The Night Before Surgery - Austin, TX

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So i'm currently sitting at home mentally...

So i'm currently sitting at home mentally preparing myself for surgery. I took my Before photos earlier today, and started the anti-biotic and relaxer they told me to take. I am about to try to get some sleep, but decided to start this review so there would be documentation all the way through.

I decided to get this procedure over the weekend, but have been considering it for nearly a year. I am in okay shape, and with clothes on, there's no sign of the fat, but I haven't been comfortable in a swimsuit for quite a few years

In my early to mid 20's, i was extremely athletic (15 BMI) , but my testosterone levels dropped to 105 over a period of years, and i lost all muscle tone and gained 70lbs. I started taking TestC injections 8 months ago, and dropped 60lbs of that. I am currently 220, 6" tall and have a BMI of 30

I have gotten pretty depressed by the fact that running 5 miles a day, and doing weight workouts 3 times a week has done NOTHING to get rid of the love handles or fat in my lower stomach, so I am having this procedure

It will target my upper and lower abs, and my love handles.

Out of surgery and INCREDIBLY excited

Okay, so the procedure was essentially painless. Lots of pressure, but the DRs bedside manner was far beyond what I expected. Jokes, and a general willingness to teach me what he was doing kept me nicely distracted. When it was over, the wrapped me up and gave me an appointment to come back tomorrow for a massage.

They told me NOT to remove the bandages... of course, I tried to obey the instructions, but that didn't last. I removed them within an hour of getting home and was SHOCKED!!! I expected distended swelling and no hint of my results. Instead, I was greeted with what I can only describe as results that exceeded my greatest expectations for the FINAL product. My love handles are simply GONE. My stomach is absolutely flat, with no hint of the gut showing in the pics above.


Just to illustrate the differences. There's a lot of bleeding and the swelling is obvious but this is less than 6 hours after the surgery ended.

I don't think these results are typical, but this is already better than I expected the FINAL product to be

Day 2

Today has been great. When i woke up this morning, there was quite a bit of new bruising in my pelvic region, and that area was quite swollen. The rest of my body has very little swelling and almost no bruising. My upper and mid abs look amazing, and i'm seeing very slightly more definition than I did yesterday

I had my first lymphatic massage, and one of the nurse practitioners looked me over. She was as surprised as I am by how well things are looking this early on, but assured me that it's going to get MUCH MUCH better. The people at Beleza are awesome.

There's quite a bit of low level aching, but very little actual pain. The only time that things really hurt is when i try to move too fast.

Oh, and i put on a pair of size 30 pants.... they FIT!! I was a size 36 on monday

Day 3... nothing new

still very mild pain. no significant improvements, but the swelling in my crotch has degreased somewhat. Surprisingly, some of the swelling and bruising has moved into my penis and testes. There's no discomfort in that region though

As you can see from the new pictures, progress is good

Day 4: Swelling increased slightly

Nothing huge, but there's more notable swelling below my belly button. I'm still smaller than i was pre-surgery by a good bit but it's not perfectly flat like it was. Since I already know that what i'm seeing is not fat, this doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Pain level is pretty constant. Nothing severe, just steady soreness. I'm experiencing strange hot and cold flashes than seem worse when i wake up, and i feel thirsty the vast majority of the time.

Will keep you posted

The negatives pile up

I know all of this is all part of the process, but the swelling and bruising has increased dramatically. It's not horrible, but i seem to have bruising spreading across my midsection, and the swelling has encompassed the entirety of my middle abdomen

Some new developments

The swelling has been stacking up for 2 days, but last night, I finally got my cotton compression shirt in the mail. This shirt is much harder to get on, and much less stretchy than the original compression garment, but it's also MUCH more comfortable and doesn't itch. This morning, after wearing it all night, my swelling is reduced by 50% and the bruising has gone from black to purple, green and yellow.

I had no idea that a high quality compression garment would make THAT much difference. I'm very pleased

Pain has been reduced to virtually nothing unless i move too quickly or bend in the wrong direction. Overall, i feel like the worst is over.

Returned for a checkup

I went back to the office for a checkup this afternoon. The nurse seemed satisfied with my progress. She said the swelling was about average, although my bruising is a bit worse than normal.

Today has been a good day. The pain is low, the swelling is still reducing, and the bruising is now mostly yellow and orange. I am quite happy with my progress

Day 14... WOW

For the last few days, every time I wake up, i spend the first few minutes staring in the mirror. I learned a few things.

First: Wearing underwear with an elastic band will make you swell and look lumpy.
Second: Sleeping on your back makes a HUGE difference in swelling reduction
Third: This was the best 3 grand i ever spent!!

So it's now officially 2 weeks since my surgery. Almost all the bruising is gone. The swelling is almost non-existent on my stomach, completely gone on my upper abs, and only slightly noticeable on my love handles.

I can now wear shirts that i couldn't even button 2 weeks ago, and I look GREAT. At the beginning of the day, I loop pretty much 100%. By the end of the day, the swelling increases slightly. I am no longer wearing compression except for when I sleep, so that's the probable cause.

I went and tried on some new clothes yesterday. I can now comfortably wear a size 32 jeans (i was 38 the day before surgery). I can also wear a size Xl Extra Slim shirt. My shoulders are too wide for a Large, but my stomach is too small for a normal XL to fit right.

If you are on the fence about this surgery, consider this my personal recommendation. This is a truly fantastic cosmetic improvement, and the recovery time (for me) was much much shorter than I expected

Um... well that was a surprise

I woke up this morning with what appears to be the beginnings of a 6 pack. Apparently there's still some swelling that's going away. Can't wait to see how good this gets

2 week before and after pics

Here ya go... 2 weeks... I'm insanely happy with the results

oops, one more pic

can't edit the one above

Here we are... the final product!

This was the best money i ever spent!

made a composite.... what a difference a month makes

damned upload didn't work

Beleza Medspa

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