26 Years Old Undergoing a Breast Lift with Implants and Vaser Lipo. Eek! - Australia

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I've found reading everyone's reviews so insanely...

I've found reading everyone's reviews so insanely helpful that I feel I should add to the community and write my own! I haven't seen many reviews from girls my age undergoing both a breast lift with implants and an area of lipo! I should also mention that I have not had any children and don't plan to have any in the future. If my partner and I change our minds we will cross that bridge when we get to it!

A bit of a background info.... I am 5ft10 and currently weigh156.5lbs. I battled with eating disorders during high school and university. At my lightest I weighed 120lbs and at my heaviest I weighed 201lbs. Needless to say constant weight loss and gain has taken a huge toll on my breasts and my behind! Not to mention my self esteem! As I've remained at a steady weight of between 156-163lbs for the past three years I think it's finally time to do something!

My breasts are the typical empty sacs of skin that look like scrunched up paper bags! Zero volume or fullness - just skin! I feel so gross. It's so hard trying to dress to cover up! I hate bikini season, hate buying lingerie and hate dressing up for nights out! My boobs ruin every nice outfit! I am so excited to finally sort these puppies out with a breast lift and implants. The implants I am getting are high profile silicone and I want them over the muscle. My surgeon says I have enough fatty tissue to make this work. I haven't quite decided on a size yet - but I am considering 375 or 400 cc. My surgeon says he will take both in to the surgery and decide when he can see what they look like.

My fluctuating weight has also left me with saddlebags and banana rolls! I am extremely healthy, I exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet. After years of eating disorders I can finally say I love my body minus my boobs and bum. Which are pretty important aspects as a young woman. I don't care about cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes etc but I am desperate for my boobs and my bum to match my age. Nothing I have ever tried even slightly improves the appearance of my behind! You name it I've tried it, squats, lunges, donkey kicks, glute bridges, Hypoxi, body brushing, scrubbing, alpha shape, firming creams, running, cycling, crossfit, insanity.... I could go on! It shows through workout pants, leggings and tight jeans. I never ever wear bikini bottoms without shorts over the top. So as I am going in for my boobs I am also having Vaser liposuction to give me a helping hand! And hopefully get the body I've been dreaming of! Quite literally! I go to bed thinking of my surgery every night! I know that liposuction of the banana roll area can be tricky and difficult to do correctly. I've sought a lot of advice and done a lot of research and my surgeon says as my skin is firm and I am young the procedure should give me the result I expect! My butt is actually really quite firm and I'm totally happy with the size and shape, it's just the weird pockets of fat I've accumulated underneath!

So that's me! All booked in for the 11th of April 2016! I absolutely cannot wait! For anyone who is interested I will post some before and after photos. I have one final consult with my surgeon before the procedure. Eek! xx

Loan approved!

My partner and I applied for a personal loan to finance my surgery and have been approved! Just waiting for the funds to appear and then I can pay my surgeon and aneasthetic fees! It's all feeling so real now. Starting to get a little bit anxious!

Some more before pics..

My breasts look so sad and sloppy in a bra! I have to literally rearrange them in there. Granted I could definitely squeeze them in to a smaller size but I refuse to spend money on bras with surgery so soon! The bra I am wearing is an Australian 14c, I am not sure what size that translates to. I used to fill it out ever so slightly better but in the last nine months I have lost a bit of weight due to being gluten and dairy intolerant!

Fees paid!!!

I have officially paid my surgeons and aneasthetist fees! The hospital fee is due to be paid on the day of surgery! Wow it's actually happening! I feel really excited today. Ive been waiting for this for so long and I've been dreaming about boobs most nights! Crossing the days off my calendar every day is definitely making
me feel that time going fast but I want it to go faster haha. Now I just have to go and buy my garments and have my final consult before surgery. I think I am going to buy two surgical bras and two sets of the compression shorts so I can wash thrm. My surgeon wanted to see me two weeks before my surgery but it's Easter long weekend and public holiday so I'm seeing him three weeks before. Can't wait to see him one last time and ask all my final questions!

Clothed befores...

Urgh I HATE how my books look in my clothes! I absolutely cannot wait for some fullness!

The no exercising after surgery is freaking me out a bit. I am worried I'm going to get super bored and depressed not being active!

Wish pics...

