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Growing up, I never had boobs. After my teens I...

Growing up, I never had boobs. After my teens I was a tiny A cup and I just learnt to survive with push up and padded bras.
Pre-pregnancy at 27 I was a modest B cup. I had got used to my small perky breasts and had grown to love them especially after meeting my husband who loves small breasts.
Then along with the changes in pregnancy I went up to a full D cup only to increase again to an E once my milk came in! Needless to say it took a bit of adjustment. I loved feeling so feminine but was also aware that as soon as my breastfeeding days were over I'd be possibly left with empty, deflated sacks. I BF my first son for 13 month and was pregnant with my second before I even knew it so I never got the full effect of post BF boobs.

Fast forward another pregnancy and coming up to 12 months of BF again and I'm getting very scared.
Not only are my boobs deflated but they're horribly uneven due to my right always being a bigger and better milk factory!

So here starts my journey. I've put it out there to my hubby that I'm wanting to get implants and of course he has reacted negatively for all the right reasons. Saying he loves me as I am..that he doesn't like big boobs..thar I shouldn't care what other people think. And I appreciate his input. But I trying to make it clear I don't want huge fake breasts! I just want slightly larger, natural looking boobs that will fill up the empty sacks I have left after more than 2 years of breastfeeding.

Honestly, I will never go through with this if I don't have his support. And I told him I'm just in the research phase. I hope to pay for the procedure upfront (no loan) so it will take atleast 1-2 years for me to save. And who knows!? Maybe in that time I will change my mind. But in the meantime, here's a place to keep all my thoughts and feelings in one spot xx

Wish Boobies!

I'm very picky when it comes to the boobs I'd like. I'm after a natural slope, and very little projection. I don't want to go too big either, just to fill up my empty sacks! My husband thinks I'm afraid of ageing and thinks I won't know where to stop with cosmetic procedures but I have tried to assure him that my insecurities stop with my breasts! And my changes are not really to do with ageing, just pregnancy and breastfeeding.
I've also included a picture taken when my oldest was 3 months old to show the difference in milk production and why my right is so much lower than my left. Probably not very big on the scale of asymmetry but big enough for it to bother me.

It's finally happening

So after years (possibly even decades!) of research and soul searching I finally have a date booked!
November 8th 2016 with Dr Miroshnik in Sydney. I simply cannot wait!!

Husband not coming on board!

So I'm really not feeling good about things today...my husband had come forward and said that he's morally against me getting my boobs done and that he doesn't think he will get used to the idea. As far as I'm concerned it's not an option now! I've paid a non refundable deposit and am sick of thinking about it!
Anyone else's partner being less than supportive? :(
Dr Miroshnik

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