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I have been contemplating about getting this kind...

I have been contemplating about getting this kind of procedure for years. The reasons that kept me from doing it where a) cost and b) I am not really fat, I am a size 6. So I know I am not fat, I am healthy, I am fit, but I have/had a big stomach and love handles. I always had the feeling that my abdomen did not fit the rest of my body and no matter how hard I trained or watched my diet that fat around my waist would stay put. No chance of getting rid of it. So last Tuesday (only 3 days ago) I finally did it. It was a last minute decision.

I had my initial consultation only 2 weeks ago, then one day later set my appointment and did it. I had my procedure done with a well known company that operates nation wide. You know who I am talking about right? The staff was friendly, I can't complain. The nurse and my doctor were neutral. Not overly friendly but not unfriendly either. They were ok. So of course they told me I am like the IDEAL patient because I am fit and healthy and only have a couple of problem areas but I am in overall good shape. I was worried that maybe I was too normal looking to see results. I am not sure about my results yet, but they told me they removed almost 1 liter of fat which is a lot for a small body like mine. I can already see a different in my waist area.

The love handles are definitely gone... not sure about my upper and lower abdomen yet because I am still swollen. The procedure went great. I mean. ... I felt NO PAIN at all. Not during and not after the procedure I swear. The medication they gave me before the procedure completely wiped me out. I don't remember a thing, which I guess is good? I don't remember how I got dressed after the procedure or what they told me or if they talked to me at all but my doctor did call me the next day and also the second day after the surgery. I will have my first post op appointment next week. So far I am really feeling great. No complications at all. No pain. Like I said I am not sure about the results yet, but will let you guys know and try to post some pictures too.

03/19/2013: It has been a week since my procedure...

03/19/2013: It has been a week since my procedure and must admit that the discomfort finally settled on my fourth day. The first 3 days were absolutely pain free. On day 3 I got of my pain medication. I would still call it a painless procedure, but I have been experiencing quite a bit of discomfort since day 4. I am feeling very sore and my stomach is sensitive to touch. The are right under my belly button seems hard and I am still pretty bruised, especially in the pubic area. I will have my one week post op appointment tomorrow. Initially I was thrilled because I really thought I could see results right after the surgery. I am not so sure anymore. My love handles may be a little smaller. My stomach still looks huge and bloated. No improvement so far.

03/20/2013: I had my one week post op appointment...

03/20/2013: I had my one week post op appointment today and I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get to talk to a doctor. I think the lady I talked to at Sonobello was not even a nurse, just another small piece in the big corporation. She took pictures, did not really look at my stomach and answered my questions. She said everything I am experiencing right now, still some swelling, bruising, lumpy areas is normal for this period. She also explained why I didn't feel any discomfort until the 4th day, she said that's when the pain solution they had injected and that was still left in my body, started wearing off. Plus I got off the pain medication on day 3 because I I thought I wouldn't need.
I am FINALLY back to my normal body weight. It really shocked me to see that this procedure had added almost 10 pounds to my weight. It takes a while for all the solution they pump into you to get absorbed by your body, not everything can get out through your incisions she said.
Biggest disappointment I want to mention today: My consultant who SOLD me on the procedure misinformed me about the carecredit I applied for. She said I would be able to pay for my monthly rates by credit cards, which is NOT true. Carecredit does not accept credit card payments. This kind of sucks for me because, this possibility of paying off my balance through credit card payments had a huge impact on my decision. I feel like I was being lied to. :(

04/16/2013 So it has been a little over a month...

So it has been a little over a month since I had my procedure done and I must say I am disappointed. I am seeing no results at all. I still weigh the same, my body fat percentage is still the same and I have not lost any inches either, so I am still wearing size 6 clothes and they are just as tight as they used to be. The love handles may be a little smaller but my stomach looks the same. No actually that is not true.. my stomach is now very lumpy and I have hard spots right above my hip bones and around my belly button.
Sadly I must say that this procedure was not worth the money it cost. I may post a picture later just so you can see.

Not worth it

Ok so 6 months after my liposuction I must unfortunately say that it was not worth it. I have not lost weight, I have not lost inches, I am still wearing the same size in clothes, I still feel the same and still look the same. When I looked at my before and after pictures at sonobello it looked like my bello has changed a little bit, but it is not enough to justify the amount of money spent. I think liposuction is only a good procedure for people who are REALLY overweight. I was a size 6 and I am still a size 6. I was hoping I would go down at least one size. Well I didn't. Disappointed.


I had my procedure done 2 1/2 years ago with Sonobello and after all this time I unfortunately must confirm my last update. It was a waste of money. Don't get lipo, at least not with this commercialized company. My body shape did not change one bit after the lipo. It was the most worthless procedure I had ever done.

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