25 days to go until my surgery! My final consult with my surgeon is booked for Wednesday 23rd at 3pm, a week from today! I have a list of questions I keep adding to when new ones come to me. Hopefully he can answer them all. He's clearly very skilled and knowledgable but he talks so much and so fast. I am taking a pen with me this time to jot down the important information. Anyway here are my wish boobs taken from other real self users. This site has been such a blessing! I am thankful everyday that I found it . X

Retrying upload

No idea why my pics didn't upload!

3 weeks to go, really starting to freak out!!!

I'm still undeniably excited about my surgery and I am definitely going ahead with it but I am also starting to really freak out! :-S I mean reeeeeally starting to freak out. There's only 22 days standing in the way of me and my new body!

I'm not really worried about the aneasthetic or the actual surgery. I am getting anxiety about the recovery and implications of being out of action.

I am a really healthy and active person. My diet is the best it's ever been and my weight is stable and has been for over a year (previous history of eating disorders). My job is very active and I am on my feet most of the day. I practice yoga 6 times a week, meditate and complete daily stretches because I have ridiculously tight glutes and hamstrings. I also do three spin classes a week.

I've recently been seeing a naturopath for digestive health support and take iron, adrenal support and gut flora capsuals. I've never had this much energy! I also see a chiropractor and podiatrist to fix my lower back pain. I now have to wear orthotics in my shoes. I've finally got to a place where all my niggles are ironing out and I feel completely 100% healthy in body, mind and spirit. And 90% happy in my appearance haha. My skin is glowing and I feel happy everyday. In that respect this feels like the perfect time to have surgery because I am feeling so 'together' and I know that fixing my banana rolls and saggy boobs will just complete the package.

Buuuuut..... And here's the but.... Because I am finally in this positive state of well being I am so frightened that having this surgery and being out of action is going to take me right back to square one! I might have to stop taking my supplements two weeks prior to surgery (going to discuss this with my surgeon on Wednesday) and I am not going to be able to exercise or stretch for however many weeks. I love exercise and I love being outside and busy doing things. I'm really worried that I am going to get all stiff, my back pain will return, I will lose all my positive energy, suffer with my digestion and become miserable! As much as I try and push these thoughts out of mind they keep sneaking back in so I am writing this on my review to get it all off my chest. Even if no one reads this it is helping me to get it all out! I am hoping that a discussion with my surgeon on Wednesday will ease my mind a bit.

In the meantime, if anyone has made it to this far in my novel, do you have any ideas, suggestions or tips to help me?

How long have people been completely out of action for after surgery?

When did you feel okay to return to work?

When did you feel able to start exercising again? And what exercise did you start off doing?

When did your bowels return to normal?

How did you keep yourself and your mind busy when completely out of action?

A big thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to respond!

Have a happy weekend xxx

Final consult done and dusted.... :-)

So I ended up having my final consult today, exactly three weeks prior to my surgery. It was moved forward from Wednesday which I was really happy about! I also picked up my surgical garments on the way home. It's all feeling so real now. I purchased two surgical bras (black and beige) and two bike shorts looking compression garments (black and beige) for the lipo.

I feel a lot less anxious after seeing my surgeon today. I went to the consult very well prepared with a list of questions and two folders of photos on my phone of boobs I do and don't like. Just my own personal aesthetic preferences.

One thing I am really happy about is he said I can continue to take my supplements right up until my surgery! Yay! He also gave me a prescription for sleeping tablets to start using a few days before my operation if I need to. I am hoping not to need them but at least it's an option, I am a firm believer in getting enough sleep! I also got some antibacterial soap to use prior and post surgery with some very specific washing instructions!

He answered all of my questions so confidently and with clarity and ease which of course has really put my mind at rest! He said he will discuss exercise and scar treatment with me in my follow up appointment two weeks after surgery. In the first two weeks I am allowed to continue normal activities only and zero exercise. I'm actually seeing him before the two week mark as he's going away.

When I showed him photos of the boobs I like (I showed him the same pictures I posted as my wish pics) he changed my implant order from high profile to ultra high profile. Not really sure how I feel about this! I'm about to start researching them! Does anyone else have UHP? He's taking three sizes in to surgery ... 350,375 and 400cc so at this stage I don't know what I will end up with. I want them to look big and round but I don't want to look like they are stuck on my chest! I guess I have to trust his judgement.

