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I am about to go in for an upper bleph on Monday...

I am about to go in for an upper bleph on Monday June 2, 2014. I have wanted to do this for well over 10 years but finally decided to follow through and get it done! I am full of anxiety wanting to be done already, but also looking forward to the results. By this time next week I will be 2 days into my recovery!!

My before pics show the all hooding in my upper lids. The one with the mascara on I am lifting my eyebrows really high because I hate the way my eyelids hood my eyes in pictures (do you ever do that?). The only time I ever looked like I had upper eyelids is when I wore a lot of mascara because my lashes are long.

The picture of me smiling is the one that did me in! I saw that one and booked the appointment to see the Dr the next day! Enough is enough, I want to see my eyelids again! I have already started looking at new colors of eyeshadow (which I stopped doing long ago because you could never see it on my eyes). Is 48 too old for electric blue eyeshadow? ;)

I am counting my sleeps until Monday! Nervous and reaching out for support!

Thursday May 29th... 4 more sleeps!

I went into the office today for my pre-op packet, my prescriptions and to have my before pictures taken. I did wear makeup (mascara) .. I reckon it was so I wouldn't shudder at the sight of my before pictures when I see them again but I am excited about being able to wear and see eyeshadow on my new and improved lids! I find myself full of anxious butterflies and wish it was a week later already!

A few more before pics taken today (Thrusday May 29, 2014)

Here are a few more pics of my upper lids. One of them shows how my eye makeup gets all smudged and smeared over my eye because my hooding messes it up. Another one is to demonstrate my "bitchy resting face". I get asked a lot if I am angry, I swear I am not, my eyes just make me look that way! And another shot of me opening my eyes really wide...no eyelids to be had! I swear I am going to buy every single color of eyeshadow and wear it after I am healed! Shocking Purple Passion, here I come! ;)

Things I was given before my surgery....

I was given 4 prescriptions today. Two of them are for nausea. One I will take one hour before my surgery. The other is a "just in case" for post surgery if I am experiencing any nausea. I was also given a pain narcotic (which by the sounds of it most people don't need to use) and an antibiotic that I will take for 4 days post surgery. In addition to my prescriptions I was given Arnika Forte; to prevent excessive bruising (I take it today and every day until my surgery). 2 kinds of eye drops; one for day time use and a thicker one for nighttime use. It is said that you can get dry eye post surgery because the eye ducts get blocked from swelling so the drops are said to help with that. I was also given some cleansing cloths and pointy q-tips for eye goop removal. They also gave me some sunglasses and a handy travel bag too to put my meds in. My surgery is booked in the afternoon on Monday June 2nd, so no food or drink after 11pm Sunday night. I am going to get some ginger ale and crackers to munch on when I get home from my surgery.

Friday ...3 more sleeps and my pretend after pics...

If you have hooded eyes, you have probably done this, you lift your hoods away from your eyes to see what you would look like without the hooding. So, here are pics of me lifting my hooded eye skin to create a "hopeful expectation" of what my upper eye bleph results will look like. I'd be delighted to have results that look like this! 3 more sleeps before my surgery!

10 Things to do BEFORE Your Surgery!

You are required to not do strenuous activities until you are at least 4 weeks post op. So, before your surgery there are some things you should do to make your recovery easier.

1) Clean your house: Sanitize the area you will be washing in, a clean bathroom and sanitary area for any post op care is super important while you are healing. You should NOT be doing this after your surgery. Change your sheets and pillow cases. Dust and vacuum and do all your laundry. Get everything spic and span so you can devote time to healing and not cleaning.

2) Buy 2 weeks worth of groceries. No one wants to go grocery shopping with swollen eyes and sutures. Be sure to pick up enough food and drink to last 2 weeks. You will probably feel fine enough to shop, but may not "look" presentable. Additionally, you should not be carrying heavy bags after surgery so it's best to get enough to get you through a few weeks so you can rest and heal. Also, NO SALT! If you eat a diet heavy in sodium, back way off way before your surgery and stay away from it until you are fully healed! A diet high in sodium causes excessive swelling. If you smoke, quit, smoking slows down the healing process by cutting off oxygen to the blood.

