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Hi there! This is my first post. I love reading...

Hi there!
This is my first post. I love reading all the others so I thought I would add mine! My BA is booked for Oct 30th. I am 5ft 4in and weigh 52kg. I have 4 kids and successfully breastfed. I have always been an A cup but don't even fill that anymore. I am 36, happily married so it's time to complete my lifelong dream!! I had my first consult a couple of weeks ago and I have decided on 295cc round moderate profile silicone behind the muscle. My second app is on Monday 21st so we'll see if that changes?? Lol!! I have always wanted a BA ever since I realised my boobs weren't getting any bigger. I don't know anyone else that has had one so I am loving this site! I will share my before pics when I get a chance. Some days my nerves outweigh my excitement and other days it's the other way around!! Today I am VERY excited!!! Talk soon! :)

Before Pics!

Thought I would add some before pics!! Not game enough yet to do topless but this is a good start! 4 kids will do this to your boobs!! Haha!!!

10 more sleeps!!!

Only 10 more sleeps!! I'm slowly gathering supplies that I think I might need after surgery. My doctor keeps me in hospital overnight as he puts drains in. Has anyone else had drains after their BA? I have my final pre op consult tomorrow, so hope to get answers to all my questions. Thank you to all you girls in here, all your stories help me through the days of panic and nerves! Any suggestions on what things I should buy for post op would be great!! Thanks again :)

Final Pre Op done!!

Just had my last app with the PS before surgery next week ( OMG NEXT WEEK!!!) He made me feel at ease, calmed the nerves and took my pre op pics. He decided on the 295cc as I am quite a small frame, I'm stoked with that, one less thing for me to stew over!! He answered all my questions and assured me that the anaesthetist is one of the best and he has been working with him for years! All in all a great feeling! I even took a tour of the hospital I will be spending the night in, the nurses were lovely so trying to think of it as more of a night away!! :)

Cold Feet!

I had a moment tonight where I started regretting my decision!! 6 days away and paid in full and I start to panic!!! My husband and I have only spent 3 nights apart in 10 1/2 years and I am dreading making it 4. Bit of premature separation anxiety I think. Just gotta focus on the final result!!!

Surgery Day

Well, the day has come!! I have to be at the hospital in 3 hrs!! My nervousness is certainly outweighing my excitement but I'm ready! Hoping for great results and minimal discomfort. Will update as soon as I am able. Wish me luck!!!!!

I did it!!!

I did it!!! Currently just sitting up having something to eat. No nausea, pain at about 2/10. I have a pethidine pump so that is doing the job. Had a sneak peek, looking good! Can't believe I did it! Yahoo!!!!!!

Day 2

So today I had the drains removed. Not at all pleasant let me tell you!! But I guess they were in there for a reason and they're out now so I'm free to move around. The pain is bearable, no worse than I expected. I still can't get a good look at my new boobs, too scared to move any of the bandages!!! I took a couple of pics that don't show much but I'll still post them! Overall doing pretty good! Happy Halloween!!

Sneaky Peek!

I couldn't wait until Monday so had a sneaky peek today! I love them. I think they will drop nicely and be the perfect size! Pain today is ok, my right nipple feels like it is on fire but thanks to this wonderful site I know all these little things are normal!

Day 3 post op pics!

Feeling pretty good. Morning boob is not a joke, quite unpleasant, not sure how long that is going to last! As I have to keep my bandages on I can only get sneak peeks of the new boobs!! Each day is getting better!

Life changing moment!

Today I was allowed to remove the bandages and padding so I could have a proper look at my new boobs. My life of small boobs and self consciousness ended in a second. I wish my PS was here now so I could give him the biggest hug ever! At just four days post op they are perfect!! I know they are still high and swollen but they are just perfect, better than any of my wish boobs. Tears of pure happiness. Thank you to all you guys for sharing this with me!

Bandages are off!

Well today the bandages came off for good!!! I can't believe just how lucky I am. Such a smooth recovery, no nausea and very little pain. And my PS has just done such a wonderful job. I'm truly grateful. I hope others have an experience as good as mine.

No Boobie Blues for me!

Just a quick update. 6 days post op, going really well. Only taking the occasional panadol. Started driving again today, dropped kids to school and put some bets on the Melbourne cup! I just love my new boobs, I still suffer morning boob but at least I know they're still there and have t disappeared during the night! Also managed a little fashion parade for myself trying on all my tops!!

Sternum Pain

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else had continued sternum pain? It's really the only pain that has lingered on. I know I am only one week post op so really just want someone to clarify if this normal. Kind of feels like someone is digging their knuckles into my sternum. My boobs are still very hard and swollen too. I've had such a smooth recovery so far, just hoping I'm still on the right track? Thanks

No D & F as far as I can see!!

Well, not sure when these puppies should start dropping but I hope it's soon! I have taken a photo every day and I reckon they look the same! Either way I still love them! I'll post some pics, tell me what you think??

Every day gets better!

Well I am now 19 days post op! Things I can do - Sleep on my side, drive quite easily, raise my arms above my head, most day to day activity! Things I can't do - Lift anything heavier than 10kg, run (found that out the hard way), sideways movement such as wiping a bench.
I have started back at work last week, it wasn't too bad. I work as a vet nurse so avoiding heavy lifting has been tricky, also cleaning cages is a very slow process but otherwise managing quite well. My boobs are slowly settling and dropping nicely. I love them. I think I've chosen the perfect size for my frame. The incisions are looking fantastic. I still have the horrible super sensitive nipples but I know this is a good thing and it too shall pass. The stabbing nerve pains still come and go but they're fine. Morning boob still exists but no where near as bad. Occasionally I will do something and one or both of my boobs go quite hard, I'm wondering if this is just a bit of a muscle spasm??? Anyway, everything still on course, will post some new pics! :)

Forgot the incision pics!

4 weeks post op

Not much to say, everything still going to plan. I can do most things now, very few limitations. Went bike riding today with ease. Still loving my results. I do get boob greed like everyone else but that's normally if I'm wearing something baggy. They really are the perfect size. The incisions are healing nicely too!

Not a C cup after all!!

Just a quick post.....purchased a new bra and was sized at a 10D !!!! Will do a proper update when I take some more pics!! :)

Make that a DD!!!

7 weeks post op and going great! My incisions are healing perfectly and my boobs are looking great. Really the only thing I can't do is heavy lifting but that will come! Went to the lingerie shop last night and they fitted me as a 10DD!! Let me just say I did a little bit of a happy dance in the dressing room!! Haha!!! Anyway not much else to comment on, all going smoothly!! Will add pics too! X

9 weeks today!

Hi there guys! Well 9 weeks today and still over the moon! Loving summer and wearing singlets! Love not having to wear a bra just so I look like I have boobs! Boobs are really settling in to place, looking more and more natural every day. Happy new year everyone!!
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