Full Facial Fat Transfer Plus TCA Peel

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Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my...

Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my facial fat transfer. From about 2014 to 2016, I lost a lot of volume, due to consistent low weight due to grief and loss of appetite. This was exacerbated by botox (which is AWFUL, ... see review). I lost so much volume in my temples which already tend to be hollow, around the eyes, my cheeks had become flat. I was a person who once had a round face and hooded eyes, and at the time of the procedure, I looked so hollowed out.

I chose Dr. Nakra because from his reviews he does meticulous work, has an artistic eye, and is a kind person. I wanted an oculoplastic surgeon, which is an elite group who actually will venture to do fat transfer on the delicate tissues of around the eye. If I was going to have anyone inject my eyes with fat, it would be an eye expert. From October of 2015 until about April of this year, I researched many and interviewed several doctors. I felt most comfortable with Dr. Nakra.
I was able to speak with and see pictures of a woman in her early 50's who was so generous to share her photos and experience with me. Plus looking at those working with Dr. Nakra at TOC Eye and Face, everyone looked natural and not over done.
I did not want artificial fillers because if they reacted in me anything like the botox, I would be devastated. My body is very sensitive and I did not want to take the chance. I wanted to use my own fat. I was scared at first, but I felt confident in Dr. Nakra's care.
I flew from the SF area in California to Austin, Texas. Its far but not too far. I wanted to make the best choice for me, even if it meant having to travel some. (Plus he's more affordable than this expensive bay area). Please note July in Austin is HOT! But I figured I would be in my hotel healing most of the time. My 12 year old son traveled with me, so we got a hotel with a pool and a basketball court. We had a good time.

Pre surgery, for several weeks, I eliminated certain things from my diet that would cause my blood to be thin, like garlic, aspirin, etc. They sent me a list. Dr. Nakra also encouraged me to gain weight if possible. That was not easy, as I tend to plateau at 122 lbs. But he managed to get enough fat for my face from the stomach area.
As of my fat transfer for the year, I received the award he said for most fat transferred. He put three times the usual into my temples. It was affirming to hear this, because there were times where I thought I had dysmorphia and my perception was all in my head.

My results look so natural and unobvious initially. Only a handful of people have noticed, like my hairdresser I hadn't seen since April ( who I used to ask to cut my bangs to camouflage my temple hollows), she asked what I was using on my face. Then my older brother asked if I had a tan. One aunt said a couple of times, you look good, you are looking healthier. A friend said my cheeks don't look flat anymore. I look like a healthier version of what I looked like before. As I had hoped, it is not over the top and looks natural. I use my temples as a gauge to how the fat is staying. They were oh so hollow before that its obvious they are still fuller. After the surgery, my face looked round from the swelling. Though round may look good on some bone structures, I was grateful when my oval shape came back.

If I go back for touch ups, I will see about a little more under my eyes, right above the anterior cheek, in between the eyes, and a touch more in one temple. I did notice one side bruised more and took less fat, just a minimal amount less, but I noticed with the swelling. Dr. Nakra reminded me that faces are not completely symmetrical. So I waited til the swelling went down. Now it look "normal". If I search i can see that one cheek is ever so slightly fuller. But its looks so much better regardless than before that I would do it again.

I wish more fat had remained between my eyes. but I can see about touching this area up if theres's a next time. I had been worried about broken blood vessels, not bruising but the kind that leave red stringy lines across the face. But Dr. Nakra did some a gentle job , that I did not have this happen.
He put a lot of fat in my lower jaw area. I would have thought this would cause jowls, but he assured me it would not. Instead it makes my cheeks look stronger. At first I had a whole lot of mandible with the swelling but as he assured, it went down.
Still not sure how many CC's in total I got. He told me at the time but I forget.

Dr. Nakra included a TCA peel. I had never had a peel before so I was a little leary, but I am glad i did it. He had suggested a CO2 peel, which was tempting but a little too much for me to handle stress wise and financially. But now looking back, I think it would have been a good decision. The TCA peel rejuvenated my skin. But the CO2 peel would have removed static wrinkles, as Dr. Nakra had informed me. It vaporizes the top layer of skin, thereby removing the lines. Maybe I will do it next time. As for the TCA peel, it took off and lightened age marks, and an under eye mark that I had thought was a vein.

I highly recommend him for facial fat transfer. I would trust few around my eyes. It seems that the eye area is a more difficult place for fat to graft since there is so much movement, but my orbital area and brow overall have more volume now. I told him several times "Please no neantherdal brow or jowls" just to vocalize my fears before I went under. lol

I do not feel like I look hollowed out and sickly looking anymore. Dr. Nakra did an excellent job, and I am so grateful for his God gifted hands that do such beautiful work to restore.
Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Nakra has an eye for detail, precision and aesthetics. He is mild-mannered and kind. I really wanted a kind surgeon as this type of procedure can be scary and emotional. He gives a natural beautiful result. The office staff were also very helpful and kind. Everyone seems happy at the office, which is a good sign. :-) I recommend him for facial fat transfer, especially if you are wanting treatment around the eyes.

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