Liposuction Stomach, Thighs and Calves as well as breast revision - Austin, TX

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I have always had large legs and a stubborn belly...

I have always had large legs and a stubborn belly and despite being active I never really tone. I've tried it all. I used to have the same issue with my arms until I decided to get liposuction done on them. I absolutely loved my results. Now when I work out I can see muscle coming through. My only regret was that I didn't do my legs and stomach. So I'm going back! In addition to this I am trading in my implants for larger ones and having an ADM put in to fix my pocket. Working out created quite a pucker under my breast when I flex, so the matrix is suppose to fix that.

Before pics

Finally took some before pictures. I can't believe my surgery is this month! As you can see my breast puckers really bad when I flex.

In Texas! And nervous!

Had my pre-op the other day and decided on 590 cc ultra high profile. At the time they didn't look crazy but when I look at pictures of implants that big they are huge!! So I'm super nervous! Also, the doctor decided against the ADM. He thinks moving the implants from under the muscle will fix my issues. So fingers crossed.


Went to my PS office to drop off the check and expressed my nervousness about the size. So they let me try on sizers again. And..... I still like the 590cc. So yay! They didn't feel too big and crazy.

Today's the day!

Getting ready to head out! Everything is all ready to go! ???????????????? see y'all on the other side!

Post op day 1!

I made it through to the other side! So happy with what I have seen so far. Especially with my boobs! 590 cc fits me very well. Gave me the fake look I wanted without being too crazy. My top half isn't hurting too badly but my lower stomach and legs are pretty sore. Getting absorbing pads under my garment by my legs was hell. Then getting my stockings over that was even worse. The stocking slipped from my moms hand and popped my leg which made me yell and also laugh which hurt even more. I learned a few things. One is always ask for anti nausea pills even if you don't normally get nauseous with pain pills. I never do but yesterday was not fun. Two is, a moomoo is the best thing to bring for the doctors to put you in after surgery. They make zip up ones at Walmart for $15. So easy to put on and off and it goes down to your knees. Three is, don't get compression socks that have holes for your heels. They ride up and cut off your circulation around your ankle. That's all folks!

Worth it

Does anyone know how to change the review from not sure to worth it?
Also just an update... Healing is going really well. All the bumps are starting to smooth out since I'm rolling them with a pin roller. I am in love with having a flat stomach! Putting clothes on doesn't send me into an emotional spiral anymore. And I can now put on pants without getting an immediate muffin top. Seriously amazed. The boobs healed way faster than I thought. I have zero pain from them. The lipo pain isn't bad it's more inconvenient and annoying. The rolling doesn't feel great though.


Some pictures I forgot to upload
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Caridi is amazing! He is very blunt about his expectations and genuinely wants you to look and feel good. His liposuction on my arms is very smooth no bumps at all, no one ever knows I had it. I trust his work so much I sent my mother there for her mommy makeover.

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