Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction - 25yrs - Austin, TX

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I've been so self conscious about my lady parts...

I've been so self conscious about my lady parts since high school. Ive never had more than one more partner bc I feared what they would think or say about me. Ridiculous I know but if you have the same issue, I'm sure you get it. I have dreamed for years about getting constructive surgery to fix it but never had the courage or money. I finally got out of a bad relationship a year ago and I wanted to date but couldn't bc i feared what if we want to have sex? I cant. So on September 28th i called and scheduled a consultation for October 1st. The entire scheduling process and visit went smoothly and put me at ease. Talked to the scheduler and I told her I wanted the first available appt. I scheduled it for 6 days later. I was MORE THAN READY. It took me a couple days to figure out a plan- I didnt want to have to tell anyone about the surgery. I realized that wasnt going to be possible. I needed a ride to and from the appt, i needed the kids to be taken care of, etc. So i told my 2 bestfriends/roommates. Whew what a relief that was. Then I needed to tell my Mom bc I needed her for my kids. I told her that Monday before surgery (took that long to build up the courage). She was totally understanding and all for it if it was going to make me feel better. Yay.

Day of surgery- took 2 Oxycodone, 2 Xanax and applied topical lidocaine twice before the apt. Got in and got straight to business. Let me tell you.... the local numbing shots...WTF?! OUUUCH. After that nightmare everything was great. Didn't feel any real pain. Right at the end I felt some discomfort so he had me take another oxycodone. Walking out of the room I got pretty nauseous but was okay the entire ride home until I got out of the car. I threw up twice before I made it to my bed. I didnt wake back up until that evening. I felt good. I decided I needed to take the anti-nausea a little bit before the pain meds and that definitelt helped. Never got sick again.

Day 2-3 i Felt like a new woman. Boy did it look ugly down there. No bleeding or discharge. No pain. Rinsing after using the restroom. Showered and soaked for 10 mins every night. The soaking felt amazing. Was still icing when I was awake. That felt amazing. I was able to get up, hang up some Halloween decorations and make my lunch.

Day 4-5- the pain was INTENSE. I was having sharp pains, I couldnt get comfortable, I was bleeding a little and noticing yellowish stuff around the incisions. I couldn't even rinse after using the restroom anymore THAT was so painful. It just didnt feel right. I have a really high tolerance for pain and I always heal quickly. I called my doc, i sent a pic in and he wanted to see me that next day.

Day 6- went into the office to be seen. Dr seems to think everything looked like it wss healing well. Didnt look infected. He prescribed different/stronger pain meds to take around the clock, and to shower and soak every 2-4hrs. This was to help the healing process and drainage, etc. He wanted to see me the next day. So i went home, took my meds, soaked and set my alarm for 4 hours. That went on until tje next day.

1 week post op - told the doctor i didnt feel any better. I was still in alot of pain. Plus i was scheduled to go into work that night. He said no ma'am. We need to wait. He examined me and still said everything looked well. He started me on antibiotics either way and topical Bactrim to apply once at night with gauze. Then to return the next day.

Day 8 - took 3 doses of the antibiotics before my afternoon appt with the dr and by the time I saw him I was already feeling sooo much better. Plus I hadn't taken any of the narcotics. Starting to see th3 light! He was so happy to see me doing better. He was genuinely concerned. He did say he wished he would have started me on the antibiotic the day before but it did not look like a typical infection how they see it. He mentioned it had to have been internal and that's what was causing the unusual amount of pain. I didn't care I'm just glad i felt better. He suggested to stay home from work one more day and i told him my next scheduled day was 5 days later. He said perfect. I discontinued the pain meds unless needed, continued with soaking once a day, and Bactrim once at night. I wasnt needing to ice anymore either. Oh ! Almost forgot, that day he also cut/removed some of the stitches. WORST PAIN EVERRRR. ive never had stitches, much less had them ripped from my Labia. WOW that hurt. But only temporarily.

