post.

I have complete nipple sensation, no pain, no stretch marks, they have dropped a lot since day 1. Didn't get any bruising minimal swelling. Not constipated lol
And love them dearly :)

Biggest advice to everyone:
DO IT!! I have so much more confidence!

3 weeks

3 weeks post
Went back to work today! I'm a beauty therapist so I have another 3 weeks off from facials and massage and I'm only doing waxing, manis pedis and some admin work.
Feeling fantastic.
Only regret I should have gone bigger!! Everyone tells me they will look bigger once settled and im in bras I just can't wait lol

Happy 1 month to my boobies

Yesterday was my boobs 1 months birthday :) and im starting to love the size and glad I didn't go any bigger anyone who sees them says they are perfect!!

5 weeks post

Hi guys 5 weeks post this week looking good my scars are impressive! Once they drop more they will be under the fold but happy with how thin and light they are already, using bio oil to lighten daily.
Still contemplating if I should have gone bigger, but over all very happy they have dropped and softened so much still have to wear sports or non underwire bras for 2 more months.
Have my 3 month revision in 2 months. Doctor Higgs is happy with my healing and is going to use my BA pictures for his webpage :)

So happy

Everyone who sees my boobs comments how good they look! I feel much happier now :)

Before pics

Wooho I found some before pictures. Wow I was so small and deflated!! I forgot they looked that way!!
Makes me feel better about the size choice! Still not 100% confident with my choice, but after seeing these pictures im feeling better!

So happy!!!

Today I had my sizing done at bras and things I am a 10DD from a 10A deflated B. They look amazing in bras I am so much happier and confident how fantastic they look :)

Sizing done today went from a 10A to a DD


Hi guys I'm 4months post!! Thought I'd update! Going throw a bit if a low atm and not happy with my size! Going to go for a revision soon! Also my scars are not healing as well as they should be so I need to have that re looked at :)
Doctor Micheal Higgs

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