3) Pluck your eyebrows, shave and give yourself a home facial, paint your toes. A little bit of pampering is in order because you will have to be super careful with your eyes/face post surgery while you heal. Some surgery centers prefer you keep your fingernails free of polish so check before you decide on doing that manicure. The night before, wash your hair and shave. If you have long hair, be sure to bring something to tie it into a pony tail or braid it with.

4) Set up the area you will be using with your meds, eye drops and post Op supplies. If you have a hard time remembering to take your meds, set up your phone or calendar to send you alerts to remind you.

5) Have some comfy clothes at the ready. It is suggested you wear button up tops in the first week or 2 so that you do not have to pull anything over your head.

6) Remember, you won't be able to wear contacts for about a month or longer, so dig out those glasses.

7) You may not be able to see clearly right after your surgery. So surfing the net may be difficult because you can't see the text. Have some movies available or do a marathon session of your favorite TV shows. Set up your DVR to record everything so its all ready to go.

8) Make sure you have lots of pillows. It is suggested you sleep upright for the first 72 hours to help prevent excessive swelling.

9) Have several cold packs available so that you always have one in the freezer ready to use. In the first 48 to 72 hours you will be required to ice often, so make sure you have enough ice bags or cold compresses. Freeze some cucumber slices to use on your eyes ( cucumbers are a source of vitamin C and caffeic acid which help calm skin irritations and inflammation.) Remember that regular cold packs are going to be too heavy to put on your eyes.

10) Make a list of things you are required to bring with you for your surgery (clothing, meds, etc) and stick it to the door so you are reminded before you leave the house. Often times nerves and anxious energy make you forget things, so stick that note to the door to remind you to bring everything. Pack your surgical center bag the night before so you don't have to race around looking for things the day of your surgery. Take off all your jewelry and leave it at home. Don't bring anything with you of value to the surgical center because they don't have lockers to store your things. Don't forget; NO FOOD OR WATER the night before your surgery. This is super important. You do not want to be throwing up post surgery just because you wanted to slip in a late night snack or drink. Also remember, no makeup, creams, perfumes or lotions on your body the day of your surgery!

Hope this helps! :)

Stuff to do on the weekend before your Surgery

See if the cat is awake.
Go outside to see if it is still hot.
Bake a pretend cake in your head, add sprinkles.
See if you can throw your socks into the laundry hamper from your bed.
Give yourself 10 points for getting one in!
See if the cat is awake.
Complain about how hot it is outside.
Check email to see if Publishers Clearing House still thinks you may be a winner.
Consider washing the floors, laugh at the thought, go back to baking pretend cake.
Get hungry for real cake.
See if cat is awake.
Feel somewhat disgruntled that the cat can sleep that long.
Pick cat hair off your shirt, and pants, and all the furniture in the house.
Check pantry for anything resembling cake.
Feel disgruntled about having no cake.
Wake up cat.

Surgery Day! :)

Well here I am just waiting to go in for my surgery. My stomach is full of butterflies! I will be happy when I am on the other side and healing! I'll post later when I get home!

My emotions are as follows:

Done! Post Op: day one :D

I'll keep this short... my fat grafting looks amazing...and the eyes...OMG YES!! here are a few pics. Thanks for the good wishes, they worked! xoxox :)

Day 2 Post OP

Now that i am able to see I can write more. Yesterday went very well. I cannot say enough good things about my surgeon, Dr Robert Clement. He is absolutely marvelous. His bed side manner is 5 star all the way. When he came in to mark my eyes with a marker he sat with me and talked for 30 minutes. He had me laughing multiple times and really had me feeling positive and prepared. He was thoughtful and kind and and very compassionate. His medical staff is also kind and compassionate. This is what 5 star gold standard care feels like. I cannot say enough good things about all of them!

My eyes feel fine today, the worst part was the fat grafting. When I woke up from surgery my thighs were very painful. I don't know how folks are able to do full liposuction on their body, just that small harvest area on my legs was very sore...I can't imagine having full on lipo!

