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Let me just say that lipo is something that I have...

Let me just say that lipo is something that I have wanted to do for the last many years; I have just been too chicken to do it. I have 3 kids and ever since the first child 16 years ago, I have always had either a medium or very large lower pouch, with the "done lapped over" belly. I have researched and read on this smart lipo procedure as far as google will take me. I have talked to everyone I can get my hands on whether they have had it or not. I am 40 and never had any kind of to say the least I am scared to death! I have exercised a little and a lot, taken every diet pill over the counter or prescribed. My belly will get smaller, but not by much and with the additional children and age, I have now aquired a box butt!

A few weeks ago I decided to go in for a consultation with Dr. Venkata Erella (double board certified) with Sonobello Austin. He told me that I was not a candidate for a tummy tuck. Good, because I would not do that anyway! We decided to do the upper and lower abs, waist and hips. I have always been straight waisted so having a waist might be nice. He was very nice and professional, making sure that I understood the risks and real expectations. I know that I will not come out looking like Barbie. He said I will have loose skin because of the size of my stomach. And that I won't be completely flat because I have a lot of visceral fat that is making my stomach pouch outward. My BMI is 29. I am constantly asked, "So when are you due?" UGGG
Anyway, I am excited and scared at the same time. I am hoping that this will give the motivation I need to get the rest of my body in shape and keep the fat from developing in new areas. At this point, I see people complain about uneven lumpiness, cellulite, loose skin and scar wholes....I have most of that already, that is why I am thinking that things can only get better.

The day after smart lipo

Yesterday morning I had my upper lower abs hips and waist done. I unfortunately did not do measurements. I was very nervous going in, but 20 min after taking the meds I was feeling good. The IV they did on me hurt more than the numbing meds. I don't remember much and slept threw most of it. I remember it hurting just a little bit when he was up near my ribs and breast area. They took out about 2500 cc of fat and fluid. The dr has warned me I will have some loose skin because of the amount of loose fat u had already. So I slept all day long yesterday with my friend waking me up every once in a while to take my meds. I have been really thirsty. Taking off the garment to change the pads out to control the leakage and getting out of bed, sitting and getting up are the worst part but not crying bad. Like u have strained a muscle. I would def do this again. Trying to go pee with this garment is a pain....but really this was much more of a breeze that I ever thought possible. 1 day post op and if I continured to look like this I would be happy but I know things are just going to get better

Another picture one day after side view

This is about 24 hours after surgery.

Wow I'm already impressed

So I had surgery on Saturday morning at 7 AM and today is Monday morning and I'm very pleased with my results look at how far I can put my fingers under my belly in my before picture while all my fingers fit underneath my lap now not even one knuckle will go under there. Each one of those full containers is 2000 cc so half of that is fat so it looks like they took out about 2500 cc of fat.

Day 3 post op update smart lipo

Yesterday I was a little stiff but felt fine. I was up walking around, went out to eat with the kids, visited friends ect and towards the end of the day got very itchy. I know that is a sign of healing but wow it's the kind of bad itch that you just can't scratch. I drove back yesterday morning to get a smaller garment because now I need a medium :) not large. I was 163 pre op and today I am 159. Most of my holes are not leaking any more just one on my back where he did my waist just enough to need to cover it. Showering seems to help the itch. Today is the last day that I have to wear the compression wrap around Velcro thing and tomorrow I will just go to the underwear up to the bra area that I have been wearing also I just have to wear it 8-12 hrs a day instead of 24 hours. The bruising is a lot less than I expected. Getting in and out of bed is still a little sore but getting easier. I only took a Tylenol yesterday. So far so good. I know these results may not look great to some of you but as big as my belly was this is more than I ever expected and I still have swelling .... Here are pictures from yesterday morning to this morning.

Day 5 post op

I am up moving around fine. Bruising is getting better. I have been putting Arnica gel on them and taking the pills. No more drainage. Still a little sore getting up or down but I was well enough to help my friend through 12 hours of labor!!!

9 days post op...

