Boob Job with Upper & Lower Bleph - Australia, AU

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I've been stalking this site on and off for a...

I've been stalking this site on and off for a couple of years now, wanting to do it and not wanting to do it all at the same time. The reviews have been so helpful so, fair is fair, and here is mine.

I am 37, 5ft 7 and somewhere between 125 and 130lb & a small C cup - but think they look more like a B (I have added photos with my sports bra and top on - will need to build up courage to post the girls nudey). I have never disliked my breasts. They are smallish but a nice shape and have historically been in proportion with the rest of my body. Then I had kids, my waist expanded and the boobs kind of deflated. I think I got off relatively lightly but I still find that I avoid going to the beach because I don't like wearing the bathers anymore. Age is also a factor. I used to be tiny - crazy small but, even if I could get back down to that, I don't think it would look or feel good at my age. The adjustment is hard to get used to though. Now, on a bad day, my stomach comes out to meet my boobs and I hate that!

I have long wanted to sort my eyes out and decided to address my post pregnancy body concerns at the same time. Initially I was hoping to do a mini tummy tuck but, with the kids still so small, I don't think now is the time what with the longer recovery. I have decided to start training hard again and address the rack instead!

I am booked in on 22 July for 310cc anatomical unders. I think I'm pretty happy with the size and shape. I want them to look really natural.

I do feel quite conflicted and worried about doing this and I would be so grateful if anyone could reassure me or pass on any tips.
- What if something goes very wrong?
- Am I sending the wrong messages to my kids - how do I even explain it?
- How will I keep my three year old boy (mummy/boob obsessed, speech delayed, climber) off them while I recover?
- Will he be scarred for life with the weird shape while they settle?

Thanks for listening :)

3 weeks today

Well, my surgery is officially 3 weeks off. I'm first on the cancellation list too so I'm really hoping they call sooner. I've paid for the implants and will transfer the anaesthetists fees tomorrow. The credit card is all cleared and ready to pay the balance (for the frequent flyer points).

I've been working out a lot and been far more motivated than I have in years. The prospect of such a positive and drastic change to my figure is making me want to get the best result I can straight away.

Meanwhile, here is my wish photo - the one that made me decide to go for it. I also showed him a photo of Halle Berry. Not for the size, I just like how natural and squishy they look. I have a massive fear of the surgeon putting 18 year old boobs on my 37 year old frame but I think the guy I've chosen understands what I'm trying to achieve.

All paid up

I paid everyone involved yesterday and will be in surgery in a little over a week. I'm now freaking out about size. My surgeon is certain that anatomical implants will get the look I want & I'm happy with that, but it makes it very difficult to get a good idea about size when comparing with all the pictures of round implants.

I mentioned my erring to the secretary when I paid and the surgeon is squeezing me in on Tuesday to go over it all, talk about size, etc. That's great because, when I'm talking to him, I feel like he knows what I'm after. It's just been a while since my pre-op.

Meanwhile I've put up some more 'wish' photos. Please, please help me decide which size is going to achieve the look.

Finally all decided....I think

I saw my PS again in Tuesday, tried on some more sizers with lots of different tips and finally settled on a slightly bigger size - 335cc FF.

Turns out the nurse wasn't used to the sizers so just gave me a 7 and then an 8 to decide between thinking that was the next step up. Well, that's actually the difference between 310cc and 475cc (or thereabouts). No wonder I thought they looked huge!!

We did it right this time and put the size four and three together to come up with 335cc and bingo! that's absolutely the look I'm going for. PS had another look at my wish pictures and decided to go for a full profile rather than moderate. He said the difference was millimetres but would achieve more what I was looking for.

It was great seeing him. I felt totally confident and at ease with my choice. Now I'm a mess of nerves and worry again that I won't like them. I keep looking at my present boobage in the mirror and wondering why the hell I'm doing this. Worrying what the school mums will think if they notice; will they gossip behind my back? Will I care?

It's funny, I'm barely even thinking about the blepheroplasty (because, frankly, that needs to happen and fast) but to new boobs is becoming a bit of an obsession.

Monday can't come soon enough!

Love them already!

They are exactly what I was hoping for!

All in I've had a good day. I will update when I'm a little less out of it.

So, the procedure

I arrived at the hospital at 6.30am. My room wasn't quite ready so I sat in the day room reading for a while before they took me through. I was shown around the room and given my gown and antiseptic shower stuff. I was number four on the list so would be last down.

The anaesthetist came around next and it turns out we vaguely knew each other. She is just lovely and really put me at ease. she told me about procedures she's had an how the kids coped with it. We discussed anti nausea mediation and using a different type of anaethetic to try and stop me feelin sick afterwards. She prescribed a pre-med for after my shower.

My PS came to see me briefly, ran through the consent forms asked if I had any questions then said I would be third now as someone had cancelled.

I had my shower, took the pre-meds and lay in bed watching the boats in a pleasant, diazepam daze. Nurses came and went and all of them were very reassuring.

Before long they came to get me, I had a last wee, they put on my anti DVT stockings and pump thingo and off we went. Down in theatre I waited next to another patient comparing hair nets. My PS came out and drew the markings on me. To my joy he offered to get rid of a few skin tags for me too. I was wheeled in and the anaesthetist was waiting for me. She put the drip in easily (I had already asked for numbing cream because I'm a sook for needles). We chatted away about schools and career juggles. I have no idea when she did it but one minute they were putting the oxygen mask on and the next thing I know my husband was sitting next to me back in my room.

Apparently I was a bit difficult to wake up. Not that I was still anaesthetised, I just kept swiping them away saying I was sleeping.

In my room I went to the loo and saw my face and boobs for the first time.

My boobs looked fantastic. They have swollen up a bit now but it was brilliant to get that quick look to reassure me. I love the size - not too big and not too small. The first night I didn't sleep very well because I was too excited about them. It's possibly because they are a bit engorged, but they feel really nice, my skin is smooth again rather than a wobble of stretch marks and general deflation.

I am not in much pain at all and I'm only taking the panedol during the day and the mid strength at night. Other than that I feel a bit tight across the scars and heavy on the chest area.

I only have a band on at the moment to stop them rising. I will get my support bra at my post-op.

Explanted yesterday

I found all in that implants were not for me. They looked beautiful but I didn't like the way they felt and started to feel anxious about them. After a few months of soul searching I decided to explant and I am very happy with that decision.

Best wishes to all in your journey.
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