I was told it would feel like someone punched and slapped me multiple times in the thighs... it did feel like that. Today is not as painful, just sore. I took one pain med last night and so far today I've not needed any. My face looks lovely. He put fat in all the places that needed it to make it look fresh and youthful. I did not get a lot, just enough to take care of the areas that I thought made my face look old; slight jowl on the left and right side to which he fat grafted my jaw line and he did my nasal labial folds around my mouth and added a tad to my temples and the apples of my cheeks. There is some tenderness in those areas today but it is not painful. Since I got my own fat injected in those areas I am hopeful that those areas stay looking this pretty! I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

Dr. Clement called me about 2 hours after I got home to check on me and make sure I was feeling comfortable. I iced my eyes every 20 mins when I got home. The bed was set up with many pillows and I slept sort of sitting up with my legs propped up a bit too. I woke up every 1/2 hour to 45 mins to apply ice and did so all throughout the night. I slept comfortably in short bursts and felt fine when I woke up. I applied thick drops in my eyes before bed and the daytime drops when I woke up. I will continue to ice my eyes all day and night today as well. Overall in terms of my eyes, there is no pain. It feels weird to try to look up with the tape on...I can't really ..the tape is in the way. But I can already see eyelids...OMG eyelids!! Eyelids that are screaming out to have eyeshadow put on them! hehehe :D

So that is my update for day 2. I go in to see my Surgeon on Friday morning to have the sutures out! Dr Robert Clement better be ready for a giant hug from me! :D

DAY TWO: after with eyes closed.

Just a quick picture update with my eyes closed. Post op day 2.

Day 3 post op: Eye goop and wanting to rub!

Eye goop. Most people take it for granted that they can easily scoop the eye goop out of their eyes with nary a second though. Yeah, second and third thoughts and even fourth thoughts are required after eyelid surgery. So here I am on day 3 post op and wake up with what I assume is 3 days worth of eye goop in the corners of my eyes that has not been swept away in a simple morning ritual of rubbing my eyes while I sip on coffee and wait to wake up. The coffee is still there, albeit less of it. I have been limiting my intake of caffeine and sodium as if I am embarking on a new fitness routine. It almost feels as if I am on a fitness routine... the sides of my thighs are sore (from the fat harvesting). I mean SORE! Like I have done 24 billion squats and then had 12 large men beat me with a bat on my hips until they got tired. If I close my eyes (pun intended) I can imagine this is what it feels like to have a hardcore fitness routine. I shall use these days riding out the fantasy that I am on the road to fitness as opposed to on the road to healing! So faced with the cumulation of 3 days of undisturbed eye goop in the corners of my eyes mixed in with any dust or debris that decided to hitch a ride on my eyelashes, my morning has consisted of very carefully using my Pointy Eye goop removers to try to somehow dislodge the cumulation of sleep crusties and what I figure is 36 pounds of Texas dust that has entered my eyes and gotten comfortable. I swear if I weigh myself, I would come up 10 pounds heavier. So very meticulously I used my handy dandy pointy eye goop removers (aka pointy q-tips) and swirled them carefully in the corners. I did managed to dislodge what I ascertain to be one of my cats. The second eye yielded what I can only hope is the other cat I own, as I have not seen him since yesterday. OK, this is going to be one of those things I will remember. Those lazy hazy early days of summer when I sat around waiting to be healed enough to go back to rubbing my eyes! Ah yes, the memories. :)

