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I'm a mother of one, had my son in my early...

I'm a mother of one, had my son in my early twenties. I'm 5'2 an currently weigh 138. Can't even remember what my body looked like before I had him. I just know what it looks like now and hate it. The day I went into labor I was 200 lbs. (THAT"S HUGE) After my son my weight was 175 lbs for a good five years. (Wore a size 14) So I lost a good amount of weight. After the weight loss my stomach had a lot of excess skin an my breast started to sag. For many years I've wanted a mommy make over. Went to a couple consults an the price was OUTRAGEOUS. There was no way I'd ever get it. I've recently got married an since I met my husband he knew from the start that I was very uncomfortable with my body. I'd hardly ever get naked in front of him, Well im now a mother of three, my husband has two children an I have mine. I dont plan on having anymore children. Im very active with the kids. When summer comes around I get very depressed, you will always find us at the pool on the weekends. An I'm the mom in the corner wearing a t-shirt an shorts. An am never in the water with the kids. I can't stand it. So recently my husband an I went to a consult with a fantastic surgeon that was referred to me.As men say he told me to not get my hopes up an he wanted to shop around. How can a woman who has wanted a MM for years not get her hopes up.. Long story short My husband loved the office and the Dr. He liked the way he carried himself. He was on several talk shows in the past. ( Tyra banks, Dr phil) an all over the news. He does implants through the belly button an recovery for BA alone was just a few days. My husband found this site an I have been on it almost every day trying to figure out what this surgery is all about. Im nervous and exited an scared all at the same time. So ladies please give me all details... I wanna know all !! An get as much feed back as possible.

I'm two weeks away an at this point I'm very...

I'm two weeks away an at this point I'm very anxious and just want to get it done. I'm so ready to be in a swim suit this summer. Havent wore one in over eight years. No ones body is the same so as i review the site an phots its very hard to picture what I'm going to look like. Some before and afters look great an others well.... not so great. My pre-op in this coming friday I have many questions for my PS. If anyone can give me a heads up on items that I will need please inform me... I got a rob today I figured I would just wear that for a week since I won't be doing anything but sleeping. The only thing that scares me about this surgery is the pain that I might have. Many woman say if you stay on the meds its a piece of cake. Is that true.. I will be posting post-op photos soon. I would love all the advice I can get !!

Ladies Please Help Me Out !!!!!!

OK so I have one day to go, and I do have a couple of questions to ask.
1. Did you ladies have to purchase a sports bra that snaps in the front ?
2. An where the heck you get one that's not 50$ at Academy ??
3. I was told to wear some things that buttons or zips in the front for easy access, where the hell do I find something like that that does look like a 70 yr old woman would wear.... I've been to countless stores driving myself crazy looking... Can someone please give me some ideas on where to look. I have one day left
I'm very anxious on what Monday morning holds for me and the pain I'm going to be in once that anesthesia wears off.
Last question I was thinking of just wearing a robe while healing since I'm mostly going to be in bed for a week. Anyone recommended anything else?

New photos, post op 14 days

WOW what an experience...... The fist four days were the roughest as all the woman on the sight mentioned, BTW all the reviews I've read the past six months all of them were pretty accurate on pain, swelling ect.... So the first week I did absolutely nothing. In bed legs propped....I stopped my meds on the seventh day, I'm a huge baby and am so scarred of pain but, the meds did make it very manageable. I got one drain out one week post-op. And the second one a week after that and am so grateful because I wasn't able to wear anything. All I wore was flowing dresses. So happy its out.
OK surgery went great took about nine hours I have a photo of one day post-op before any swelling took effect and I just love the way everything turned out.... At this point I'm very swollen and am just annoyed and my CG sucks. I feel like I cant breath that's for sure. I had minimal bruising, my scare is very very low, my belly button looks amazing and my new breasts I cant get enough of. Out of the entire "Mommy makeover" I would say the my most was the lipo on my love handles. Now the first week I was terribly hunched over it took me about seven days before I could stand straight up. At this point the mornings are rough for me to get going. I started back at work today and it went great. I was happy to be back. I'm a very active mom so the sitting at home recovering for two weeks the second week drove me up the wall that's for sure. The second week it got much easier for me to move around. I was able to cook, clean, drive take my kids to the park but only watched them. I'm on week COME ON!!!! LOL I'm just ready I got clearance to walk and It's 95 here in ATX so I am looking forward to sweating.
I would have to say I'm healing pretty quickly my nurses said I am moving around very well at my two week appointment. I am getting my sutures removed this week so that's great news.. Other than that Dr Driscoll did a phenomenal job and did every thing I wanted an requested. If any of you ladies have and questions feel free to send me a message or comment . I'll answer anything ya wanna know!!!!

1 Week photos

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