As of right now the last 2 days I have been a little more sore in the back and stomach area than I even was right after surgery. It is easier to get up and down, I am allowed to do mild exercise- I did the eliptical yesterday on a 6 resistance for about 10 minutes. That was enough and spent a few hours hanging at the pool but not in the pool. I find that the more I have my girdle thing off the more sore I am and I think when I have too much salt it is def making me swell. But each day, towards about 3-4 I start to ache a little and feel swollen. Keeping the girdle on all day and all night seems to make me feel much better. I go to my first check up visit tomorrow.

Day 10 post op

Went to my 10 day post op visit today. Everything was fine they said. I'm a little hard and lumpy by my belly button and the said to massage it 3 times per day for 15 min. Hmmm idk about that...I'm still tender. I think I have been eating to much salt and not enough water...because I feel a little swollen. I scheduled my vela sessions for 2 weeks out to help with the skin tightening and hardness.

2 weeks post op...

So I am still sore and swollen and a little bruised. Some of the swelling seems to be going to my pubic area right below my stomach. Guess that is gravity for ya. I got my second stage girdle on Wednesday which was like boy shorts, crotchless and goes up to the bra line. I hate it. Some thing about being crotchless is driving me insane! And the band at the top is leaving an invention about a inch below my bra line in the front. I'm scared it will leave permanent indentations. So I have switched back to the girdle they sent me home with. It is much more comfortable. I have to wear something otherwise my stomach aches. The lumps and hardness have gotten much worse. I have been using arnica gel and pills along with the cellulite cream they gave me and that does help but I want these lumps to go down along with the swelling! I'm getting impatient even tho I do see a vast improvement in the reduction of the big belly lap. I thought I lost a lot more inches than I actually had. In April I was a 38" waist around the belly button. Had the procedure in June and now I am 36" but my stomach does not cut inhalf and become 2 "front butts" when I sit down and I don't think I look pregnant any more. I can't wait to really start exercising.

Pre op and 2 wk post op pics

Still lumpy and tight. It hurts to sit for long times, it's better overall if I get up and move around.

Lymphatic massage

Went for my first lymphatic massage yesterday. It was very light touch in the thighs, sternum, underarms, top of the chest area. Also had her to a more deep tissue massage on areas that were not treated or not sore. Very nice. I can't tell a difference yet but it did make me pee quite a bit latter in the day.

1st Vella freeze treatment

This treatment is suppose to reduce cellulite and tighten skin and help recovery and break up the hardness. I was a little shocked at how bad and swollen and bubbly I felt I looked. But now it has been more than 6 hours after the treatment and I am no longer red and feel less bubbly and swollen. My stomach around my belly button also does not feel so hard. I have the healing itch all over my belly. The procedure itself was like a hot stone massage. It actually was relaxing and felt good. They say I will need 8 treatments...I got 2 for free of yet I'm not a 100% sold on it for $1500 more! I am going to have to do some additional research.

Oops it is called Venus freeze

I accidentally called it Vella freeze it is Venus freeze

Almost bikini time

It has been 7 weeks now and I have just a tiny bit of numbness around my navel. I am still a little lumpy and uneven on my lower abs especially. But over all I'm happy with the results I just have to keep looking at the before pictures to keep my expectations in line. Now I'm thinking of having my inner thighs done since my abs, waist and hips were a breeze!

After working out getting bad results

I have been working out elliptical and gluts and abs for about 2 weeks...not real hard but good enough to sweat and make me a tiny but sore the next day. The lower abs where the cannula was inserted on my left side is starting to indent and looks like I have had surgery there for about 3 inches. This is not cool...anyone have any experience or thoughts on this??

3 month check up

I went to my 3 month check up yesterday and requested to see the doctor. That line on my right side is not a cannula indention. It is where my belly crease was... The bubbling is normal because of how large my Belly was and the left Side being a little bigger is because I was bigger on that side and the skin has stretched out more. I'm shocked at the difference of 3 months! Dr said he actually took out over 3000 cc of fat.

5 months

It's been 5 months since my procedure and I am very happy with my results! Sonobello corporate asked me to do a commercial for them! Very excited! LA here I come!

6 month check up

Very happy!!

9 months later ....

I did the commercial for Sonobello and have to say it was a very memorable, once in a lifetime experience. I'm still so pleased with the whole process and outcome.
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