Post Op Day 3 photos

Post op day 3


So, my fat harvesting and grafting into my face has been another portion of my healing progress. It is quite different then the upper eye bleph. The eyes really don't hurt. Aside from swelling and blurry vision the eyes have been easy. The fat has been more of an issue in terms of pain and discomfort. My legs are sore and stiff and bruised from where the "fat was harvested" (a nicer term for lipo) but it was the same thing as lipo, only instead of throwing away the fat, they stuck it in my face. I am all about re-purposing, why throw away perfectly good fat?! LOL! :D Anyway, the healing process for this one is good and not so good. The good part is seeing that my thighs look so smooth now from where the fat was removed, it was like getting a nice freshen up on my legs to have the fat removed so I am excited about wearing shorts again. The not so good stuff if the sore, stiff and bruised part. I am certainly right in tune with the healing expectations so all in all it's a good thing. The fat in my face looks lovely. Very symmetrical and smooth. I am not sure how much of this fat will live but I am hopeful I can keep these results. I am delighted at how plump and firm my face looks and how defined my jawline and cheeks look. I reckon in a month I will know more about how much fat I was able to retain. I have been going between just resting on my bed with my legs propped up to walking gently around the house to keep the blood flowing and circulating. Its sorta a balancing act to not to get my blood pressure up but also move my body around. The eyes require rest and no blood pressure increasing activities and the lipo on my thighs and hips require more movement and stretching to keep the blood moving to prevent clotting. So I am walking around my house in a gentle but blood circulating way! hahah. I must admit, I am super happy with everything so far. If I keep healing at this rate and keep the beautiful new results, I will be dancing with glee! ....just not today...or tomorrow, or for 3 more weeks! ;)

Post Op Day 4

My eyes feel a bit more open today. I am looking forward to getting my tape off and sutures out tomorrow!

Day 4 post Op: Tight, squinty and weird...

So day 4 comes with various feelings. firstly, my eyes look tiny and squinty and weird. So small! I know I have swelling and this will change, but right now I think I look funny. Also, my face is very tight from the fat grafting and it is hard to smile. I look like a watermelon with very small eyes! haha I know my natural lid crease has been lifted over my eyes, so it is really hard for me to determine what they will look like once they are healed. I feel tucked out from the surgery and know I have a way to go before I am healed, so I am trying to not focus too much on how I look right now...even though I do look like round fruit with tiny eyes! I am sure I will look back on all of this and laugh. Right now I wonder how long it takes for the new crease line to fade? How long did your crease lines take to fade?

Post Op Day 5 -- Suture removal

I go in this morning to have my tape and sutures removed. I will post pics later when I get home!

Post Op Day 5 -- Suture removal and swelling

I am very swollen today, I think I still look like round fruit with tiny eyes! I had my sutures out today but because I am still so swollen from the fat grafting and the upper eye bleph I do not really have a super magical after picture to post. I still have tape on my eyelids, not surgical tape, just "your scars are fresh so keep this on until tomorrow tape". I took a pic so you can see. There is nothing really to show, I look the same as I did yesterday only with nude colored tape on. My eyes are very swollen and puffy and my face looks comical due to swelling. hehehe!! I am not stressing about it...I was told going in that the results I actually want to look at are 4-6 weeks away...so I have no expectations of looking any better then I do right now. :) I still feel tired too. My legs are still sore, my face is still sore and I look like round fruit with tiny eyes. *giggles* That's my update for post Op day 5! :D

Post Op DAY 6 -- looks weird still

OK here are some pics of my incision. It is higher then my natural crease line. Is this normal? Will it tuck up under my brow bone? Also, my inner eyes are very swollen, should I put warm compresses on it? I am worried about how high the incision is, although I was told it will tuck up. I feel anxious ..I probably shouldn't because I am only 6 days post op, but I promised myself I would be honest about my progress and this is one of the feelings I am having. Any suggestions, thoughts etc would be awesome. Thx

One thing I know for sure...

One thing I know for sure is there is no substitute for a good support system. So let me take a minute to thank the lovely ladies on this site who have supported me and reassured me and calmed my fears. Y'all are absolutely amazing and there are no words to express my gratitude for your kindness and support. I am taking some great advice and "chillaxing" and resting. There is no point in over-evaluating how I look right now when I am not even one week post op! Healing is not easy but you will not make it easier on yourself by focusing on every little thing as you do it! Great advice and now I am redirecting my healing focus on rest and relaxation and giving myself the proper time to heal. This is a learning experience, there really is no way to know what healing will be like until you get there! Thank you so much ladies for keeping me on track, y'all are so wonderful! xxoxoxo :)

