Full TT - Revision of a MiniTT Done 8 Months Ago - Austin, TX

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I needed to have 2 hernias repaired and an ovary...

I needed to have 2 hernias repaired and an ovary removed last spring. I had a very large diastasis to be repaired also. General surgeon and a gynecologist did the surgery. I asked the surgeon to remove the excess skin from my pregnancies. She said that would be a mini TT. I ended up being very disappointed in the mini. I did not go into surgery with the expectations of ever really wearing a bikini again, I just wanted to look normal. My muscle repair really helped the overall appearance of my tummy because there had been a huge gap there that was very noticeable. I was left with a lot of loose skin and some large fatty lumpy spots!! The only solution is to now have a full TT. I'm nervous. I had unbelievable pain with my previous surgery - and I spent 3 nights in the hospital! This time it will be outpatient and I will have to spend the first night in a hotel!! I wore sundresses for 2 months after my previous surgery! Pants felt toooo weird and uncomfortable. I don't know what to wear since it will be too cold for sundresses!!

"Before" pics!!

Ok. Here are my before pics. These were taken today. I don't have any pics that were before my MiniTT. Since I was having hernias repaired and a tumor removed, the mini was not the priority in my mind. NOW my tummy is a priority bc it doesn't look good! I lived for 17 years with an ugly tummy and when I had the chance to have it fixed, well I was left with just a different kind of ugly tummy!! Believe it or not my original post- babies tummy was horrendous. I was only pregnant from the belly button down so I had a lot of extra skin. I just hope that my after pics will be good this time!!!

Made it to the other side!

Hi all. Well I did have my surgery on the 30th! My doctor was feeling better so it was 3 days later than planned but I'm glad it is behind me now! I had a full TT and although I had muscle repair last year with my miniTT , he did a full corset muscle plication from the sternum down. He was really worried about what he would find at my belly button site since I had so much work there with my previous hernia repair. Plus my belly button was not centered. He kept warning me about the possibility that it might die.
After surgery he said that everything looked great and I had very healthy tissue! He belly button stalk was short so he did get it centered but it may end up pulling a bit to one side as it heals.
I am very sore. The only thing I have for pain is norco (Vicodin). Night one was awful but that was mainly bc we were in a hotel. I'm glad to be home. Drains are fine. Fluid gets lighter every day.
My ps requires patients to stay completely flexed at all times. I have to walk with my hands on my knees!! So that's the worst part right now. He won't let me start straightening up until like two weeks or more so not sure how that's going to happen when I start back to work!
I will try to post a pic tomorrow when my hubby unfastened my binder to change dressing - the worst feeling ever!!
Oh and my surgery ended up happening on my hubby's birthday! Was sad that he had to deal with that on his day, but I promised I'd make it up to him in a few weeks!! ;)

4 days PO Picture

Took this pic today. Doesn't look great to me but what do I know?! He could not get rid if all of my stretch marks so I have them starting below my bb now. Also he had to put a small vertical scar to close up my old bn. There just wasn't enough skin to get rid of everything. He said that in a year or so as things loosen up I could do a little scar revision if I want. I'm pretty small at 5'2" and 115 pounds so I knew that it was a possibility that he wouldn't have enough to really work with. I'm fine with it though at this point.

16 days PO

Well I had my 2 week appointment on Thursday. They took out my last drain and removed my stiches. The best part was that they told me to switch to Spanx or a corset type thing and sleep in my binder!!!!!! I got a Flezees waist nipper. It's ok but it rolls up a little when I sit down. I ordered spanx higher power so I will see how those work.
My ps wants me to keep a foam earplug in my bb at all times. So I'm doing that now. He also wants me to keep micropore tape on my incision until he switches me to scar care. I like this tape because it is fleshtone so it makes my scar less noticable. I have a vertical incision between my main scar and bb too but it will eventually blend in with my remaining stretchmarks. I am extremely swollen - especially at the incision. The skin is hard and swollen.

4 weeks, 3 days!!

Well, life has cranked it up since my last update! I took off 2 weeks from work for my surgery, so that first week back was pretty tough. I wore sweats and yoga pants - to my dismay - but made it through. My second week back at work was a little easier. I wasn't quite as exhausted and - Hallejuah - I could wear my jeans!! It was a hectic week, though because I commute to work each day and then had a track meet, a tennis tournament, a band concert, and cheer tryouts!! Back to Mom duties!! It was a very long and action-packed week, but again, I survived!!
I still have a lot of swelling at the incision and below:/. I also have sooooo much tightness in my upper abs when I sit for a while at work. Enough that it pulls me into the hunch. I still get swelling and hardness all over my tummy.
I will start Newgel scar strips when the get here this week. They are extremely expensive, so I only purchased 2 months worth for my big scar. My ps gave me enough samples for my bb to use for several months. I'm just glad that my scar is low enough that it can be easily hidden!! I'm still using the earplug in my bb.
I started walking this past week. Just a couple of miles at the track. Soon I will start walking the hills in my neighborhood.
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