Because I am combining one area of Vaser lipo (banana roll) with the breast surgery I have to have lymphatic drainage massage... About to try and find a therapist who does this in my local area.

I bought this nightdress and haven't worn it yet as I hate how it looks on me with my saggy boobs. Can't wait to fill it out!

Got my surgical garments! 2.5 weeks to go!

I am feeling a lot more relaxed and excited for my surgery after my week of freaking out last week. Seeing my surgeon really helped put my mind at ease! I feel like he now knows the exact look I am after and I got all the information I needed in terms of after care. I feel really prepared. I just need to get a few more bits: antibacterial soap, meds and pads for the bed as I might leak after lipo (gross) and I'm good to go! I tried on my surgical bra and absolutely HATE how my current boobs look in there. They're such an odd saggy shape! Can't wait to fill it out properly :)

The banana roll....

I've been focusing all of my attention on my breast surgery that I sometimes forget I am also getting Vaser lipo on my banana rolls.

I have hated these little buggers ever since they appeared! I never had them until I gained a lot of weight in 2012 and then lost it all plus some more. I lost the excess weight very evenly apart from under my bum! I don't get why they are there and find them a real nuisance. Mainly because of all the hard work I put in exercising and eating a healthy diet. Needless to say I'm so excited to finally get rid of them.

I don't ever wear short shorts or bikini bottoms without shorts on over the top. Which can lead to funny tan lines! My banana rolls are visible in my gym pants, jeans and tight dresses. I have tried everything to avoid surgery... Squat programs, lunges, loosing body fat, cardio, crossfit, cycling, targeted cardio like step ups etc, alpha shape and even certain body scrubs and firming moisturisers! I genuinely believe surgery is my only option here! My leg and glute muscles feel really firm under the ugly rolls of fat so my surgeon is confident I will get a good result and avoid the bum sag so many people talk about.

I haven't told anyone other than my boyfriend about this part of the surgery because I'm embarrassed I even have them let alone the fact I am undergoing lipo to get rid of them! At 26 years old I really don't want to be hiding away anymore due to saggy breasts and an ugly banana roll bum! These two aspects of my body seem to affect everything I wear and how I feel in clothes. Once these two areas of my body are fixed up I will genuinely be 100% body confident. That may sound 'big headed' or arrogant of me. But it's not about me thinking I am gods gift, it is about the effort I put in to maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy mind and I just want the body to match! I have put a lot of work in understanding I am not perfect and never will be but coming to terms with my flaws and celebrating them. I get pimples, I forget to shave my legs, I have stretch marks and cellulite, I have rolls when I sit down, my third toe is the longest and all of that is okay!

The photos I am uploading are actually in exceptionally good lighting and don't really show the true extent of my banana rolls! There is another photo in my first post of me in a bikini that gives a more accurate image of what they are really like.

Surgery Day tomorrow!!!

So tomorrow is the big day!! In the lead up to surgery I have focused on not being impatient, anxious or stressed about the procedure. I have taken time to do something for myself every day to try and feel the best I possibly can on the day inside and out. It's a given that I am going to be feeling pretty yuk after surgery so I did some simple things to pamper and relax my body. I really believe that all of these things have contributed to my feeling so prepared and positive about the procedure. Doing this has also kept my mind and body busy so that any subconscious anxieties, negative thoughts or worries haven't had the opportunity to creep in.

I started by cleaning the whole house, getting all the washing done and changing the bed sheets. I feel a million times better mentally when my house is clean and tidy. It has that fresh feel to it and means I am not constantly stressing about when I'm going to have time to clean! My partner and I are really good at keeping on top of the cleaning so now it's done I will have time to recover before it needs to be done that throughly again. Changing our sheets to the good ones has really allowed me to sleep soundly and get the rest I need. Although tomorrow morning I will be taking the good sheets off and putting on a mattress protector and the old sheets we downgraded to camping sheets!