Post Op Day 9 --what a difference a few days make! :D

Well I tell ya, what a huge difference a few days make! This is MY lesson in patience! I am doing so much better and looking so much better! A lot of the swelling is going down. Today is the first day my legs do not feel super sore. I still have bruising under my eyes and on my legs, but everything is starting to settle in nicely. My hubby even said to me "wow, your eyes are really looking beautiful!" YAY!! I have not been putting anything on my eyes, I was told to let them heal. So aside from washing my face, I am being very careful with them. I still haven't worn makeup but I can as soon as Monday next week. The fat grafted areas of my face is settling in well. It is still sore to the touch, but I can actually feel my face and I am able to make a small smile. My eyebrows and temples still feel stiff, and my overly animated expressions are not available to me right now! haha But all in all, I am very happy with how everything looks so far!! I can't believe I freaked myself out so unnecessarily last week! My Surgeon was so kind to me when I called him in a panic. What a lovely man. He assured me everything was OK and I was just experiencing swelling. What an absolutely wonderful and thoughtful man! So yes, I have learned my lesson well. DO NOT freak out when you are less then a week into healing! UGH, patience is not my strong suit, can you tell? hahahah! Again, a great support system is key when you do something like this and this site and the fabulous ladies on it has been a source of laughter and support and has kept me on track. If you are considering having surgery, sign up for an account here first, believe me, you will thank me later! Being able to share with others who have gone through the same thing as you is priceless! I usually tackle hard things with a lot of humor, but I tell you, this wasn't something I could just laugh off, I really really needed the encouragement and support of others to keep me on track! The ladies on this site are some of the nicest and kindest and supportive you will find! So, I am still almost 3 weeks away from being a month post OP therefore, I am NOW not stressing or worried about the outcome. I am giving myself permission to just sit and wait, to let my body heal, and I am staying away from over analyzing my face in a mirror! Oh, if you are like me and have one of those light up mirrors that magnifies things up to 5 times, put it away! You can go back to using it to put your eye makeup on AFTER you heal, you do not need to see what your bruised, sutured and swollen eyes or face looks like that close, it will only make you crazy! *grins* I will post pics later so you can see my beautiful new eyes! xoxoxoxox :)

Post Op Day 9 pics..

Post Op Day 9
Still some yellow bruising under my eyes, but things are healing nicely, and oh look, I have eyelids!! woo hooo!! :D -- PS: please excuse my wonky eyebrows, I over-plucked in my 20's ;)

Before and 9 days after pic

Before and 9 days after pic!

Minor Setback....

I have a Minor Setback today. I must have scratched at my eye in my sleep, the left one had some blood on it this morning. So I put some arnica suave on it and will keep doing so until I know it is completely closed. Ugh. Bummed me out all day that I did this. Think I will cover the eye area with a mask when I sleep so I don't do this again. Onward and upward!

:P my setback pic ..

Here is my scar... :(

Already getting better...Post Op Day 11

Yesterdays setback doesn't look as bad today. I am keeping the area covered in arnica suave and it is already healing. Today was my first venture out in terms of shopping. Walked around the mall for about an hour. I put makeup on my face but not my eyes. I wore sunglasses that are very light but gave enough coverage as to not show my incisions. It felt good to be out and feeling like I am on the other side of healing. I still have yellow bruising under my eyes but it covered right up with some mineral makeup. I can't wait to do the whole sha-bang and do my eye makeup! I have already started scouting out some new colors of eyeshadow! I am going to give things another full week before I wear eye makeup. I used a eye mask last night when I slept and it keep my hands away from my eyes so no scratching! I will continue to use the night mask until I am sure I am fully healed. The fat grafting swelling in my face doesn't look so comical so I was actually able to go out without thinking I looked goofy. Things are settling in very nicely.

Left eye VS Right eye

So at this stage of my healing process I have noticed that the right eye is almost fully healed and the scar is not even red or pink. But the left eye (the one that had the bleed from scratching the other day) still has a visible red scar. I know I read that the eyes heal at different stages. I am hopeful that in 2 more weeks both eyes will be fully healed and I can resume life. Funny how when you are busy how fast time goes by, but when you are in "wait and heal" mode, things go by at such a super slow pace it's almost unbelievable! I can't wait til July 1st! :)

Healing and waiting..

