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My doc is great and started me on Arnica and...

My doc is great and started me on Arnica and healthy diet and no wine and had to stop certain vitamins. I wasn't going to post anything but noticed that a lot of the posts were people younger than I was so wanted to share my experience for anyone that has waited as long as I have. I take really good care of myself and exercise 6 days a week (yoga, kickboxing, weights and still the big tummy. The doc said he's doing no lipo just tt and muscle tightening. Because there is no lipo he does not like the compression garment so despite waht I've read I will trust him as he has an amazing reputation and very skilled. He did a friend of mine's tt and breast lift and both are beautiful. I bought all my supplies and sleep aids from relax the back store, dinners for two weeks and just waiting to get everything in motion. House is clean, bathroom and gauze, towels prepapred and tonight I'm making pizza but no wine for me. I even have my lymphatic massages scheduled for 8 days after my surgery.... nothing to do now but wait and hope for good results and say my prayers.Once I can I will post pictures and share more about what I did to prep and my experience. The doctor makes you stay two nights at the surgical hospital and my husband can stay with me so it's kind of like a really bad vacation for him. Hope to have good positive news to report back next week.

Today is the day...on my way to the hospital,...

Today is the day...on my way to the hospital, surgery is at 12:00. Yesterday I ate avacado tacos with spinach and veggies... lots of mango/papaya/blueberry shakes mixed with pea protein, tons of water so I feel cleaned out this morning and ready to go. It's amazing how hungry and thirst I am this morning probabIy because I can't eat or drink anything. I took four arnica when I woke this morning and then ammend (anti nausea) at 10:30 and won't return home from the hospital until Friday. Said my morning prayer and very optomistic and happy that today has finally arrived.

I'm almost two days post op and thrilled to pieces...

I'm almost two days post op and thrilled to pieces. I'm comfy taking pain killers and eating all three meals plus lots of water and fruit.sleeping all night long since day 1 and only wake to take my pills. Walking is tough but I got.a walker which has helped. The only thing that has made me sad is why didn't I do this sooner Haven't been able to have a bm yet but hopefully soon. Doc used tape and
glue so no oozing, two drains and the pain pump. I love my new crafted belly button which is an inny.... My doc is gifted. No compression garment and the liquid in my drains are about 20cc every 12 hours so they shouldd be ready to come out Monday or Tuesday. At 54 I couldn't be happier and hope the rest of my journey just gets better. The most pain is after you're unhooked from the hospital iv meds and you have to start walking.... Mostly in the back but the walker and a heating pad are great. Also s few times when.people help slid the pillows back too quickly and you tense the tummy... Ouch. Swelling feels like tour stomach is in a vice but overall being prepared and poditive attitude help a lot. Will post a pic in a couple of days.

Today is day 11 and everything started going...

Today is day 11 and everything started going uphill after week one. Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to tummy tucks and I realized that second guessing, trying to analyze my scar, anticipate the outcome was all a waste of time. Just concentrate on eating right, taking care of yourself and following all the excellent advice from your physian and give yourself time to feel whatever your unique feeling are but know that it gets better every day and by day 11 I feel like my old self. I did everything as instructed (took my arnica, rested, bromelain, got off the pain meds on day four and yes, if you see the new pics I posted my doc said no compression garments and I picked him so have follwed his instructions to the detail and I think these pictures were taken after lunch day eleven and I'm still swollen but so happy. The darins came out on day 6 and no bandages. The first 4 nights I slept on out sofa. I purchased the sleep system from the "Relax your back store" but our bed was too high for me to get into. Now I'm back in bed taking showers on my own and walking almost upright. My tummy is super tight and the insicion line very tight but hey, I can put up with that because all that loose skin is gone. Don't understimate planning ahead, and eating well and resting and not pushing yoourself too hard and keep your hands really clean at all times. All in all it was painful the first few days and a little scary but try to focus on taking the best care of yourself and wear only comfortable loose clothes.... let yourself heal. I still use the antiseptic soap above my insision when showering. The drain holes have completely closed up and i'm in my fifties so ladies age just doesn't matter as long as you're in good health.

It's been six weeks posting new pictures! Every...

It's been six weeks posting new pictures! Every day I feel better and more like myself. I still have swelling as you can see below the belly button but thank God nothing major and healing is going very well. There is some puffiness still on the sides of my incision where there was a small amount of lipo but the doctor said this should even out within the next couple of weeks. I am using Scar Guard MD and Gel Zone. In the morning when I get up I massage scargone massage oil into the incision. I leave it on while I'm having my morning shake for about an hour. Then I shower and apply Scar Guard in the morning and re-apply in the evening. Yesterday was my first attempt to exercise and I got through 3/4 of my 45 minute core ball workout. Some of the ab exercies were uncomfortable so I switched them around and let my body guide me. The majority of the swelling is from my scar to my belly button. There is a harder ridge which is somewhat flat in the morning but gets larger as the day goes on. All in all no pain and I'm feeling pretty good and my weight is what it was before surgery 128lbs. My waist and abdomen are still puffy so my clothes are not fitting in the waist like I expected but at my 3 month (end of December) we'll see what improvements and the nurse said that is when I should be able to get a better idea. I still sleep on my back so the incision has no pulling or folding of the skin. My diet is very good and I eat a lot of veggies/salads and protein shakes, fruit, etc. Mostly I drink water. My belly buttton is cute and has healed very well. I will post more pictures of the scar as it begins to heal. The last of the glue did not come off until last week so hopefully things will just go uphill.

I started my scar treatment once the glue came off...

I started my scar treatment once the glue came off around 5 weeks. Using two treatments religiouly and healing up very well. Also doing light ab work after 7 weeks and I stress the light part. Nothing too strenuous. Still have the ridge and swelling in the late afternoon and evening. Also after eating the wrong carbs, salt( margaritas) anything bubbly. It's really important to watch your activity and pay attention to what causes the bloating. I'm thrilled and can't wait to see what changes the occur at month three.

3 MONTHS POST OP. I went in for my three month...

3 MONTHS POST OP. I went in for my three month check up last week. The Doctor said my scar looked better than average so all the TLC must have helped. I still have some swelling in the upper/lower abdomen later in the day but that has to do with exercise and what I eat or drink and of course my body healing. I eat really healthy but have to be careful on the off days and weekends. Right now I've resumed my yoga, core ball workout and kickboxing. I tried the Brazilian tummy tuck video for my abs and it was too much so I will try again next month. I asked my doctor about the swelling and he said it will take a good year for the healing process and results to be permanent. It made me feel better and made a lot of sense considering I've read three months and with such an extensive surgery that's hard to beleive. So... now I just sit back and let my body do whatever it will and my job is eating right, exercising and continuing with my scar treatment for another 3 months. My six month mark I'll consider my halway mark so be kind to yourself and be PATIENT and enjoy the flatness and tight tummy.

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