My week has then consisted of doing these simple things to feel good:
- taking each day as it comes, not thinking too far ahead
- practising yoga for 45 minutes a day
- Meditation for 10 minutes a day
- Positive affirmations (there's a really cool Apple app I use)
- Ensuring I have all supplements, cosmetics, toiletries and prescriptions to keep me going for at least two weeks post op
- I did a full food shop to ensure there is plenty of food in the house while I am recovering
- I got a manicure and pedicure (even though this might be removed on the day)
- I did an at home facial with a face mask from the health store
- I got my eyebrows (and moustache) waxed haha
- I had a really long shower, exfoliated, shaved and moisturised (I had to use surgical wash for a week prior to surgery and my surgeon okay'd using sorbolene to moisturise)
- I washed my hair and did an intensive conditioning mask
- I enjoyed my final three spin classes at the gym and worked my arse off even harder as I know I will be getting a long break soon
- I went to the local library and got out some books to keep me occupied while I am recovering (mostly on positive mental attitude, natural medicine and spirituality)

And finallyyyyyy..... Today, the the day before my operation, my partner and I went for a really lovely lunch out together, a nice walk and stocked up on pana chocolate!! It's an organic dairy, sugar and preservative free brand but it's absolutely DELICIOUS!!

Now you're probably thinking this b*#~h is crazy but hey it's worked for me haha! I am going in to tomorrow feeling totally relaxed and confident in my decision.

Surgery done!

I had my surgery yesterday! I could not be feeling any happier! I'm on cloud 9. I can barely feel the lipo incisions at all, but I am oozing quite a bit. And my boobs are throbbing and sore but nothing I can't handle! I took a while to come round after the procedure and was on strong pain meds yesterday. But today I have just taken nurofen and Panadol. I will upload some pictures when I am able to take them. But so far so good!

Photos Day 3

Hi all!

Just posting another update with a couple of pictures. I'm less wacked out this time haha, I had to laugh reading back through my post op post. I was definitely high on painkillers! Sorry the pictures are not the best quality. My partner went back to work today so it just me at home, I couldn't get any good ones without assistance.

I ended up with 400cc ultra high profile round mentor implants in both left and ride side :-) So happy! When I first saw that implant size on his desk I thought wooooah that's massive and it was my biggest possible implant size. And now I have it in I think it's fits perfectly! I am so in love with the size and the shape and where he's put my nipples. I've had a sink wash today and took my garments off to do so. My thighs are very bruised and my incisions are oozy but the lipo looks amazing! Exactly what I wanted! I can't believe this is my body now. Aside from some aches and pains I feel super! I am having one tramadol and one sleeping tablet at night and then just Panadol during the day.

More photos to follow when my partner is around to take some!

Day 4 Photo

A front facing photo! I feel completely normal today. Ive fallen in to a bit of a routine while I've been off recovering that is working well for me. I wake up when my partner gets up and goes to work, have my morning coffee and my breakfast with my supplements. I try and move around a bit in the morning, attempt to wash some dishes, tidy them away, wash my body and read. Then I have some leftovers for lunch, watch some movies and browse the Internet. I managed to hang some washing out yesterday, I'm being mindful of taking it easy but my surgeon said being 'normally active' is equally as important. I figure that the menial household chores I've been doing fall into normal activities. Then I wait for my partner to come home and chill in the evenings with him! We went to his parents house for dinner last night - I was tired and sore on the way home but felt fine. I have stopped oozing from the lipo incisions now, yay! And have also opened my bowels everyday apart from the day of surgery. Pretty impressed with that to be honest! I was really expecting to suffer with constipation. I took one tramadol last night but am going to try and see how without one tonight. I will take some Panadol if I need to throughout the day today. I didn't need to take any yesterday. My friend came over and I think talking to he took my mind off the pain! She bought over gluten and dairy free snacks for me :-)

1 week post op

So I made it to one week post op! I feel completely normal and positive in myself. I am very bruised from the lipo on my thighs! It looks hideous but overall I am not experiencing any pain or negative side effects from the lipo at all. 100% worth it in my opinion. I only leaked fluid for two days (the day of the op and the day after) I was expecting way worse in that respect. I bought a mattress protector and put old sheets and a towel on our bed. I could of got away with just the towel! But never mind, I'd rather be extra prepared. There is no sign of my banana roll what so ever, it's well and truly gone! And my butt is still nice and peachy, no sag at all. The garment is a little awkward and hideous but again, no dramas.