My left eye is almost healed from the scratch. There is a tiny scab on it that I am waiting for to fall off. I am NOT picking at it or touching it in any way. I do not want to cause any issues. I reckon it will dry up and fall off when it is good and ready. I am in no hurry. My right eye is fully healed and the incision is beautifully faded and flat. You can hardly see it. Both incisions (aside from the scratched area) have healed really well and are hardly noticeable already. I am very happy with my results. I have some leftover discoloration under my eyes from the bruising but it is easy to cover with mineral makeup. I have not put on any makeup on my eyes and will not until I am at 1 full month post op. I am also going to buy all new eye makeup to ensure I do not introduce any bacteria to my fresh eyelids. My fat grafting has settled down and I am able to smile and move my face. I am really delighted by the placement of the fat, it really addressed the areas I though looked deflated. My legs are still sore but most of the bruises are gone. I get some pinching and achy feeling in them and can honestly say they were the worst part of the healing process. I am massaging the areas that the fat was harvested from both in the shower with a loofa sponge and manually with lotion. It seems to help with the soreness and stiffness. I won't post any pics today as they seem redundant at this point until I can wear makeup. I will, however, post another picture once the scab from the scratched part of my incision falls off. I am still wearing my eye mask at bedtime to keep my dang hands away from my eyes! It is now less then 2 weeks until my next follow up appointment! My eyes are settling in beautifully and I continue to marvel in how much younger and fresher I look. I am eternally grateful I chose Dr Clement for my surgery! :-)

Legs are still sore from fat harvest..

My flanks are sore and sometimes burn and feel stiff. Because I didn't really think about the healing that is involved for the fat grafting, I was less prepared to consider the healing aspects of actual liposuction. I didn't really think it would be this uncomfortable because it was only one area of my upper thighs. I was more concerned about how my face would look with the fat in it then I was with where he was getting the fat from and that actual procedure. Thankfully the resources here are fabulous and I have been able to speak to another gal who assured me that this level of discomfort is expected even 3 weeks post op. She suggested I wear some sort of compression garment to help with the tenderness. I have now been wrapping my upper thighs with sport bandages and it does help a lot. I do not own any spanx but think I shall invest in a pair of their shorts to hug my thighs for me while I heal. So those of you getting facial fat grafting done, be prepared to be uncomfortable in the area to which is used for the fat harvest. It does hurt and IS uncomfortable way longer then it takes for your upper bleph to heal! Oh, and on a good note, my face looks incredible with the added fat! I am completely delighted with the results!!

"Bitchy Resting Face" now 80% less Bitchy! :D

The small area to which I scratched the other day has finally healed up and the little scab fell off and all is good. The incisions on both sides have already started to fade and though they still feel tender and I am treating the area with a very gentle touch, I am already more then delighted with the results of my upper bleph thus far. I know I will continue to heal for several more months as things fade and settle, but the difference I see in the mirror just blows me away! My husband keeps complimenting me and telling me how pretty my eyes look. While he was always a very kind man and never told me the "old eyelids" made me look old, (he is also a smart man hehe!) he has been very vocal about telling me how gorgeous my eyes look now! We both see a huge difference!! My "bitchy resting face" is at least 80% less bitchy now! heheheh! :D I have not put on any eye makeup yet so I am excited about the possibilities when I do! I posted a quick shot of my lids, as you can see, the area I scratched healed up quite nicely. I will start using the scar therapy pads on my incisions once I go for my 4 week follow up.

A few pics..

I haven't been paying attention to my eyes because I was released back into the wild with my follow up. No more restrictions so I have been back to my active lifestyle and loving my eyes! I haven't even done full makeup yet. But here are a few pics...one without mascara and one with mascara.

My surgery went well and I was impressed with both the kindness and professionalism of Dr Clement's nurses as well as how wonderful Dr Clement's bedside manner is. He gave me a lot of quality time before my surgery and even had me laughing. His follow up care can only be described as compassionate and supportive, he is such a wonderful surgeon and a really kind man. I am so grateful and impressed with the quality of care I have been given and and with my awesome results! 5 stars all the way!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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