13 days post op - fast forward to tonight. I have been feeling good since my last appt. The swelling has gone done, it looks nicer and it doesnt hurt ! No more bleeding or weird discharge. I am finally feeling like myself again. Tonight was my First night back at work, i work in the ER. Its been almost 2 weeks since surgery and since ive been walking around about I have started to feel some discomfort and have asked to sit the rest of my shift. This stinks. I hope it doesn't set me back in my healing process. I feel like its been enough tim3, im not over doing it , it has just been a very long healing process. Definitely did not expect to be down this long. But that's okay, all in all I am already in love with how much better it looks!! I can't wait to see how each week it gets better!

Sorry for the long post. ...had to fit in 2 weeks worth lol

Soo happy

So even though I'm nowhere near completely healed. I am so happy with my results. I'm 2 weeks and 3 days post op, my only complaint is the dreaded itch. It comes and goes at random times, so weird. I usually put an ice pack on for a few minutes then it subsides.

Anyone who had waxed or laser removed after surgery? If so, how long did you wait. I'm posting new pics now. It's still so hard looking at before pics, ugh i literally hated the way it looked.

Almost 3 weeks

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks. Cant believe how fast it's going by. I feel like I'm healing pretty slowly. I still have lots of stitches (when will they disolve?!), and I still am having discomfort after using the restroom. It's like a sudden itch attack. I dread going potty. I feel well though so that's a huge plus. I'm thinking of getting back in the gym next week, just light upper body conditioning. I'm also dying to be with a guy I have been talking to for a couple months now....I have NEVER looked forward to sex before. But I'm definitely waiting the full 6, maybe even 7 weeks. :(

Superficial opening

Last night I started bleeding pretty heavily after I used the restroom at work. I ended up putting a pad on and filled about 1/3 of it. I couldn't see what was going on bc I didn't have a mirror but I could feel some stitches poking out more. At the same time I noticed a foul odor. I was sooo uncomfortable and just grossed out but I showered here at work , took some ibuprofen and layed in one of the hospital beds for an hour. I finished out my shift and called my doctor in the AM. I went in this afternoon and he said I had a superficial opening on the lower labia. I asked if the odor was BV and he didn't think so. I have had it in the paSt and he knows I've been through alot already so he said he would treat me for bv if I wanted. Yes please ! Today is my birthday I don't want to smell of death all weekend. Ugh. Anyway, the odor had gotten better since the night before and the bleeding had stopped as well. He mentioned he thought the odor could have been from the wound. Grossss. So he said to start back on the Bactroban on that opening with some gauze for 3-4 days and it would heal itself. Thank goodness!! I was so worried he'd have to redo the stitching or something. Can it be smooth sailing already??

Stitches galore

Past 4 days have been smooth sailing (yay!) I can tell alot of swelling has gone down. Especially around the clitoral area. And it's starting to even out, one side doesn't look bigger than the other. It looks like more stitches are pushing their way out. My goodness that was alot of thread lol

Are you kidding me?

Well last night my clit area was super sensitive to touch and now tonight I've noticed this sore....what in the world. Its the weekend so if i call my doctors office I'll be calling the emergency line and I know this is not an emergency. It's irritating with my panties and I'm about ready to scream bc if its not one thing its another. I started my period 2 days ago- maybe its related??? I don't knoe what to do.

No New News

Nothing new going on. Still have all my stitches, approaching 6 weeks, and I want to have sex so bad. Thinking of making an appointment for my next hair removal session next week. This should be fun explaining to technician lol Still having random itching in certain areas...maybe my doctor will remove the stitches at my 6 week appointment? I cant decide if I want to go through that pain or just wait even longer for them to "dissolve"

Made it

Well today marks 6 weeks that I've had my surgery. Yay! Finally actually feel about 80% better. Still have random discomfort here and there but almost all of the stitches are gone ! There was one sticking out this morning and I just touched it a little and it fell right out. I took a picture today and to be honest I'm not really loving how it looks. In comparison to before- yes so much better. It just doesn't look like I want it to. I don't know. Stitches are out and I'm still not happy. The right side is still noticeably bigger then the it possible the dr really did an uneven job? A part of the labia towards the bottom also looks like it's split kind of...what the hell? And all in all its just bumpy looking. Some things I am reading say on about 3-6months it will get better. Seriously? I'm sad, maybe I was seeking perfection and had unrealistic expectations.
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