Now to the boobs! Overall I am extremely pleased with my result this far. There really isn't much change from the picture I posted before. I am not experiencing much pain at all, I haven't taken any pain meds at all for a few days now. I do get a bit sore, achey and awkward towards the end of the day. I am worried when I feel a prick in my incision or a slight pull when moving around. I really don't want to do any damage! But I'm sure that's normal? It's just when I get in and out of bed or up off the couch. I drove for the first time yesterday with very few issues. 5th gear and roundabouts were my only slight concern when I could feel an ache. I won't be driving unless absolutely necessary. I have noticed some browny/red staining on my dressings around both nipples. I've contacted my surgeon about this. I am sure it's just normal but it wasn't there a couple of days ago so I want to be sure it's not some sign of infection or something! I'm waiting for him to get back to me, I'm seeing him in three days anyway.

My only slight concern/worry is that my breasts do not feel very high at all. I was expecting them to feel under my chin but they just feel like they are already in normal position! I really don't want them to drop! I'm going to wear my support garment for longer than I have to and buy extremely high impact sports bras and good quality normal bras. I know dropping is part of the process but I think my boobs will be too low if they drop?! I'm going to talk to my surgeon about this on Thursday.

Here is a before and after or my boobs in a night dress I bought prior to surgery. Very happy with how I can actually fill it out now. I finally have the breasts of a 25 year old!!

Lipo photo

I realise I haven't posted any lipo photos. For anyone whose interested this is my result so far. I might still be swollen and surgeons say not to expect the final result for 3 months but I am more happy if things do stay as they are! As you can see the areas I hated have very much disappeared and my bum hasn't sagged or dropped at all. Literally could not be happier. I now can't wait to wear a bikini! It will be such a relief to wear a bikini without shorts over the top! Bring on our holiday!

10 days post op - dressings off!

I had my first post op appointment today - slightly earlier than the two week mark as my surgeon is going away to a conference. No pain taking the dressings off, just like pulling off a plaster lol. I was very excited/nervous to see my nipples and my incisions. I'm really happy with the result. I think my incisions are minimal and I love my new small nipples! Here's some pictures. I'm standing a little wonky in the photo hence the wonky look of my breasts. They are ever so slightly a bit of an odd shape but my surgeon said that will settle in time. I'm not worried at all, I feel really positive about them and my decision to have surgery.

Two weeks post op - EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!

Today marks two weeks post op. My actual boobs seem to be doing fine thankfully. I am still absolutely loving how they look. However... Last night I spent the night in hospital on morphine :-( I've been discharged today but still experiencing a lot of discomfort. I'm back on pain meds and can definitely tell when I'm due my next dose!

Yesterday evening around 6pm I tried to open a jar when cooking and got an excruciating pain in my right breast and armpit. I stopped immediately and sat down. The pain seemed to pass and I just thought it was my bodies way of telling me to slow down and that I had maybe overdone it a bit or twisted awkwardly opening the jar. Anyway to cut a long story short the pain continued like a burning throb in my armpit and a sharp stab everytime I moved my arm. It became so severe that I couldn't move my arm without crying out in pain. I had got undressed ready to put my pjs on and relax on the couch but I couldn't put my pjs on or do anything without being in absolute agony. I called my boyfriend and he came straight home to help me. We put my pjs on and he made me some food. I took some oxycodene and a tamazapan and laid down in bed. The pain became so severe it was actually radiating through me. It was more painful than the day of surgery! I started to feel nauseous and of course I panicked and became hysterical that I had hurt myself so bad. The oxy had not even touched the pain - it was getting worse not better!

My boyfriend tried calling my surgeon to no avail and ended up taking me straight to emergency. They took some blood, did an X-ray and an examination. I ended up staying the night and required morphine to let anyone near my breast and arm.

The good news is that there is absolutely no sign of infection, rupture or internal bleeding. The Drs and nurses all complimented how well I'm healing and how great the incisions look. The bad news is that I have most likely torn my chest muscle and aggravated the area and all the nerve endings that were manipulated during surgery. There is nothing I can do other than take painkillers to stay comfortable and rest it as much as possible. My right breast and armpit area is extremely tender to touch so obviously I am doing my best not to touch it and keep it well rested. I've pretty much slept the entire day because of painkillers. The dr is pretty sure I have not done any permenent damage and told me to contact me surgeon to get him to check me over. The only problem is my surgeon is actually away at the moment! But I will ring tomorrow and get his next available appointment.

