38 3 Babies in 4 Years =520cc BA and Full TT Austin, TX

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So how far and how much to do is the questions...

So how far and how much to do is the questions now! TT and BA no lift are for sure. Lipo inner and outer thigh pretty sure maybe flanks. Would love to graft some fat back to my butt to round it our and give more projection. This part seems to be hard to get done in one go here-state side. I'm being told you can't do TT and BBL same time but I see it here on real self??? How to you lay during recover when u get them done together? U can not sit or lay on the butt for two weeks and u can lay in your drains? Ha I feel two recoveries is t an option w three kids 6,5, and 2. Opinions, advise??? Troy Thompaon in Round Rock is looking like my choice. Go tomorrow to look at photos with the hubs ????????

11 days out- eek

So much prep for the family and clients and I'm trying to to think about what lies ahead. I get so anxious!
What items for prep for tummy tuck and breast augmentation recovery do you ladies recommend?

4 dpo TT W MR 520cc silicone unders

Surgery 11/12. Aside from not being able to stand up straight and my back only allowing me to stand for a couple of minutes I'm feeling really good. Drains are putting out under 20cc each side per 24 hours so really hoping that means by Friday they can be gone. Keeping myself in bed is going to be hard. I know laying flat with my legs up has kept the swelling down I just need to keep it up.

11 days post op-So glad I did this!

Today felt like i was almost a real human again! Got a shower by myself, drove to get a blowout (arms /sore chest still can't manage the blow dryer and flat iron long enough for full blow out on my own), then popped into VS to get a bra. Got a few hours rest laying flat then went to meet clients. I'm hunched over a bit and don't move super fast but it feels good to get some independence back. Lower back pain from being hunched is hard but so much better the straighter I stand. My breast have slight burning sensations and are now very tender, which i believe is nerve pain. I am so ready for these things to drop! in clothes I like them, nude they are huge! More volume up top then below so i know they have a long way to settle. I bought 36DD today as VS in the knockout front zip sports bra-great bra to keep them stable while they heal-I recommend! I hope they go down to a D-it's a whole lot going on! I just don't know-i mean it's a LOT of boob! this is coming from wilted sacks of near nothing-so perspective
The TT has been much easier than i though. The muscle repair is most of the pain and how tight the skin was pulled. I got a little thigh lift out of which i'm loving! the drain sites (drains pulled at day 6 and 8) are tender and implant incisions under the breast are tender but the TT incision isn't painful. Swelling is getting better. my waist was 27 inches pre op and 29 inches this am-its was 30 two days ago. i'm hoping it's 25 when the swelling is gone. When i stand I feel the skin pull at the hipbones-strange feeling.
Dr Thompson gives celebrex for a month post op and I believe that's why the swelling is so minimal. I will say he really is an amazing surgeon.

11 day post op pics

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Dr Troy Thompson

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