26, Momma of a 2 Year Old and Need a Boob Fluff BAD! - Austin, TX

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I am looking to go from my deflated saggy nippled...

I am looking to go from my deflated saggy nippled 34A to a 34C (or maybe bigger? ugh). Getting silicone, under the muscle. TERRIFIED about recovery. Since I have a 2 year old that needs in and out of the car.. ugh. I have Friday (procedure day) off until Tuesday afternoon. I am full time in school - so not strenuous work but I need to get her in and out of the carseat to drop her off and pick her up. Any suggestions? Also, 12mm chest ladies. My surgeon wants to do 300cc - 325cc. I'm kind of worried that it wont be big enough and Ill get boob greed. I don't want boob greed!

Surgery on Friday .. still stressing about CC's (5'5", 125lbs, 12 cm bwd)

Ladies, preferably someone with the same stats as me.. what did you end up doing? The surgeon ordered 275-325 mod + mentors for me during surgery day. He didnt have anything to try on because he thinks its gives patients an unrealistic expectation. Which, I totally understand (I did the rice test .. HOLY BOOBS).

What did you go with? Im scared of going too small. Weird, I know. But if Im going to spend 5g on boobs ... I refuse to have boob greed a week later. Im going under the muscle. I am hoping to have a nice full C look .. D even as long as it stays looking natural. I was a full C when i was pregnant / breast feeding but now im a real small 34 A. Will I be able to get that with 325cc?? I dont want high profile because all I read is "it looks fake". BLAH HALP!

Surgery in AM!

Surgery at 11am tomorrow.. super nervous. Not a single clue about CCs yet - once I see the surgeon in the morning we are going to discuss final sizes... hoping for a full C at the end of this! PRAYING that mod + at 325cc gets me there.. update tomorrow with pictures!!

Day one post OP (5 hrs post)

Woke up around 12:30 to boobs! 325 cc . Moderate PLUS profile. Silicone. I like the size a lot right now and i don't feel SUPER swollen so I hope they stay this big. Ive been able to move around - only taking over the counter pain killer (ibuephohen as recommended by my doc for swelling). I took a little nap when I got home and been awake for good since around 4pm - went grocery shopping and got a shake from sonic .. haha. Praying that tonight isn't super awful!

9 days post op

Hey everyone. I figured I would update. I'm feeling pretty great now. Just tightness (mostly in my right boob). I was super lucky that my initial recovery wasn't horrible. I was back at school and driving on day 5. I freak out about every little thing though, and my left boob (I'm left handed) seems to have dropped already and my right is still hanging tight. I am freaking out that my left it all messed up (muscular deformity, bottom out, etc) but I just need to give it time. Ugh. Anyways, here are some photos!

One month post op

One month out tomorrow. Figured i would update now. So, I've been feeling fine. Started exercising again (kind of - I've gotten lazy). I went swimming and it wasn't terrible! My left breast feels lower and I can move the implant around more in that breast and my right is in a smaller pocket I think. I'm measuring 32D or 34C. I feel like my swelling is completely gone. My incisions are closed and I'm wearing my scar strips.

8 months post op!

Hey everyone. I am 8 months post op and wanted to give an update on scars / feeling / settling.
(also 5 months pregnant).
I am still numb on the bottom half of my boob (nipple and down) but it does seem to be getting better. I have feeling in both nipples.
Not much cleveage. At all. but they look great with a bra on!
All in all, I am happy. I know they will settle more.
Scars are a little chunky. Hoping to get them lasered.

1 yr 7 months post op ..

feel like I'm bottoming out, but looks fine in bra still.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Scott Haydon and he was amazing, right to the point and let me know he wouldn't go above what would fit on my chest and wouldn't let me be unrealistic about outcomes (my boobs had a gap before and they have one after!). My recovery was really great and I didn't have horrible swelling and bruising. I can't wait to see the final result in a few months. I do wish that when I scheduled by post op appointment I was told that I wouldn't be meeting with him but his nurse instead.

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