Obviously this is a bit of a setback as I was due to return to work tomorrow and have been doing really well with my healing but I refuse to let it get to me! And I'm super happy that they still look fabulous, aren't infected or ruptured and haven't changed in appearance at all despite the new damage/pain. There is no bruising or swelling either - just a horrible pain! I wanted to upload a photo but I can't take one comfortably!

16 days post op

The pain is definitely subsiding! Yay! Today I have managed not to take any painkillers so far :-) Here are the photos I wanted to include in the last review but couldn't take until today!

Three weeks!

Not much change or anything new to really report! I've stopped hurting where I pulled my muscle opening the stupid jar! I've got a lot more movement back in my arm but still can't lift my arms above my head. My partner is washing my hair for me! And I'm definitely tired and sore at the end of the day. I've been back at work two days now. I had another check over from my surgeon because of the setback I had and he's happy that everything is healing fine. Still not allowed to put anything on my incisions, he was very strict about this. I'm dying to at least moisturise them but I will do what he says and leave them alone. I'm seeing him again in another three weeks (at the six week mark) and then I will be allowed to know what to put on them. I am also hoping I will be able to stop wearing my lipo garment. The surgical bra isn't bothering me at all, I actually find it really comfortable. Just ugly! I've attached some photos but I can't see any change from the two week mark

4 weeks

Again nothing to really report. Incisions are looking a bit red but I guess that's to be expected. Still wearing my surgical bra. I'm able to do all normal activities but no exercise. No pain or stiffness anymore. One of my boobs (I think it's the right one) seems to be changing a bit. It's dropping maybe or with the swelling reducing its ever so slightly an odd shape. I'm not bothered, they're a million times better than they were!

The surgery roller coaster! 5 weeks tomorrow

Hi all :-) I had a bit of a down week last week, I think I can put it down to my time of the month and stress from work. Both of which have resolved themselves now! I didn't regret the surgery at any point but I felt a bit bummed and negative. I was over analysing every aspect of my boobs and from every angle and I started convincing myself my nipples were wonky and that one was bigger than the other. Such ridiculous things to be thinking. As if it really matters if they aren't identical! They weren't the same before and they look a hell of a lot better now both in and out of clothes! Needless to say I certainly feel more optimistic today. Tomorrow marks five weeks post op and I have to say the no exercise thing is really bothering me now. I was very active before surgery and have consistently exercised for three years. I have never had this long of a break from working out. It is mainly bothering me as I had lipo and surgeons normally recommended exercising for optimum results but I am unable to! Well I rebelled today and did a workout. I did all lower body and my boobs were not effected in any way. I don't recommended people not taking advice from their surgeons but for anyone whose interested here is what I did... 20 body weight squats, 20 step ups on to a bench (10 each leg), 20 reverse lunges (10 each leg) 20 second wall sit I did this five times. It damn near killed me. My fitness has definitely gone out the window haha. All I would say is be careful with the step ups, landing too hard could make the boobies bounce! So at five weeks I can honestly say I am thrilled with my boobs. I tried on a dress today that I absolutely love but never wore it because it made my boobs look horrendous and saggy and highlighted the fact I couldn't fill a bra. I was very pleased with how I looked in it today and when I next wear it I won't need a bra! I've attached some photos! Apologies for the quality! Now the lipo I am not so thrilled with but again... I may be over analysing and searching for perfection when we all know perfection doesn't really exist! My boyfriend thinks I'm absolutely mental. But the other day I was certain the ugly banana roll I hated so much is on the return! Immediately post surgery I adored my results. But five weeks on now the swelling is subsiding I'm not so happy. I am hoping it is still just swelling, as the area is very tender, numb and puffy still. I'm making a conscious effort to be patient as today after my naughty workout it seemed to have gone down a bit. Or maybe I am just looking at it more positively?! I don't know. I will post pictures and you can make your own minds up lol! I'm seeing my surgeon tomorrow so I will do another update to let people know what he recommends for my scars. Up until now I haven't used a single thing - not even moisturiser.

