Smart Lipo and Fat Transfer to Breasts- Austin, TX

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My stomach has been my problem area for as long as...

My stomach has been my problem area for as long as I can remember, and my breasts being smaller definitely has caused some proportion issues. Let's just say being asked if you are pregnant on several occasions is never a good sign! At 26, I have finally reached my ideal weight after years of fluctuation, but my stomach still remains. I tried every "flat belly" diet, supplement(CLA, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, L-carnitine to name a few), and every exercise you can think of and nothing has worked. I purchased a Groupon for a "lipolaser" 9 treatment session and ended up being disappointed at my minimal 1/2 inch loss after hearing their average results were 6 inches. I stuck religiously to their recommended rules of exercise immediately after each treatment, no caffieine, no diet sodas. I finally decided into going the invasive route and having Smartlipo. After having done much research, I am hoping this is finally going to reduce the "7th grade fat" I've been sitting on for all these years. Also, not to mention having it transferred to my small breasts is a major plus. I have never wanted implants for myself personally, but the idea of having a subtle difference that is much more natural is exactly what I want. I understand there is likely a 50% reduction after the initial transfer, but I am willing to keep even a 15%-20% increase in my current size. Nothing noticeable to the outside eye.

Tomorrow is my procedure, and as most of you can imagine, there is a mix of nerves and excitement. The only thing scaring me is the anesthetic needle, which most of you who have had this done say is the only painful part. I start my sedation meds tonight, and continue taking them tomorrow when my boyfriend drives me to my procedure. They prescribed me Ativan for sedation, an antiobiotic to prevent infection, and Hydrocodone for pain afterwards. I have read a lot of about the pain associated with Smartlipo, but haven't heard too much about fat transfer to the breasts so hoping it isn't as bad. I feel as though tomorrow I am going through the beginning process to a brand, new me. Wish me luck!!

I had my procedure done on the 21st, and it was...

I had my procedure done on the 21st, and it was not nearly as bad as I thought. The scary anesthetic needle was indeed the worst part. The prick itself is small, but the needle insertion felt so weird. There was only one or two times I actually felt any pain, and the doctor would insert more anesthetic. It was exactly like most people describe. It doesn't hurt, but you definitely feel something going on in there. I took an extra sedative as all this was going on, even though I didn't necessarily need it. I was just overwhelmed with all the sensations going on in my body. The fat transfer anesthetic to my breasts was a bit more painful. I definitely felt a few more pricks but they didn't last long. I saw my bust size increased minimally, which is what I had expected. But you can definitely notice a difference.

I came home and slept through most of the day.

Yesterday was when the real soreness hit. I took my pain meds, but they just make me really drowsy. I went in for a lymphatic massage and that felt really good as well. As for being 2 days out, I can tell a difference in my flanks, but still waiting on a big change in my tummy. I will post pictures as soon as I am one week healed.

So I am one week post-op. So far my recovery has...

So I am one week post-op. So far my recovery has gone rather well. I stopped taking the pain meds prescribed after a few days since I haven't felt anything but soreness. I do have some minor bruising in my pelvic area. I didn't suffer through much drainage, except my belly button has been red and swollen with a clear liquid. Since I remember certain things from procedure (but not all of it thanks to the sedation) I can't remember if the doctor used my belly button as part of my anesthia/lipo. I'm a little worried about not having drainage, as of course my first feeling is that all of it is being reabsorbed rather than drained. I see my surgeon Monday so I will ask then.

As far as my results, I am seeing some through my before and after pictures. I am trusting that my real results will start to show after 3 weeks and more so after 3 months. I will update what my doctor says during my next appointment.
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