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My breast augmentation is 11 days away and I'm...

My breast augmentation is 11 days away and I'm just counting down each day. Bigger boobs is something I have always wanted ever since I was in middle school/high school. I took some time off from work in October for a break and my birthday and decided that's when I'll do my surgery.

I'm 5'9 and about a size 4-6 on bottom so I feel like having bigger boobs will totally even me out. When I had my consultation earlier in September it went amazing. I got referred to Dr. Reid from another girl I know who got her BA from him. I went to a different doctor for a consult a long time ago and I left not feeling great about it at all. Dr. Reid's office looked like an ad from Z Gallerie, it was so nice! With the office being so nice and all of the office girls working there being so pretty, I didn't feel intimidated or anything at all. Everyone was really nice.

Long story short, I talked to Dr. Reid and his assistant that was in there with us and got to ask all my questions. He answered everything and was really professional but made me feel like we had met before and I wasn't ever uncomfortable. He stepped out and his assistant helped me try on a couple sizes. We decided on 380 cc's. I'm about a 32a now and want to be a C. When I had the try on size under my shirt the assistant said it looked like that's how I should look. I was nervous about going too big but don't want to be any smaller than a C because then what's the point! She also said the size even made me look skinner because it evened me out so much. I'm really excited on the size we chose and can't wait to try it on again at my pre op appointment October 2.

I'm feeling really good about my decision and just waiting for time to pass to get it done. The only issue I'm having is from my family members. When I told my sister I was for sure doing it, she was so negative. While all my friends and coworkers are so excited for me. My mom doesn't mind me doing it but she just worries about the actual surgery part of it. We haven't told my dad and I'm leaving that up to my mom ha. I know it's my personal decision and I know I'll be happy with the outcome. The only other thing I'm worried for is the recovery. This website has really helped me get excited for the procedure and prepping me for the recovery. So I'm writing so that I can help someone else out while telling my story along the way of this whole entire process!

Does anyone know if you are supposed to limit your alcohol intake or stop smoking marajuana before surgery? I have a wedding I'm going to 2 days before the surgery and am just now realizing it's probably not the best thing to drink that soon before.

Please feel free to give me any tips about the pre surgery and post surgery and what the dos and donts are! Also what you experienced after surgery as far as finding new bras and what clothes don't fit you anymore?

8 Days Away

So I'm 8 days away from surgery and my pre op appointment is this Thursday (3) days. I've been looking at before and after pictures non stop and wondering myself if I should go bigger or smaller. At my consultation we decided on 380 cc's but I will try them on again at the pre op appt.

Today I did the rice sizers and walked around and had them in for a while at home today. I felt pretty silly wearing them but I think it's because I knew they were just bags of rice. I know the rice bags aren't precise at all but I measured out the 380 and it felt huge at first but as the day went on I kind of liked them. Then I went back to thinking they were too big and unsure of even doing this whole thing in the first place!

I've read a lot that the days leading up to surgery you second guess your decision for whatever reason. I know I'll be happy when I do it and everything is over with but can't shake this weird feeling for now! Anyone else feeling this way?

I did it!

Surgery was this morning at 10:15 and I got home around 1pm. We did Sientra silicon implants under the breat under the muscle 410 cc's. I'm feeling pretty good just a little sore and trying to prepare because I know more pain is coming. Other than that everything went great! Can't wait to see them in a few days:) I will post before and after pics when I can.

Day 1 Post Op

Today is day 1 post op and I'm still feeling pretty good. I slept through most of the night last night except for when my alarm went off for my antibiotic and muscle relaxer. My first thought when waking up from surgery was "did I go big enough?" I looked down and felt like I couldn't really see much. 410 cc's was bigger than what I thought I was getting in the first place so I know they will be big enough.

Surgery went great though. The whole experience was a good one and I was proud of myself for not crying! Anesthesia always makes me cry like a baby for some reason. Everyone at Inspire was super nice and helpful with any question I had and helped prepare me for what to expect.

As of right now I don't have much pain just a lot of pressure on my chest. I will get to shower tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous for it. I'll be able to see my new boobs for the first time and I'm scared I won't like them because they obviously haven't dropped yet. So I'm curious to see them change and what I think of them over the next few weeks.

I have not gotten naseaus once and am pretty much able to eat whatever but I've kept my diet pretty light so far with soup and Mac and cheese. I will say the number one thing that has helped me so far is the pillow I'm laying on (I call it a study buddy) the big fluffy pillow with arms from target. Then my boyfriend got me a pillow for around my neck like you wear on a plane and I don't know what I would do without that. So anyone in the future getting surgery buy the airplane pillow at least! Makes it so easy to sleep.

Day 6 Post Op

today is day 6 post op and I'm feeling great! In my last post I know I was concerned that I didn't go big enough. As the week has gone on, I am totally happy with the size so far. I can already tell when they drop and fluff they will be perfect! I think if I went any bigger it would make me look bigger or I would be embarrassed to have them too big.

The pain for me was never really that bad. I've been on top of my meds which really helps and just resting a lot. I've learned to use my legs and abdomen for scooting off and on the bed. I was worried about going to the restroom by myself but it was easy and I didn't need any assistance. When I finally got to shower it made me feel a lot better. I took my sports bra off for the first time for the shower and I felt like my boobs we're going to fall off haha! I am just not use to the extra weight on my chest. It was really helpful to have my boyfriend shower with me to help me clean up and wash my hair. He even blow dried it the best he could afterwards which was nice.

Dr Reid wants me wearing the sport bra 24/7 until I am cleared to wear a soft bra with no underwire after 2 weeks I think. I have my 10 day post op appointment on Wednesday and they will let me know when I can wear a bra with underwire.

So here are a few things I bought that really helped me through the week if anyone is wanting to know what they should get before surgery...
-fluffy study buddy pillow with the arms. Was like $20 at target
-bendy straws! I didn't think it was such a huge deal to get these but seriously helped
-plastic cup to drink out of. I used a red solo cup to drink out of through the week because our regular glass cups felt too heavy to pick up to drink out of
-Chapstick. My lips got super dry and chapped after anesthesia
-neck pillow that you use on a plane. This really helped the first few nights while sleeping 45 degrees. I'm not used to sleeping like that and my head would roll to the side and I'd wake up in the middle of the night hurting so bad! So the neck pillow helped keep my head in place.
-stool softener/laxative!!!! Seriously. This is the most important. Honestly the worst pain I had through this whole experience was in my stomach from being constipated (tmi but it's true!) I was in such agony on day 3-4 that I had to drink a whole bottle of magnesium citrate and that is not fun, trust me.
-ice packs or frozen peas. When one pack would start to get warmer, I would switch it out with another so I constantly could ice my chest. Icing makes it feel sooo much better.

Other than those things that's really all I would recommend you need. You don't have to go out and buy a million things you won't use again. Most of the stuff on the list I will reuse anyway.

So here are my stats -
5'9 height
130 pounds
Small 32a pre op
I got 410 sientra silicon in both breasts
Not too big and not too small! I feel like this is the size I was supposed to have all along! I'm so happy. Can't wait for the next couple months to see them drop.


The pictures didn't upload for my last post. This is from day 1 post op to day 6 post op.

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