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HeLlo everyone!pre Op in 7 days! My stats are as...

HeLlo everyone!pre Op in 7 days! My stats are as follows. I'm 22 5'6" 135 lbs and wear a 34C bra, my breasts are not a C cup, as I was told by my Dr I am more of an A cup or barely a B weird. It's because of my 50 lb weight loss since 2009 . I'm left with saggy boobies. I will be posting pre op pics

Cant wait!

ive been on this website for soo long and have looked at thousands of before and after photos. it was really hard finding some breast that looked like mine pre op but I found a couple. anytime I get nervous I just check out the pics and I know they will look great! I have 3 more weeks until the big D Day! My pre op is on Monday (6 days away) and my wonderful mother is coming to help me pick out sizes :) im thinking about anywhere between 350-400 cc. I would like to be a full D so that I know it will fill out the loss of volume that I am experiencing. When I told my doctor that I wanted to be a D he told me to reconsider it because of my small frame :( well I will find out Monday what size I will be I am so excited!

Less than a week!

Oh wow!! Time has flown by! I had my first consult last December, and scheduled my surgery in May. Now it's less than a week away! I went into my pre op wanting around 350cc and ended up choosing 375. I left thinking that might be too big but now I'm worried it's too small! I don't want them ginormous, I just want them big. I think with my situation it's better to go with the smaller size so that I don't have problems in the near future, my doc says my skin elasticity is thin and says go with 375. I hope I made the right decision!

I have been looking at a billion pics of boobs, that's all I do in my free time lol. I'm so ready for next Tuesday! My mom is taking me to surgery and flying out to virginia on Thursday. I really wanted to go and stay with her, but I now have a check up the day after. My wonderful boyfriend will be my cute nurse for the time being. I am so excited to be able to spend a lot of time with him! I work 50 hours a week and after this Friday I will be DONE for two weeks! I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, the boobies or time off...
Def the boobs! Ah can't wait! This time next week I will have them! No more flat boobs!
This is such a huge deal for me being that I lost 60 pounds and my breast look like I have breast fed 4 children ;( it's sad only being 22 and dealing with this since I was 18, I'm so ready for the new me!


I got my post op bras and a few extra things for myself! This is my list of must haves:
Fruit of the loom seamless front close bra. Sooo comfortable and about 8 dollars a piece
Bio Oil
Fresh shellac mani/pedi
Eyebrow wax
Smooth move tea (havnt purchased yet)
And a few other random things I will pick up this weekend!
I deep cleaned my shower last weekend and I was so sore the next day, I'm glad I did it then instead of waiting til the weekend before.
This weekend I will be so busy and hopefully shampooing my carpet.

Forgot to mention!

I'm going with 375cc HP mentor silicone implants!
My stats are as follows
A: 22
W: 138 lbs
H: 5'6"
Pre Op size: 34C from Vs (doc says I'm more like an A or Small B

Ugh I sooo want to go try on 400cc again! When I did they looked way too big but after seeing so many pics I really want them bigger ;( ugh


Today is my last day of work for two weeks!

Ahhhh what to do!?

My surgery is on Tuesday and I already chose 375 HP implants. (Silicone) when I left I feared they might be too big, now I'm afraid they are too small! Is there really a huge difference between these two? When I tried on the 400cc sizers I felt like Dolly Parton, but now after seeing so many pics with stats similar to mine I'm really liking the larger look..the only thing holding me back is my family (only 22 and don't want them judging me poorly) and also the attention from men in the gym- and that's all! I'm so confused on what to do. Do surgeons mind if you change the size a day before or the day of? I heard that they have to order them, but I'm not sure if this is bra size now is a 34C and I'm def not a C, but I would like to be a full D. This is going to stress me out until Monday when I can call them ;(

Pics with sizers 375cc (rice)

Less than 24 hours!

I can't believe it's tomorrow!! Deep cleaning today, I really wanted to shampoo my carpets but I'm afraid I will be really sore tomorrow ;( packed my bag to take with me, and now we wait!

Made it!

All done :) woke up in pain and was nauseous the entire right now. Even with the Emend. I feel so much better now just hanging out in bed. Sharp pains when I got up but that's expected! Still stings but I just took
My pain killers. Can wait for these suckers to kick in!


Ugh I'm hurting so bad I think I'm doing way too much for myself my mom had to leave because she is flying out to VA and so I was alone for a few hours til my bf came.. I made a badass sandwich with avacado and everything all by myself, also tried opening a pill bottle which hurt soooo bad. I need to chill. Taking a muscle relaxer and hopefully a long nap!


Ace wrap coming off!!

Today is my post op appt. it was at 1 but I asked if I could go in earlier bc this strap is driving me crazyy! Can't wait to throw on a sports bra oh em geee! Slept great last night, woke up twice to go to the bathroom and take a pill. I will be posting pics today!

Post Op day 2

So wish I went with 400cc, I hope they don't get smaller! Love them though :)

Feeling great!

Not sure if it's my pain pills or if the pain is actually going away on its own. Woke up pretty sore and took a norco and muscle relaxer then showered by myself! It felt so good. My boobs look bigger today than yesterday :D


Everyone that's about to get a BA I highly recommend those airplane neck pillows. It saved me from getting cricks in my neck. Definite must have!

Day 3 post op

Having to wear "the strap" for another week or two. Feels amazing taking it off! Here's my post op pics day 3

Day 5 feeling great!

Today I woke up with minimal stiffness, I feel great though. Got ready for the day now I'm ready to get out of this apartment! I love the size I hope they don't get smaller!

Before & After

Amazing what implants can do!
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