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About to have my ba next tuesday. I have wanted it...

About to have my ba next tuesday. I have wanted it for the last 8 years but I am so nervous! Its just horrible. I have already paid cash for the whole procedure so no backing out. But so worried that I wont like them afterwards or I wont like the added pressure feeling. I am fairly certain I will though and looking at all the clothes I could wear excites me. Anyone else who was feeling like this?

before shots

before photos and stats

Info about me. I am 32 with a gorgeous husband and three kiddies. 172 cm tall. Weigh 58kg.
this site makes me feel so much better. But still nervous....:(

my doctor

My doctor is mr alister turner. Not the guy in review thingo lol. Dont know how that happened.


Sorry about all the updates. So my ps thinks no lift just implants. I trust him but maybe in my own mind I think my boobs are saggier than what they are. Impant size is natrelle silicon mx370.

its tomorrow!!!

Wow my ba is tomorrow. So many mixed feeling right now. Excited, nervous, scared, excited lol. I just want it over and done with. If I could fast forward a week I would. I am more scared of when my hubby has to go back to work and I am by myself. My ps is going above the muscle and I have been told that the after pain is not as bad as under the muscle. Well heres hoping anyway!!!
This site has helped so my though. Everytime I feel too overwhelmed I jump on and see all the great results and get excited again. See u all on the boobie flipside!


Oh my god. Dance concert is over and now boobies tomorrow. Wow what a weak. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and fantastic boobs lol!!!!!

fancy hospital lol

Loving my hospital view!

its done!!

So I slept all morning in the hospital because of the tablets I had. Got wheeled into theatre and started bawling. Next thing you know, ITS DONE. They gave me morphine in recovery but that has worn off and now I am just taking panadol. My back is sorer than my boobs!!!!
So as I was waking up I asked my ps " are they perky now?" He said yep perky and full. He is a lovely.ps. well off to bed now. Cant believe I did it.

cant sleep

I am a belly sleeper so it so difficult for me to be on my back! I need sleep grrrrrrrr

tired :(

So far so good pain wise but so so so tired. I have pretty much slept all day today. My throat and back hurts more than my boobs. Righty is more swollen then lefty but overall its better than I thought I would feek. A bit nauseous but hopefully that will pass. Xx

feeling better everyday

So 4.5 days post op and feeling pretty good. I didnt need any strong pain killers! Righty is more swollen than lefty and "pulls" every now and then. Feeling a bit self concious when I go out as they seem huge! Hubby is very very happy which was my main concern as he liked my breasts before and I was so worried he would hate them, but he loves! Yay. Cant wait dor morning boob and swelling to subside. Feeling happy!

2 months on

2 months later and I am feeling great health wise. Back to exercising and breasts feel very natural but..... I feel they have dropped too low :( I just looked at my post op photos and love love love them but now not too sure. Somedays are great but other days I still dont like them. I dont think I can wear a triangle bikini or nothing loose without a bra on. Maybe my expectations were just too high. I know its different for a person with small boobs to go bigger or a person like my case who is just "filling out" what I had. Feeling confused.
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