6 weeks! Loving life :-)

Hello! Thank you to everyone that has been following my progress and posting lovely comments! I really appreciate it and I am glad there are people out there that find my journey helpful. So for those of you who are interested today is exactly six weeks post surgery. I'm still obsessed with my new boobs and I still absolutely love them. I'm ecstatic with my result and think my surgeon has definitely given me exactly what I wanted. In terms of healing most of the time I forget I've even had the surgery now. I don't get any pain and I'm able to do everything I used to do before like lift dresses over my head, wash and dry my own hair and get things off high shelves etc. I had an appointment with my surgeon last week and he said I can start returning to exercise now but advised me not to do anything that involves jumping around or running. I only really did spin class and yoga pre surgery anyway. I'm nervous about going back to the gym, I set out to do a workout at home this evening but when I got in I couldn't be arsed! Which was highly unlike me pre surgery! But I've packed my gym bag and plan to go to the 6am spin class tomorrow. My surgeon said I can stop wearing my compression garments (yay!) and said I could get fitted for a bra. He said that by six weeks my swelling will have gone and my breasts won't change too much more. I had some hassle with getting fitted this weekend! I went to one shop and got measured as a 34DD/E. But they didn't have anything much for me to try in that size. And the lady suggested wire free bras for a few weeks before trying underwire. Then I went to a second store and she measured me as a 32 band width and even their 32G bra didn't fit me. So I went to a different store and tried on a few 34DD bras and none of them fit compfortably. So I don't really know what to do... I'm still wearing my compression bra. I bought two sports bras and this was also a massive hassle and I'm not convinced they fit me properly. I bought size 12s in the end, the band width fits perfectly but I feel really squished in. The 14 fit better round the cup but was too baggy on the band width. So frustrating! I'm also a bit annoyed about knowing what to put on my incisions. To this day I have not used a single product on them, no moisturiser, scar creams or anything other than soap when washing. Everytime I see my surgeon he says he will discuss scar products with me next time.... I'm not seeing him again until my 12 week post op appointment. So I'm expected to wait that long?? I've seen many women able to use scar products at 6 weeks so I'm thinking I'm just going to start using bio oil at the very least. Other than that I can't think of much else to report! I've attached some photos I took just now.

Nine weeks!!

So the boobs are looking bloody fantastic and I'm absolutely in awe of them! My surgeon has completely exceeded my expectations and given me exactly what I wanted! I can't even describe how happy I am. My confidence has sky rocketed! I feel so good in and out of clothes! I haven't updated sooner as there hasn't really been much to report! But now I can really see that they've settled and look different. I am back at the gym fully now, I've done about six spin classes with no problems at all, some lower body workouts using weights like back squats, hamstring curls, lunges etc and a full body exercise class using super light kettlebells for upper body. I think they were 10lbs. I'm going to talk to my surgeon about lifting heavier when I see him at the twelve week mark. Until then I am just happy being able to do what I'm doing. I've had no pain, aching or anything for a good couple weeks now. My boyfriend has been resting his head on them and copping a good feel and it hasn't hurt me. I still get worried I might 'break' them but that's ridiculous lol! My incisions are healing nicely and looking good. I haven't used anything on them as my surgeon still hasn't told me what I can use. At my last appointment the incision was a tiny bit scabby so he said he wasn't comfortable with me putting anything on them yet but I'm going to buy some bio oil and start using that. It can't do any harm! I am in normal underwire bras during the day, a sports bra for exercise and a bonds maternity bra at night as I just wanted something comfortable. I have been measured as a 32E/F depending on the brand of bra! The 32F nearly gave me a heart attack but my boobs don't look disproportionate to my body so I'm not too fussed about their actual size! I don't think there's much else to report! But I'm happy to answer any questions!

Banana roll 9 weeks

I am unsure what I think or how I feel about the banana roll right now. It's stressed me out a bit so at the moment I'm choosing not to look at it or get too hung up about it. I'm working my legs and glutes and doing lots of cycling. I had the lymphatic massages and wore my garment day and night for six weeks. It's not perfect and it's not exactly what I wanted. However.... There is definitely SOME improvement from before surgery and from a few weeks ago when I first noticed it had returned. The improvement I've noticed is from the side. But it is definitely still visible from behind :-( Which was my main concern when wearing a bikini or short shorts. Now I have to point out that the pictures are in an extremely flattering lighting and my cellulite, dimply skin and banana roll is definitely more visible outside in natural lighting. It's winter here or I would put my bikini on and take some photos outside! What do you guys think?

The banana roll....

