37 Years Old and 4 Kids - Austin, TX

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I am going to see Dr. DAVID DELLINGER Tuesday for...

I am going to see Dr. DAVID DELLINGER Tuesday for a consultation in Austin Texas at Belezamediacalspa about a tummy tuck and liposuction ...I was wondering if there are any women on here been to him? I have been on this site for years and a lot of you women have help me with my decision even though I want to be on the flat side so bad....

believe I found a doctor

I believe I will be going with Dr. David Dellinger.....If anyone has been to him please share your story with me before I pay my deposit.....Thanks

need to look into a few more doctors

I think I need to go to a few more doctors before I pay my deposit......Is there any Doctor in Austin that anyone know that will be prefect foe Abdominoplasty and Lipo on flanks?

Its official

December 18 is my big day.......

soon to be gone

The body I don't want

My wish pictures

I want to wear clothes like this and also flat stomach like this

3 months to go...any advice

3 months and my big day.....I will love to know what I will need after my tt and what things that you ladies use that was a big help and that worked....

I'm so happy

Dec 18th I will be on the flat side......April 16th 2016 I will be married to my best friend the man that made this all possible. Have anyone been 4 months out and then got married?

Trying to be prepared

I'm so ready to be on the flat side......already getting things that I might need.....Hey ladies please let me know what items helped yall out alot....And any do's and don't will be appreciated

29 more days

29 more days I need to start shopping any helpful ideas to get will be appreciated

pre- op app

2morrow is my pre-op app.....Why am I nervous like 2morrow is my big day....lol...Getting my shopping in 2morrow.....2 all my tt friends do you think a toilet seat riser is very helpful?

pre op visit

My pre op visit went good......You learn alot and signing those papers had me a little scared but the visit made me feel more excited then scared ........


Question can some one tell me what's the name of the pens that you ladies use to hold the dains up?

7 more days

7 more days.......It's really real can't believe it.......

6 more days

Loving my nurse Claire she makes her self available for me and answers all my question.....My time was moved up to 8:00am becoming so real.....

hard time sleeping

Is anyone having a hard time sleeping? My day not until Friday and I can't sleep.....

on my way

Well the time has come....I will try to update soon

made it to the flat side

Hi Ladies got home around 2pm......Slept the whole way home...Getting out of the car wasn't all that bad. I also walked up the stairs with no problems...I'm happy about that..I'm in a little pain so I'm staying on top of my meds.....I don't know what I will do without my walker and my toilet seat riser.....feeling really good this time

Day 2

Pain isn't all that bad like I thought it would be....I have one drain and when I start walking it starts to flow...Do anyone else have this problem?

changing my dressing

Alot of swelling..love it so far..

2nd day

I'm doing ok I feel a burning and right feeling in my stomach....I can't eat much so I been sipping on protein shakes

4days post op

I'm very happy at this point....My body is healing and I'm feeling beter and beter each day.....I am so happy and thankful for my GOD and Dr Dellinger for my new body.....I pray that I continue to heel and to be happy with my results

5day post

Dr. Dellinger did a good job on my tt......Have only one drain and it's not draining much today.....I go back in on Monday so then it may come out .....I'm not in much pain the meds help me alot...Having a tt isn't all that bad like I thought it would have been


Yes!!!!!!#I had a bm today......

I feel so good and I'm still resting

Feeling so good....My sister ,kids, and fiancee are the best they are here for me and making sure I'm good...I'm loving my stomach right now and I'm still super swollen.....Dr.Dellinger is the best......


Only if I wasn't swelling up so much.....Can someone tell me what helps the swelling to go down?

cough for the first time

Omg I cough today and it wasn't nice......I hope i don't have to do that again....

Drain Free

No more drain.....Got it out today....Feel so much better able to shower today

11 days post op

I feel so good without my drain....I feel back to normal....I have to tell myself to sit and rest because I feel so good no pain or nutn just swelling...This journey is easier then I thought so hopefully it stay that way...Happy heeling to us all and may GOD help us along the way....

feeling normal

Feeling like myself but get tired fast and still swells.....


Do anyone have a problem with sleeping? I'm having a hard time sleeping, I've been getting maybe 4hrs a sleep a day because I can't sleep.I'm thinking maybe because I'm not sleeping on my side in my bed.

first day back at work

Today was my first day back to work.....It was a breeze no pain or tiredness....Swelling is there and it was worst while it's my time of the month...

tattoos and belly ring

Hello ladies I haven't been on here for a while.....It's almost a yr and I want to get a tattoo and belly ring.....Have anyone got one after tummy tuck?

Almost a yr

Almost a yr and I am very happy.....I have gained a little weight but about to start back working out.....I looking into getting a tattoo
David Dellinger

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