Smartlipo/Vaser - Knees, Inner/outer Thighs, Banana Rolls, Flank - Austin, TX

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I am 38 yo, 4' 11" and 103lbs. I work out...

I am 38 yo, 4' 11" and 103lbs. I work out regularly and am in good shape. I had a tummy tuck in 2003 after the birth of my second child. I've always had large legs that I've been unhappy with so that's why I wanted the smartlipo on my legs. The back fat I have seems to be since my tummy tuck the fat accumulated there after I gained some weight. My problem is mostly that my pants fit in the waist and are too snug in the thigh area. I just had smartlipo and vaser lipo on my knees, inner/outer thighs, banana rolls and flank yesterday (4-23-10).

So far my experience has been great! I followed pre-op instructions, laid off caffeine, alcohol for week prior. Started taking arnica montana a week prior and antibiotics day before procedure. When I went in they gave me a halcyon (sp?) that they said would make me forget the procedure, but it didn't. I remember everything, which was fine with me. I even watched the fat being sucked out. The worst part were the shots that numbed the areas the doc was going to cut. I had a few moments were I felt pain the doc said those were on the edge of where the anesthesia was administered and he would either add more fluid or lay off that spot. Really I felt hardly any pain just uncomfortable.

After the procedure I was still pretty sleepy, getting the compression garment on was not easy but not uncomfortable either. I got home and immediately changed the pads on my wounds b/c they were soaked. There was still no pain at this time. Getting the compression garment on was not too difficult either. I was in and out of sleep all night not because of pain but b/c of the narcotic I took (hydrocodone). I didn't think I needed it, but my fiance kept telling me I would so to take one.

Well, its Day 2 and I am virtually pain free and not taking anything, not even tylenol. I still haven't taken a shower yet, but I'm not anticipating a problem since I've had 2 c-sections and a tummy tuck and this was a piece of cake compared to those surgeries. I'm still on the arnica montana and taking antibiotics.

The reason for my indecision is that I'm not sure of the results yet. I have feeling in all the parts done so that's a good thing but from all I have read, it will take a while to see the real result. I am worried about having extra skin since I used to be heavy (160lbs, 5 years ago) and my skin had stretched quit a bit. I don't want my legs to look worse than they already did. I'm really hoping I didn't make a mistake but I guess I will have to wait and see. I will post photos soon...stay tuned.

 Update: Day 3 - pain is worse than on day 1,...

 Update: Day 3 - pain is worse than on day 1, but not unbearable. Only taking hyrocodone 1x / day and Tylenol the rest of the time. Bruises are coming out and still leaking. Compression garment is very uncomfortable around flank area. Going in for my post op check up this morning. So far, I do notice results around my flank and knees mostly. I think the results will be very good, the only thing that worries me is that other people have posted good results early on, and then after a week or 2 all of a sudden get lumpy and hard. If I can make it past 2 weeks I think I'll be in the clear. Does anyone know if you keep your compression garment on longer, does that prevent lumps? I'm still pretty nervous about my thighs b/c the skin on them was pretty saggy to begin with, doc said he would mostly tighten...I hope it works. Haven't uploaded my pictures yet, still working on it

 Update: Day 5 -- Feeling much better today....

 Update: Day 5 -- Feeling much better today.  I am lucky I am able to work from home this week because I don't know how I'd sit at a desk all day long.  It's definitely a more difficult recovery than expected but maybe because I had so many areas done.  I think if I just had one area it would be a different story.  I have 10 incisions, and 2 of them are still leaking.  It's still bright pink and they are definitely not infected.  I guess the more you get out of your body the better.  I tried on my jeans today, not so easy :(  I noticed a difference in my flank, my roll was not hanging over the top!  Yeah!  I didn't notice a different fit in the thigh area but that may be due to swelling.  My flank is definitely still swollen so I think I'll go down even more there.  I can definitely see a difference in the pictures although it's not completely obvious.  I really didn't need much, I just wanted my pants to fit better.  Everything that fit me in the waist was too small in the thigh and everything that fit in the thigh was too big in the waist.  Oh, I highly recommend arnica montana pellets and cream, I think it's helping me tremendously.  I ran out yesterday morning and was feeling pretty bad.  After I got more and started using it, I felt much better.  Maybe it's all in my head, but whatever works, right?  This compression garment is going to get pretty old fast.  I am so sick of wearing it and can't find any clothes that can hide it.  I live in a hot area of the country and it's going to be 90 this week, shorts are out since the garment is a capris.  I don't have dresses that go down to my ankles and I feel like a stuffed sausage in my pants...even my "fat" pants.  Only 3 weeks, 2 days of it left...I'll keep you posted.  

Dr. Thomas Martens

Nice clinic, friendly staff. Will see if I truly recommend after I see final results...jury is still out. I will post his name once I see what happens.

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