42 Year Old Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Austin, TX

I have been researching the surgery, and had...

I have been researching the surgery, and had convinced myself a few weeks ago that I would most likely not do it. But I have continued to read and research the procedure and read testimonials, and I think I was just afraid. I feel like I have wasted enough of my life being overweight, and its time to transform. I no longer feel like I can do this on my own, and I am tired of the endless cycle of trying, failing and self-loathing. I am proceeding with getting more information. I went to True Results in Austin, and was in the process of changing insurance companies, so they were unsure of whether my new insurance would pay for it. Even if they dont, there is still a possibility to have a hernia fixed (if I have one) and tack on the sleeve. We'll see. I am also researching going to Tijuana.

10 months post op

I am down 97 lbs. Started at a size 22/24 and am not 13/14 and wearing medium or large tops. No more plus sizes! My recovery has been awesome. Weight loss has slowed down significantly in the last month. Very, very happy overall...energy up, self esteem and self love higher, depression and anxiety lower.
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