Q-switched and Picosure Tattoo removal of large Red/green/black Chest Piece Tattoo - Austin, TX

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I began this process January 2014 and foresee it...

I began this process January 2014 and foresee it taking about 2.5 to 3 years to achieve complete removal which is my goal. I have had much smaller all black tattoos removed from both of my inner wrists and achieved complete removal after about 20 sessions or so ( I lost count). The things I have learned about tattoo removal are 1)it is expensive 2) it is painful 3) you have to have patients because the results are slow going. I also wanted to add that at MEDermis they use the Q-switch laser not Pico sure. We have been using the 1064 frequency on the entire tattoo from sessions 1-4 and began using the 1064 on the black and green and the 532 frequency on the stubborn red. Although the 532 frequency is not as powerful therefore doesn't penetrate the skin as deep causing more entrance skin damage, I have actually noticed that some of the green leaves which we have used the 1064 frequency on only, are beginning to show signs of hypopigmentation and even some raised scarring. Once I achieve my goal, I will look into some skin resurfacing but that's way down the line. I hope this review is informative. Thanks for reading!

#8 all healed up

#8 all healed up plus 5 microdermabrassion sessions

The microdermabrassion is helping fade the tattoo some in my opinion. I have been giving my skin a much needed break from tattoo removal and start again with tattoo removal sessions once the Texas summer is over so towards the end of September.

Had #9 done yesterday

Sometimes I blister more. This is about 24 hrs after session #9. I took a break to let my skin rest and now that the cooler weather is here, I'm back at it.

#9 all healed up

Directly after treatment #10

This time my skin broke a little. This is a pic taken directly after treatment #10.

Jan 2016 original tattoo vs. #10 all healed up

10 Q switch sessions + 6 microdermabrassion sessions 2-6-16

#11 all healed

#11 all healed 4-7-16

1st picosure treatment (13 total treatments)

I had my first picosure treatment 5 days ago at Hall Plastic Surgery and Rejuvination Center by Brendan Leigh. I'm hoping to see some good fading once I'm all healed up. We'll see...

after first picosure treatment

Wow lots of fading post my first picosure session. This is 12 q-switch and 1 picosure. For the past 3 q-switch sessions the fading has been minimal. I am very impressed with the new picosure technology and glad I decided to try it out!

Original vs #7 vs #13

Making progress..

1 month or so post picosure

So it's been a month since my first picosure and I am very happy with the results! I will book my second picosure towards the end of September once the weather gets cooler and I can hide my chest easier while it's healing.

Picosure #2 scheduled

I have my 2nd picosure app scheduled for Sept 23rd. This will bring the total to 14 sessions (12 q- switch and 2 pico)
I'm excited to share my results!

Picosure #2 done and healing

Hi everyone! I had my 2nd picosure done in October. I'm seeing a ton of fading but also quite a bit of hypopigmentation which is disappointing. My tech says this is normal that the laser "bleached the tan" that I had from the summer and the skin tone should even out on its own. We will see I guess. I'm giving my skin time to rejuvenate before I schedule my 3rd picosure. My tech suggested going out in the sun a little bit with sunscreen on to even out the skin tone, but I'm not going to because I will just have the same issue next session. The skin tone around my tattoo is the same as the pale skin in areas where I don't get any sun so I am optimistic that once the tan on my chest fully fades, my skin pigment will look more even. In retrospect, I probably should not have gotten any sun on my chest this summer but that's hard to do in Texas. I'm trying to stay positive and keep powering through.

12 q switch and 3 picosure so far

I have picosure #4 scheduled for March 28th. Then I think I will take a break till the fall. Hopefully by then I will only have a few more sessions to go to.

Pico #4

I had pico #4 (16 total sessions) at the end of March. This is a few months after. Looking really faded!!! I will probably have one or two more pico sessions once summer is over just to get rid of the little bit that's left but overall I am super happy with the results!

Original vs #7 vs #16

Original vs #7 vs #16

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