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Finally I'm going to get Butt implants !!!! I just...

Finally I'm going to get Butt implants !!!! I just put my deposit and Im schedule end of November .Im from Houston Tx but I'm going to Austin Tx to get my Butt Implants place under the muscle, I just don't know if to get or style 5 or something bigger round implants place under the muscle ,I really want a big change ...I already have a butt but I lost a lot of volume due to pregnancy and I want something permanent that is going to give me a lot of projection ....Had anyone had style 5 or style 6 round implants ?How did everything go...

Wish pic

Pre op few days away!!!!!!

HI Everyone :) !!!!MY Pre OP is Tuesday!!!!And my surgery is 20 days away !!!!YAY!!! I am very excited !!! I PRAY I get the results that I want with no complications.really want to get L or XL Butt Implants .The biggest it can fit under the muscle ,I really want a lot of projection ...Soon I will upload pre op pictures


Truly amazing surgeon !!!!!

Hello everyone ,Yesterday I had my surgery and I cannot express how highly of an amazing surgeon Dr.Driscoll is he gave me what I wanted 690 cc round implant between the muscle ....so far I love my results ,I just hope the healing goes great ,he explain everything since the begining and was very patient and also answer all my questions ,I will continue to post more updates to let y'all know how am I healing.....Thanks

1st day pre op

1 st day post op


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