I think I have changed my mind about the reaults of my banana roll lipo. I am feeling really happy about it today and glad I did it. Curiosity got the better of me and I put on my blue bikini (which no longer fits my boobs!) and went outside. My partner took a picture of me and I compared it with the picture he took before my surgery and I have to say there is 100% definitely a difference. I think I needed to do that to really realise. As I've been focusing so much on my result from the side. The over critical part of me is aware that it's not taken in exactly the same lighting as its winter here now. I think the direct sunlight will highlight it a bit more but with some more booty building exercises I will have the butt I dreamed of!

17 weeks/4 months post

Here is how my breasts are looking 17 weeks post op. I'm totally in love with everything about them! No regrets here at all.

I haven't been putting anything on my scars except bio oil. As I did not like the look of what my surgeon recommended. It was a product containing acetone and it didn't sit well with me. So I'm using bio oil and looking for something silicone based.

I am also super happy with my lipo results. Yes there is still a very slight banana roll there but I'm over caring about it because the difference and improvement is huge!

19 weeks/ nearly 5 months post op

Hello ladies,

I haven't been updating as regularly as I haven't felt like there's been anything to say or any changes. I am exercising completely normally and vigorously like I did before I had the surgery and carrying out all normal duties. When I do push ups or some chest movements I do feel my implants move a little but I'm used to it now!

I'm wearing a bra every day, I love bra shopping now! I've held off and only bought four. There's conflicting opinions on when breasts are fully settled and at their final size but I've decided to go ahead and buy more at the six month mark. My bra size varies depending on the style and brand of bra. I've got two boring plain bras for work by triumph in 32E. And then two evening/weekend bras by different brands in 32F. So it's just a matter of trying them on. I call the assistant in to check the fit now as I don't actually know what I'm looking for! I asked for DD but I'm so happy with the result I literally don't care what size they are! They're a perfect fit for my frame and body. I have wireless ultra high impact sports bras in 32E and I sleep in a low impact very soft sports bra.

I'm very lazy with scar management. I've just bought some pure vitamin E oil that was recommended to me by a friend who had the same procedure. I've been using it less than a week so we will see. In all honesty the scars don't bother me at all. I thought they would but I couldn't care less. My partner is also not fussed. He's very happy with the result! And I look and feel amazing in underwear and clothes and that was the important thing for me.

I've uploaded a picture of before and after in a bra. As you can see, big difference. My saggy skin was just wedged in the bra before! And one other picture of just after surgery and today. They've really settled now and I still love them. I do miss the size, roundness and highness of them post op though ha ha.

My backside...

I haven't updated the lipo situation much but since I've been trying on bikinis and took some pictures I thought I'd update my review.

I'm actually still a bit bruised on the left which has really surprised me, and my skin on the left side is bumpy. It's my 'worse' side and I'm interested to know what the surgeon says when I see him next month. He hasn't looked at the lipo once yet - he didn't want to see it until my six month check up.

I still don't particularly like my behind from the back.... I still feel like I have the rolls. I work glutes and legs in the gym and don't feel like my work shows in my body but hey ho at least there's an improvement overall!

These were taken today.... Approximately 5 months post op.

Nearly 8 months post op

Absolutely loving my new boobs! They don't feel new anymore, I feel like I've always had them. I'm completely comfortable with them. Working out and wearing sports bras feels completely normal. Although I did burst a front zipped one open at the gym not long ago! I love the size, I love how they look in bras and clothes and I love the shape. I love being able to wear sexy backless dresses without a bra. I can make them look ridiculously big if I want to or I can dress them down for work and they look perfectly proportional to my frame.

I haven't put anything on my scars for a really long time. I've been super lazy. I might try and buy some more pure vitamin E for them. But honestly the scars really don't bother me or my partner. No one can see them apart from us. I'm super confident with them naked, in bras and in a bikini so that's all o care about.

My only one negative comment is they are ever so slightly uneven and my nipples don't quite sit the same. The surgeon said to leave it till my 9 month post op to discuss options. He said he can easily correct it if I wish but I'm not sure it bothers me enough to have more surgery.

My lipo results are still the same. The surgeon wasn't happy with the results and wants to correct it. There's still a slight banana roll on one side and a slight saddlebag on the other side. I'm looking in to having it corrected but again I'm in no rush. I'm going to wait till next year to sort it all out.

Here's some updated photos!
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